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What do you use in place of milk in your diet if you have an allergy?

We are on our way to have our daughter tested to see if she has a milk allergy. I'm worried that she does. If she does what would you use to replace milk in her diet?


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  • I enjoy Almond Milk and Rice Milk. The newest member in alterative milk is Cashew Milk. Rice is very allergy friendly in general and has many natural minerals plus vitamins. I enjoy the favor mostly from Almond Milk and Cashew Milk is very rich and unique in favor. I also love coconut milk because the fats from that milk also help with brain function.   

  • I use Lactose free milk! Also, many who are allergic to dairy (cow milk/cheese) are still able to have goat's milk and goat cheese! I love goat cheese! Lactose free milk tastes just like regular milk to! So my whole family drinks it. 

  • I would say almond, rice, or oat milk would be your best option. I would be careful of soy milk since soy is one of the biggest products that GMO's are used on

  • Almond milk is really good and super healthy! I would try that first and see how she likes it.

  • You could try the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze brand for you daughter, but if she has never eaten tree nuts or has an allergy to them, then you may want to check with her pediatrician. Although the amount of almonds is negligible. However, all it takes is a little bit of an allergen to set them off. If you're looking to replace protein, most 'other' milks won't compare to milk, 1 cup milk has about 8g of protein, and the almond milks have 1g protein. I mentioned Blue Diamond Almond Breeze because you can get them in original, vanilla, chocolate, and now honey. Also, if you're worried about sugar content they have unsweetened original, vanilla, and chocolate. Some are reduced sugar now too! And, you may love this, they also have blends, like almond coconut and almond cashew, both regular and unsweetened. I have been drinking the unsweetened vanilla almond for about 2 years and I love it. I accidentally bought and drank the regular vanilla almond once and couldn't stand how sweet it was. The sugar content in all of the above milk ranges from 0g-22g. All the unsweetened have 0, the chocolate has 22g, and the rest, the blends and the reduced sugar fall somewhere between 6-14g. For reference, milk has 12g from the natural sugar, lactose. Hope this helps. If you do try one I'd try the unsweetened first, because once she has the sweet she'll never want to dial it back. And don't mention that it may be different, kids are easily influenceable (is that even a word?!). And if you're worried about how little almond is in the milk, it's mixed with filtered water, I just look at it as a positive because it's helping her stay hydrated. We all need to drink more H2O! And I know this is gone on way too long, but there are also vitamin and minerals, and they all have more calcium than milk; 45% vs. 30% daily value. Good luck!

  • My friend uses almond or coconut milk

  • It depends on whether it is a milk allergy, sensitivity, or lactose intolerance. I am dairy sensitive so I do not eat any dairy. The obvious foods I can't have are millk cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter, but this also includes Whey, Lactose, and Casein. These 3 ingredients are often used in everyday items like crackers, cookies and more. So I read ingredients. Fortunately, there many substitutes that taste really good. I drink almond milk (Blue Diamond is the best) dairy-free ice cream (Ben and Jerry's now has 3 dairy free flavors), vegan cheese (The Vegan Gourmet is amazing) and so much more. 

    If just lactose intolerant than there are many lactose free products available.

    Hope this helps!

  • I use almond milk and rice milk!

  • It may depend on what your child is allergic to. If she has an allergy to lactose, the sugar in milk, then lactose-free options, like Lactaid milk, are still options. I have trouble digesting milk and find that Lactaid is the most like regular cow's milk. It has a similar texture and taste but is very slightly sweeter. Otherwise, soy milk is the tried and true for me. Soy seems to be the most similar in texture to normal milk for me, whereas coconut milk and almond milk tend to be thinner. Vanilla soy-milk can also be delicious if you're drinking some sort of plain cereal (like corn flakes, kix, etc). Coconut milk is excellent as an alternative in cooking! It adds great flavors. And is definitely an option if your daughter is partial to the flavor of coconut. I only like it in moderation so it doesn't act as a great substitute for me.

  • My mother uses almond milk because she otherwise has issues with regular milk and notices a big differance

  • Goat milk (if no allergies to this), almond milk, coconut milk, or rice milk. Many Wal-mart supercenters and grocery stores carry all of those.

    Look for something with protein, if possible. This is why I prefer almond milk to rice milk.

