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5 top senior nutrition mistakes and how to solve them

My fiance and I were my father-in-law’s only caregivers. He was a man with a very particular palette, who, after years of smoking, didn’t like food that tasted healthy.  We appeased his tastes by serving him his desired dish of grits and eggs for every meal of every day... more

Helping my dad age in place at the end of life was the best way to honor his wishes and spirit

By Lisa B. Samalonis “Don't ever put me in a nursing home, Lee,” my father said one Saturday afternoon as we finished bagging up the fresh grass after mowing the backyard lawn. “Oh, OK, Dad,” I said with a chuckle and an eye roll. He had taken... more

6 mistakes that could prevent you from getting a senior care job interview and offer

As Boomers age, there’s a growing need for senior care providers. Naturally, families hiring for these jobs want to make sure they’re finding top-notch caregivers for their loved ones. Consider Lucas Travis, a family caregiver in Leesville, Louisiana, who helped arrange care for his grandmother. “Our grandma does not like... more

Games for seniors: The best brain and body-stimulating apps and activities

Playing computer games or fiddling with smartphone apps is often frowned upon as a waste of time. But for older adults and their caregivers, these can be tools that promote health and well-being.  Seniors benefit from keeping their minds active, and technology can help with this in a multitude... more

Caregiving Technology, Gadgets, Apps and More

There is a wealth of technology products and services available to help caregivers care for aging loved ones. GPS and artificial intelligence-based products, voice assist and medication safety gadgets, medical apps, robotic solutions, virtual reality, wearables, hearables and sensor clothing are all helping family members keep loved ones healthy, keep... more

Caregiver job creep: How to ask for a raise when you're expected to do more work

The past year has brought major changes to the senior care industry. The pandemic forced many caregivers to change how they operate, adding new cleaning procedures and stocking up on additional safety equipment to protect themselves and their patients. Additionally, some long-term care and assisted living facilities are now facing... more

How to help LGBTQ seniors stay connected and supported by their community

Certain aspects of aging can make it challenging for any senior to remain socially engaged and active in their communities. But older LGBTQ adults face a higher risk of social isolation compared to the general population, according to the “Aging with Pride” report by the LGBT+ National Aging Research Center... more

New senior care survey reveals lasting impacts of the pandemic on older adults and family caregivers

With summer on the horizon and the light at the end of the tunnel of a global pandemic becoming brighter every day, families whose older loved ones receive professional senior care are now grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, according to data from the new 2021 Senior... more