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Care.com Interview Series: The New Year's Resolution My Kids Would Make For Me

Melissa Roja Lawlor
June 8, 2017

Mom bloggers share the hilarious and true changes their kids would make in their lives.



As the clock ticks toward midnight on New Year's Eve, we think, "This is the year I..." We have been trained to view January 1st as a day of opportunity. A day where wild ideas, practical ideas, any ideas -- find their way to a list titled "New Year's Resolutions." Maybe it's a chance to try something new. Something daring. That thing you said you'd always do. Or never do. A new year can give us a clean slate, or at least the illusion of one. We can put the past behind us. A new year gives us the chance to start again.

But, what if our kids made our resolutions for us? What change have they been hoping for this whole time? We asked our favorite mom bloggers about their New Year's Resolutions -- what are some they've made and what resolutions they think their kids might make for them as 2012 approaches.

  1. "My kids would love it if I made the resolution to allow them to eat chocolate ice cream and play Wii everyday." -- Jennifer Doyle, Playgroups Are No Place for Children

    See why New Year's helps Jennifer shape the legacy she wants to leave her kid

  2. "My son would say I should spend more time playing (preferably with him, of course), and he has a point. Despite my best efforts, I work too much. My daughter would probably say I should resolve to be less strict, as it is currently her job to hurl her teenage self up against every boundary we set for her." -- Mir Kamin, Woulda Coulda Shoulda

    See how Kamin used a "vision board" to stick to her New Year's goal

  3. "My daughter would say to stop trying to make her eat dinner." -- Ilana Wiles, Mommy Shorts

    See how Wiles has made New Year's fun with her baby in to

  4. "Start making multiple dinners.  If we don't want to have broccoli as a side dish, maybe offering us cereal would be a nice substitution?" -- Angie Lee, Seven Clown Circus

    Read all seven hilarious resolutions Lee's "clowns" would make for he

  5. "I imagine they'd say, if they could, "Hey, Mom! Why don't you relax, put down that pile of month-old mail, and come tickle us until we can't breathe?" I'm so focused on keeping my arms wrapped tightly around my home, lest it explode, I can't wrap them around my children." -- Stephanie Bernaba, Momma Be Thy Name

    Read more about why Bernaba's kids want her to get more sleep in 2012

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