  • I used to be a vegan and loved Silk Almond milk. You can get it at any local store. Silk is a great brand if you are lactose intolerance. They have all kinds of dairy products that don't contain milk.

  • I also have a milk allergy, that isn't severe, but after avoiding milk in my diet for 3 years I have noticed a huge difference in my overall wellbeing. no inflammation, skin has cleared - I also used to suffer frequent migraines, and while I still get them occasionally - it used to be once a week or more!

    there are a number of plant based milks out there that can be bought at any grocery store. look for one with minimal additives & ideally organic, but at least non-gmo. a lot of these milks are fairly easy to make at home too. If you are looking for something for cereals banana milk is a great option, so easy & cheap - just blend a banana with about a cup of drinking water until it is smooth and voila! 

    there are also a lot of options for dairy free "dairy products" like cheese, yogurts, ect

    and TONS of recipes for making your own!

  • My daughter was diagnosed with milk allergy as a newborn, particularly to whey. Her system wouldn't tolerate any mild formula. No soy formula either. She would vomit, her body was covered with hives from head to toe, all the time. The pediatrician recommended Rice Milk. It worked. She was on it for years. She is now 12 years old and no longer has any milk allergy issue. Good Luck and God Bless.

  • It is best to discuss this with your pediatrician. He or she will guide you well.

  • I have a dairy sensitivity and I enjoy lactaid. In my opinion it tastes better than regular milk.

  • almond  milk

    soy bean milk 

    coconut milk

  • I use almond or coconut milk.  My favorite kind is unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  Unsweetened coconut milk is somewhat bitter.  I cut back on my sugar intake. 

  • I babysat a 12 month old who is allergic to all dairy and her mom buys Hemp Milk.  I had heard of all the others as mentioned above (Rice, Almond, Cashew, etc), but I had never heard of it.  And in place of regular yogurt, she had coconut yogurt.

  • I discovered my lactose allergy at age 10. I have found a few different solutions.

    1. Lactase pills

    These pills, taken with the first bite of a meal containing milk, give the person the enzyme to digest lactose. Most people naturally produce this enzyme, but for those who don't, this is a perfectly good replacement. It's great for eating out at restaurants where you can't always control or anticipate the ingredients. I keep them with me at all times to avoid an upset stomach or worse.

    2. Milk that contains the lactase enzymes.

    There is milk available at almost any grocery store (Lactaid Milk) that is regular milk, but the enzyme is mixed into the milk. This is like drinking regular milk and also taking the enzyme pill, but more convenient. This is good because the person can still get the nutrition and calcium that milk contains. 

    3. Lactose free options

    If you'd like to eliminate traditional dairy products all together, there are many options available. I've found rice milk to be the most similar to rice milk, in terms of flavor and consistency. Soy milk has a unique aftertaste, but flavored varieties can be good. Almond milk and cashew milk are great too, but stay away if you have a nut allergy. Coconut milk is good as well, good flavor and healthy fats.

  • Any type of non-dairy milk, like soy, almond, cashew, ect. The brand silk also makes an amazing non dairy yogurt!

  • I completely forgot about rice milk! we used to buy it at Costco in bulk, and store it until needed. It was so nice being able to store it in the pantry.

  • soy milk, even though its kind of gross to some people

  • I love almond milk. It is a good place taker of milk. I can't have regular milk either.

  • almond milk

  • I use Lactaid because I am lactose intolerant. A lot of times the lactose is what causes the allergies too. Once I switched to Lactaid which is a non lactose milk I was tastes just like regular mil but lasts longer in your fridge and it's also healthier then the milk with the lactose in it!

  • Also, as a butter substitute, I use Smart Balance. 

  • You can use almond, rice or coconut milk. If you prefer homemade, you can make your own almond milk. You soak 1 cup of almonds in 2 cups of water overnight. In the morning, drain the almonds and process them in a blender with 2 new cups of water. Strain it and refrigerate. I think this tastes better than the store bought ones I have tried. There are also hemp and cashew milk alternatives. You can experiment with these different kinds and see what they like best.

  • There is a new thing out that is real milk so you get all the benefits it just has the lactose taken out of it. It's called Lactaid.

