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Helping our loved ones enjoy their golden years to the fullest.


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I FIND IT SO AGGRAVATING when I get to the "pay" part of an interview and the applicant says "Nope I work for CASH only and will not give out her SS info etc or allow SS taxes and Medicare to be taken out.  WHat is the general feeling ?


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What is the meaning/difference of "hands on care" and "companion care"?


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My elderly mother needs help with transportation to appointments and such, how much does that cost?

I am looking for someone 1-2 a week maybe more not sure at the moment to help my mother with transportation as she no longer is able to transport herself safely. How do I go about that? How do charges work?


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What is a good rate for a senior caregiver.

I have over ten years experience as a caregiver. I. Have been charging $20 hr. And I am considering $25. With all the newbies starting @ $15 to $20. Thanks Caregiver for Seniors


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I will having a Stem cell transplant for cancer in January and will be needing a caregiver 2 or 3 days a week 8hrs a day to sit and make sure that I'm taking my medication. Some meal preparation and doctors appointments at Northside Hospital.

What will be the average cost for this service?


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Can the Care-Givers be paid through Medicaid? My personal care and homemaker chores have been covered by an home health agency for almost 8 years. Now due to lack of employees, my authorized hours of care by Medicaid are not being fulfilled. So my

case worker suggests going the route of  "Self Direct" i.e. hiring my own care-givers.  In the case of Self Direct, Medicaid will pay $10.10 for Homemaker chores of cooking and light house work and $11.35 for "hands-on care" which also includes toileting, showering, dressing, cooking, feeding... more


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Hi, I am looking for a reliable live-in elder helper mostly for companionship and light household and personal help right now. I am looking for someone who can drive and must have a cell phone. Any tips for how to find the right person?

Also will there be a contract to sign with them? How much should I pay them? Will it be an hourly pay or a periodic payment. Doing this for the first time and want ti to work well. Any helpful tips will be appreciated. Thanks -SSG


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My brother is paying a senior home aide and his friends $22,000 per month of my parents' money

I need a reality check about costs. I also wonder if there's any help. I feel like the only sane one. My parents are in their eights, and definitely in cognitive decline, but not in need of actual nurse or doctor care.  The men my brother hired microwave... more