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6 Unique Date Ideas to Banish Boring Nights Out

Eliana Osborn
Jan. 5, 2017

Date night is important, but dinner and a movie can get old. Break the mold with these unique date ideas!

You posted a date night job. You did your due diligence in searching, interviewing and selecting a great sitter your kids love. In fact, they're safe at home with her now. At long last, it's finally time for the moment you've both been waiting for: Date Night!

You know that once you leave the house with your partner, you need to make every child-free minute count. This is your chance to reconnect as adults without worries about sippy cups, diapers or crusty dishes in the sink. There's no time for a boring date, but you're out of unique date ideas. According to David and Claudia Arp, authors of "$10 Great Dates" and founders of Marriage Alive International, "Dates are the best way to build your friendship. Your marriage won't wait while the kids grow up." These unique date ideas take a little planning  but they will lead to a memorable night.

1) Brush Up on Your Trivia

A little friendly competition is a good thing, right? Check out a nearby bar or restaurant, and play some trivia together. Many venues host trivia nights throughout the week, so call ahead and plan your date night around the venue's trivia schedule. More often than not, bars and restaurants will offer discounted meals ($1 wings, anyone?) during trivia hours.

2) Plan a Night Picnic

Love looking at the stars? Pack up your picnic basket, blanket and some hot chocolate and head for a local park with your partner. Set up your blanket in a open spot, and break out the snacks. Spending some alone time together, looking at the stars, is a relaxing and intimate way to spend your evening. Do the nearby parks close early? Plan a night picnic in the comfort of your own backyard. If you live near the coast, take your night picnic to the beach!

3) Enjoy a Progressive Meal

Stay on your toes by trying three or four places for dinner instead of just one. How about drinks at a new bar, followed by a salad at your favorite restaurant, a main course at a place you've never tried before and dessert somewhere sentimental. Moving around all night will prevent stale conversation and falling into old habits.

4) Take a Mini-Road Trip

Marriage and family therapist Troy Love says that long drives are great for couples looking for unique date ideas: no interruptions or distractions, a little background music and changing scenery, even if you're just driving a few towns away. "Ask feeling questions, talk about what is and isn't working in your relationship or plan for the future," Love says. Don't worry about a destination -- be impulsive and stop when something looks interesting.

5) Discover Some New (or Old) Music

Once you have kids, it's easy to get stuck in a music rut. The fun way to find new bands to love is to go to local venues to see up-and-coming acts. Take a look at gig guides in your city to see if anything catches your eye. You could go to a venue from your past, or explore something new. Similarly, keep an eye out for bands that you both love to see if they're playing shows in your city. When you and your partner fell in love, the songs of the time were the soundtrack. It's time to start building a new relationship playlist.

6) Take Me out to the Ballgame

Big games mean big crowds, annoying parking and hardcore fans. If you like sports but can't get to a big stadium, look a little closer to home. High schools and colleges tend to have regular games and big followings, but you can also look for smaller, more niche events such as a beach volleyball tournament or kickball. Choosing someone to root for together can get you on the same wavelength.

For more inspiration, check out our article on how to revitalize date night.

Eliana Osborn is a married mom of two boys who loves to spend time hiking and swimming when she's not writing about family and education topics.

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