  • Coconut milk is always a good option. I am intolerant to dairy, soy and coconut so I am a bit more limited than your daughter but the silk dark chocolate almond milk is the best thing! It would also e a good idea to have her start taking calcium supplements to balance out the calcium she won't be getting through milk. 

  • Almond, cashew, rice, soy, and coconut are all totally viable alternatives. There are quite a few differences between all of them, I prefer coconut milk myself, but I couldn't tell you which is best because that really depends on your own taste and needs. 

    Also, if you want to make a smoothie but find these alternatives are too thin try adding a banana to thicken the mixture. 

  • Unsweetened almond milk-reg/vanilla 

    The sweet stuff is too sweet, but I love almond milk :)

  • Almond milk is a great and popular option! There is also a pill that you can take for if you do consume dairy or know you will be consuming dairy that help with the side effects from that allergy 

  • Silk Soymilk is a great alternative. Please keep in mind if you cannot have certain dairy products then your body will not get certain nutrition that comes from dairy. Speak with your doctor about how to supplement.

  • Cow's milk is not really good for any human being since it is ultra-pasteurized and homogenized. Boiling the milk takes all of the good ingredients out of it, along with the bad.  Go with Almond or Coconut milk. All of the great ingredients are there with none of the bad.

  • I use almond milk or any milk that is lactose free! You'd be surprised by the amounts of brands that are lactose free :)

  • soy or almond milk

  • I use Organic lactaid free milk.

  • I love coconut milk!

  • If there is a dairy allergy, be careful to check labels for casein. This tends to upset my stomach and some cheese alternatives still contain casein which is a protein found in milk. Daiya is a great brand to try if you are in need of a cheese alternative. They make desserts and pizza's that are both dairy/casein/gluten free. I also agree with those who suggest almond and coconut milk. Rice milk would be my last choice. 

  • I use water. It doesn't have any taste so whatever you use it in will taste just like it. When I first heard of this I thought it was disgusting. I tried it and it was actually  not bad. For kids you could use food coloring to make it fun and interesting.

  • If her test shows milk sensitivity your doctor will recommend different types of supplemental milk products and you can always consult with a dietitian  for help. Your doctor may send you to an allergist for further testing.

    Patti in Dallas

  • Almond milk has loads of benefits! Soy and rice milk are also delicious

  • I like almond milk, but I opt for Lactaid in things I don't want added flavor to.

  • Almond, Cashew, Hemp, Coconut, Rice, and Oat milks are some of your choices. I haven't drank or used milk in cooking for over 20 years. There are a lot of dairy free alternatives available all over.

  • I am vegan so I do not consume any dairy products. I alternate between almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk and help milk. Don't worry, there are so many options and you truly do not need cow's milk in your diet! You can get the same amount of calcium from the types of milk mentioned above.

  • I'm lactose intolerant and I advise that you look at the ingredients of certain foods. I have found that the powered mixes such as gravy and Mac n; Cheese contain powered milk. Even if the brand says it's " dairy free", it can still have milk in it up to a certain %. I drink Blue Diamond Almond milk but the is a brand called Hiland Breeze that is just as good and is cheaper. Good luck with this issue and I hope this helps.

  • I highly allergic to milk my best choice would be Almond milk! It is so yummy and sometimes i am a glutton and have the dark-chocolate kind :) I also drink coconut milk which i love. As well as goat's milk; It doesn't seem to affect me and has hardly any taste.

    Oh on a side note: in cooking, sometimes i replace bananas instead of milk for things like pancakes! It can be hard adjusting at first to being milk-free but there is so much information out there! You are not alone, good luck :)

  • If you get the almond milk, I personally think the vanilla tastes the best. Best of luck to you momma!

  • I had a allergy to dairy for a long time and I drank almond milk,goats milk, or raw cow milk. 

  • I drink goat milk and eat goat cheese. If you are worried about calcium, brocolli and quinoa are both really high in calcium. My favorite dairy free ice cream is Coconut Bliss. It is delicious!

  • Have you tried calcium fortified almond and coconut milk?

  • almond and coconut milk also I heard soy and rice milk are also good! 

  • I use fortified vanilla Rice milk. I discovered that I wasn't allergic to lactose, it was the milk protein instead. Soy has similar protein and causes me some distress but not near as bad as milk protein. For years I drank Lactaid milk and still was miserable. Thank goodness for rice milk! It tastes great on cereal and I love the chocolate version for drinking!

