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My cat cut its leg, and it's the weekend. What do I do?

Somehow, one of my cats ran into the corner of the kitchen cabinet as he played today, and now he has a cut on his back leg. I'm concerned that it might get infected. Is there something I can do to treat it? It's Saturday night, and the vet isn't open until Monday.


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  • Cleaning it with mild soap and water is a great place to start. Then if you're really concerned about infection, you could add triple antibiotic ointment. If the animal wants to lick, I would try to cover it with gauze (you can use a roll of it to wrap the leg.) If you're super concerned, most vets have a on-call option to talk with a real vet and explain your concerns and see what he advises. Otherwise, this little bit of pet first aid should tide you over to Monday. Hope this helps!

  • You should definitely fill an eyedropper or spray bottle or some type of dispenser with water and a tiny, tiny bit of rubbing alcohol if possible, and try to clean it up a little bit. If it's just a little cut, it should be fine with just a rinse, but if you're worried it could need stitches, I suggest you find an animal hospital. If that's absolutely impossible, wrap the cut with gauze as you would a human cut, and change it daily until you can get to a vet.

  • Wash in warm water with a bit of dish soap, and wrap it up with some gauze if you have it. It should be fine.

  • if it is not deep and won't require stitches get some "utter balm" you can get it from Walmart , Walgreens. Use it on the cut it will not harm the cat when they lick it and it will heal the cut.

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