Moms Share Their Friend Fails

Dec. 14, 2015

These moms planned the best activities for their kids, until something went wrong.

Friend fails can happen on any day, at any time. You organize what you thought was the perfect day for you, the kids and a few friends and then something goes awry. It all starts out nice and easy -- a trip to the zoo, a walk in the woods, a fun sleepover -- but then disaster strikes when you least expect it.

These moms share their stories. See if you can relate!

Animal Encounters

"I thought it would be fun to take my two boys to the petting zoo," says Maria Seros of Chicago. "They love animals and I figured it would make for super-cute pictures. Well, apparently, my boys got a little too friendly with the goats," she explains. "After eating the food from their hands, the animals started eating their shirts, chewing their hair and even licking their faces. My kids thought it was hilarious, until a goat sneezed on them (I didn't even know goats sneezed) and the goat mucus was dripping off the kids."

Wet and Wild


"I went hiking with my son and his friend. The boys were full of energy and were super excited to see the tadpoles in the reservoir," recalls Renee Puluboko of Seattle. "We stuck to the edge and I explained to the boys that if they wanted to see deeper into the water, they had to put one knee down so they wouldn't fall in. I had explained it to them a few times and then decided to stop being a nag and let the boys have fun."

"Within five minutes of my last warning, both my son and his friend tumbled into the water. While they were both safe (the water was less than two feet deep), the only clean clothes we had in the trunk of the car were Christmas PJs from the year before, and they wanted to finish up the hike. It was summer and here the boys were in candy cane-stripe flannel PJs stomping through the woods."

A Gooey Surprise
"I invited my daughter's friends over for a sleepover," says Miranda Jackson of New Orleans. "We had popcorn, movies and sleeping bags all ready to go. But the biggest treat was all the sundaes I made for the girls. However, my own daughter forgot to close the freezer all the way and so, when we served the desserts, they were all melted and goopy, and spilled all over the sleeping bags, carpets and pillows. My big surprise turned out to be a big disaster.

"The girls had fun staying up late, while I stayed up late doing all the laundry and scrubbing everything down. To this day, I always check to make sure the fridge and freezer doors are completely closed. Plus, I never have sundae treats at sleepovers." (Looking for a fail-free sleepover? Check out 7 Tips to Throw a Super Slumber Party.)

Have any of your perfect outings turned into friend fails? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Judy Koutsky is the former editorial director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also executive editor of, AOL Parent and Follow her on Twitter.

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