  • If she isn't allergic to nuts, and soy, I would say soy or almond milk. If she is allergic then rice milk is best.

  • I am lactose intolerant and have trouble with those lactaid pills so I love using Soymilk.  That is probably my favorite non-dairy substitute.  Almond milk is also very popular but doesn't taste as close to the real thing in my opinion.  I had the same complaint about Coconut milk.  A lot of the time, however, they will sweeten those milks so if that bothers you, make sure you get the unsweetened ones.

  • I found that Almond Milk and Soy Milk are the best replacements for milk. My family always uses almond milk as a substitute for regular milk. I hope this helps!

  • My two-year old has a milk allergy as well as tree-nut, so our options have been relatively limited. I have been concerned with too much Rice or Soy in his diet so I will often mix Rice Milk with Coconut Milk or Soy Milk. Rice milk is a little sweeter (even the unsweetened kind) and thinner, so he seems to like the mix the most. Be sure to get her tested though, it will be important to know the difference between a milk allergy and lactose intolerance. We avoid all milk proteins (lactose and casein). 

    • I have the sAmerican problem. It’s hard. I’m gluten intolerant as well, and it took years to finally perfect recipes, and find places to eat. The courage to explain it was more than an allergy took me awhile. Especially when it became a diet fad. I’m sorry your daughter struggle with a nut, and dairy allergy. I tried allergy shots for 3 years, and wasn’t responding to them. Frustrating, but awareness is easier than weekly injections that don’t work for 15% of the population - HIDDEN from Albany, OR

  • Almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk. All great substitutes and sometimes are cheaper than regular milk!

  • I am sure the physician would have a number of recommendations. Some important things to consider: How old is your daughter? Does she have any other known allergies?

    If young, you may want to avoid milk from nuts. You should also be aware that rice milk is very high in sugar and will effect her as such. Personally, I am lactose intollerant which is much easier to deal with than an allergy. I typically drink lactose-free milk (which is regular cow's milk!). My other preferences are coconut milk and almond milk.

    There are so many options these days. I'm sure you'll find something great!

  • I am gluten intolerant, which is good friends woth.lactose intolerance 😑 it's a struggle, but I have been living with it for 12 years now, and if it's any reassurance, the options are so much better now! I prefer unsweetened almond milk, and an almond/coconut blend my aunt decided to try out. Coconut milk on its own is rather off-putting. I love coconut flour, flavor, and add shredded coconut to my oatmeal, but coconut milk alone is very syrupy. I can tolerate skin milk in thints like cereal, or a splash in iced coffee, but lactose intolerance is very unpredictable! Lactaid is iffy for me, but younger children respond to it fairly well. I've given hemp milk a try, but I can't really come to a conclusion on that one. Soy may be alright, but it's a common allergy, and I don't recommend it personally. And my final product opinion: Lactaid tableto have done nothing for me. It was just wanted money.

    So my top picks: Almond milk (the vanilla flavor may appeal to a child. especially in cereal) or Almond/Coconut blend. i.wish I remembered the brand. -side note: I've seen cashew milk, but I am allergic to tree nuts (almonds are fine when processed) therefore, I don't know of its good or not. :/ I hope you have finured something out! it's daunting, but when you're young it becomes easier to adapt. Good luck!

  • Kefir- it's 99% lactose free

  • Coming from somebody who is lactose intolerant and has cared for children that cannot have milk, I've found that almond milk is usually the best choice. Soy Milk is also pretty good but is a little thick for some kids and has more GMO's, so it's more of a thing to indulge in during certain recipes as opposed to a daily drinking alternative.

  • One can also use goat milk to cure the lactose intolerance issue. It's a known cure in Indiana back were I am from.

  • Oh, and do read labels and go as natural as possible on alternative milks... some add sweeteners, soy product, or other additives that can raise blood sugar or are just not healthy.

  • My daughter is almost 2 and she has an intolerance to lactose. We haven't given her almond milk, but she loves soy and we will use that instead. I generally just avoid any dairy products completely because she gets gassy when she has them, but the Dr said that it would be fine to just give her soy milk every once in a while for the nutrients.

