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  • I have friends who use nanny shares. The nanny ends up getting paid more, and each family pays less than they would if they had their own nanny. There are other factors you have to consider with this though - e.g., where both kids would sleep at whose home, purchasing a double stroller, etc. But, say, if you plan on having two kids anyway and are willing to purchase the double stroller, that works. One thing I also love about nanny shares is that the kids have a built-in buddy. You definitely have to get along with the other family though.


    Also - not specific to child care, but definitely a budget saver is signing up for local mom groups. I was resistant to this since I made mom friends IRL, but after some nudging from a mom friend who said she found local advice and even good deals on baby gear, I signed up. I've already gotten two boxes of free baby clothes from one person in the group, and $300+ worth of clothes for just $50. I've also bought used toys off of other moms in the group too. And some of them have become friends IRL it's worked out!

  • Childcare is definitely a stretch financially. We both work and because of our incomes we aren't eligible for a tax credit - and childcare is still ridiculously expensive. I think out of everything our biggest expenses are home, childcare and food. Most people can afford to buy a house or have a child, but not both - so that's a personal decision that people have to make. 

  • We've learned that switching off between day care and a sitter though out the week is our family's best option. My 2 little ones go M T TH, ( either my husband or myself will do pickup and drop off), we have a sitter come on Wednesdays during the day, and I work from home on Fridays. Decide on a plan that works for your family and accommodates everyone's needs. I'm fortunate enough that my job allows the option to WFH, not everyone's does. I suggest talking with your employer to see whats possible for a working parent, as well as any services they may offer to help curtail child care costs!

  • We're lucky enough that we have a guest room in our basement with its own bathroom - I know that this isn't possible for everybody, but when a friend was going through a divorce, we invited her to live with us for a while in exchange for babysitting. Best decision ever! She spent a little over a year in the guest room and we got free date nights every Tuesday and once in a while on the weekends too. Now that she's moved out I'm HORRIFIED by the cost of actually paying for a sitter every week again... back to date nights in front of Netflix ;)




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  • When I was pregnant with our 3 YO, my husband and I had this exact conversation: who's going to watch him & how are we going to pay for it? We ended up deciding it best (and most cost effective) for me to take some time off until he is 5.

  • Another possibility to explore that's kind of similar to what's already been suggested is bartering with friends/setting up work trade: For example, I have a good friend from college who needs care for his 1-year old.  The deal I proposed is in exchange for his expertise in computer maintenance, I offer my services for free; my only expertise with computers is basic stuff while he on the other hand knows the field and language inside and out like the back of his hand.  In the end, it works out: I don't have to pay a fortune to have maintenance done on my computer in the event I'm having problems while he in turn doesn't have to break the bank paying for child care.  For those who've seen Fullmetal Alchemist, it's an equivalent trade.

  • I guess I came up with the idea that "it won't last forever." Once the kids are in school there will be less childcare costs in some respects. At least less than it is when they're little. So, I guess we skimp on some things now, and know it's ok for later. 

  • Hi there - We live in an area where it's almost impossible not to be a dual income household. Not only are home prices high, but prices for things like childcare are very high. I have two girls, and we don't really have family nearby so we've had to do everything pretty much on our own. 

    One of the sacrifices we make is on vacations - we just simply don't get to fly and go away on big vacations instead we go camping and on road trips nearby. 

    The cost of childcare is prohibitive it makes having a third child seem like an impossibility. 

  • What is the rate for sleep over, ty

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