Christina Pafumi in Waltham, MA @ChristinePafumiD Interview Series: Teaching Manners

3 mom bloggers share their hilarious and challenging real life tips and stories of raising ladies and gentlemen.

Teaching manners to children can mean anything from reminding them to say please and thank you to controlling bodily functions at the dinner table - all in the course of a few minutes! Many parents find themselves asking the same questions: How do you get the point across without driving yourself and your kids crazy with rules? When do you start? Is there an ultimate goal? Do I have to curb my bad habits?

There's no question that manners are important for any child to learn, but teaching the golden rules can be quite an adventure - not to mention downright hilarious. talked to three of our favorite moms about manners and what works best for them when it comes to teaching the right ones. Here are some highlights from their manner cheat sheets:

  1. "At the table we did "eat like a princess" with my daughter because she loved princesses and with my son it was "eat like a superhero." -Jennifer Williams, Momma Made It Look Easy

    Get your little superstars to mind their p's and q's with more of Jennifer's tips ť
  2. "If you can send your kids into the world with proper manners then they can take on anything!" -Cristina, Tailor Made Momma

    Read how Cristina uses manners to instill confidence in her children ť
  3. "My son has MANY times lectured me about how 'we don't say 'stupid', mom. It's not nice at ALL.'" -Katie Sluiter, Sluiter Nation

    See why Katie believes in practicing what your preach ť
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