  • Neither of my boys can have any dairy products so we've switched over to almond milk.  They both love it!  I also use it in my cooking and can't tell a difference the majority of the time.  We also check labels of all foods.  There are a lot of unlikely foods out there that contain milk (lunch meat, bread, etc).  Good luck!

  • Stay away from soy milk. It's not that it's gross, it's that it can contain a TON of estrogen which can cause your daughter to mature too quickly. I have been lactose my entire life. My favorite brand of Almond milk is Blue Diamond-HINT OF HONEY. It is by far the best one, because it doesn't contain carrageenan which all other almond milk's contain. It makes the milk super thick and gross and gives it a slimy texture. I also don't care for the nutty texture that comes from regular almond milk. The BD Hint of Honey has a great taste AND aftertaste. 

  • My brother doesn't drink milk either and so we have tons of non-milk products in my house. Almond, soy, and coconut milk are the best taking milk substitutes and are natural and still good for your body. There are also things like coconut bliss ice cream and ice cream bars which are super delicious but have no dairy or milk in them.

  • I am really getting into Flax Seed Milk. I usually use Almond or Coconut for smoothies. Flax Seed milk is delicious with cereal.

  • Almond, Rice, Coconut and Cashew milk are great alternatives as well. They are no hormones, and all are plant base, in comparison to cow milk, animal products. 

  • I also can't use whole milk but I've found that almond or vanilla  soy milk are also comes in chocolate for a yummy treat.

  • There's Horizon Organic Lactose free, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Cashew Milk...Lactaid. Many options...They all have different consistencies. Silk is more Thick than Almond Milk Brand. Sometimes Silk Almond milk can be gritty. I would go for the Horizon Lactose free.

  • With my own children I used Lactaid. More expensive than milk, but cheaper than a doctor's visit. I myself use Almond Soy Milk. Taste good. Jaymie W.

  • My personal favorite has always been Silk milk (soy, I believe) and the chocolate kind is pretty good. Coconut milk is pretty good as well, and almond milk is suitable.

  • I love almond or coconut milk

  • I used to love soy milk and coconut milk. Almond milk and Cashew milk were good too but they had to be flavored. Rice milk is ok but not very flavorful to me.

  • I do well with dairy, but I do prefer non-dairy options. I've used hemp milk, oat milk, and almond milk. I think the flavor is smooth and doesn't have too much of a distracting flavor. They're also great to cook with and add nutritional value.

  • Hello, You can try almond milk, coconut milk products, especially the frozen treats. soy milk, I wouldn't use that often for males though, due to the "estro" that is a natural property in soy beans. I use, and like a lot, cashew milk!! :) Hope this is a help to folks, looking for a great substitute for milk and dairy products.

  • I would try almond or coconut milk. I would also consider trying lactose free milk like Lactaid tastes just like real milk.

  • I am lactose intolerant. I buy almond milk and soy milk.  They can be used as a substitute for milk and are delicious!  

  • almond, cashew and coconut milk are great options. I try not to use much soy milk since it has a lot of estrogens. 

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  • There are many non dairy milks. I find that kids normally prefer prefer soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk because of the sweet taste.

  • It's great HIDDEN get her tested HIDDEN see if she is lactose intolerant or if it is just milk specifically. 

    My favorite milk substitute is almond milk for cooking and with foods and soy milk or lactaid milk for drinking. 

    Good luck HIDDEN you and your daughter!

  • I'm lactose intolerant and many of these milks have little to no effect on my stomach. Almond milk, lactose milk, goat milk, coconut milk - on more of the sweet side.

  • I used Almond Milk for my kid when he was allergic to regular cow's milk.  He did not tolerate Fat-free, 1% and Lactose-free milk either at that time.  His doctor also suggested Hemp Milk as an alternative.  Soy milk is pretty close to cow's milk in structure, the doctor said.  He ultimately grew out of it and started tolerating cow's milk after he turned 5.  Good luck and hope you find a solution that works for your little one!

  • Soy, almond and coconut milk have been my favorites so far. To get the protein I eat tofu instead of bread. Sometimes I mix it into my noodles or use it to hold scrambled egg. I also eat almonds and protein powder to make up for my lack of protein found in milk.

  • Hemp milk was encouraged by our dietician as it has more healthy fats. It has a different taste, but there are also coconut/hemp milk blends too that are good.

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