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How Much Does Medicaid Pay For Assisted Living?

For many seniors, making the switch to assisted living can come with a host of challenges — not the least of which is how to pay for it.   After all, a private, one-bedroom apartment in an assisted living facility costs a median of $4,000 per month in the... more

From Breastfeeding To Pumping: 10 Tips For Moms Headed Back To Work

When Keyona Grant was preparing to go back to work after maternity leave, her baby did what a lot of breastfeeding moms fear: She refused the bottle. “I tried everything,” says Grant, a certified registered nurse anesthetist and owner of the site Professional Mama. “I left the house, offered... more

Senior Caregivers: How Much Should You Charge For Your Services?

You’re almost ready to work with a new client. You’ve done the interview, visited the home and discussed the responsibilities you’ll take on. There’s just one thing: The client wants to know how much you’ll charge for your in-home senior caregiver services.   Figuring out what you should be paid... more

How Much Does After-School Transportation For Kids Cost?

It’s 3 p.m., your son needs to go to swim lessons and your daughter has to get to soccer practice — but you don’t get off work for two more hours. How can a family of four be in multiple places at once? If you don’t have a go-to... more

5 Unexpected Ways The Government Shutdown Is Hurting Families

Kerry A., stay-at-home mom of two, isn’t in full-blown panic mode about the government shutdown — at least not yet. Her husband, an employee at the Environmental Protection Agency, is one of 800,000 federal workers (and roughly 4 million contractors) either furloughed or working without paychecks. Of course, the adverse effects... more

What Is An After-School Nanny Or Sitter — And Do You Need One?

As a working mom of four (with one on the way), Megan Metzger and her husband have something of a secret weapon for juggling it all: their after-school nanny. The family’s nanny picks up their kids from three different schools, helps with their homework, gets dinner ready and tidies up... more

6 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Hiring A Nanny

You’ve looked over your child care options, and you’re pretty sure getting a nanny is the best choice for your family. The thing is: It’s not cheap. According to the Cost of Care Survey, the average weekly rate for a nanny was $580 in 2017 — more than... more