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Am I being scammed?

I have been on for about a month and I just received my first job offer! But now the woman is sending some strange messages via text message. It is not an area code from my county- she says she is relocating here soon, she wouldn't tell me where though... She asked for my name, mailing address and email address. Kind of weirded me out so I asked her why she needed these things. She never replied, so I called. She didn't answer my phone call, and the number was a texting app. Just kind of strange to me. I know on a texting app you can choose your area code..

  • I’m having same problem. I’ve replied to over 100 ads in past 3 weeks. I’ve had one actual job from my replies. And one phone interview. That’s it! Out of over a hundred! I even paid to upgrade for a month to have more access ( I haven’t noticed that helps in any way) and for others to have access to me ( I think that only works if they pay as well) The rest are either never responded to or I get weird scam messages. It’s very frustrating.

    HIDDEN from Hampton, GA

  • I been get emails from two womens saying they are move to my area they want me to clean their house .One of the women name is kate nelson and other is Angie nelson they both want to send me check to put in my bank account .kate nelson want me to western union the remain of the money .If you get someone like this it a scammed they ask for my name and address. Don’t answer IT SCAM - HIDDEN from Covington, KY

  • I had this happen to me. Thanks for posting - HIDDEN from West Chester, PA

  • Oh do not fall for it, it is a scam. I fell for it. - HIDDEN from Covina, CA

  • Yes it is a scam. I receive texts all the time from random people and they all share similar stories and contain incorrect spelling. I wish it would stop - HIDDEN from Cincinnati, OH

  • I don’t know if what I got is a scam. The person who just texted me asked me to email him. His name is Joe Castro saying that he is relocating with his 4 year old son Perry. He wants to send me money upfront so he can send me a car seat and toys for his son. How can I tell if it’s a scam or not? - HIDDEN from Woodmere, NY

  • Same thing with me, but the guy is named Buckner Graham.. Strange area code, not responding when I ask where’s he from and it’s kind of overwhelming. I would had to watch his 4 year old daughter and he would pay me upfront to buy her toys. I called the number and it says the Google prescriber is no longer available… Plus the number says it’s located in Michigan! No where near me! Seems sketchy if you ask me. - HIDDEN from Everett, MA

  • Yes I have received two of those messages. One person responded with some crazy message about working for the Puerto Rico division of the fbi. How is it these people can get your.information and text you. The whole situation.sounds like a scam. I didn’t sign up for this. .. - HIDDEN from McClellanville, SC

  • This happened to me today with a woman named Mary Thompson. I think it’s a bunch of bull. How can they get our personal information from our profile to be able to text people? - HIDDEN from Danville, KY

  • Yes and I unfortunately fell for it and am out 1850.00 how can we catch these crooks. - HIDDEN from Batesville, AR

  • My question is if you deposit the check and not take the money out (which I didn’t bcuz I had my doubts and only deposit it) does the bank still charge you for the issue with the check?? And yes there is several people doing the same type of scams and almost similar scenarios…! They need to be stopped - HIDDEN from Las Vegas, NV

  • I received text messages and emails from people saying the same thing. that they are relocating. asked for my name address ect. and wanted to pay me upfront to pick up crates for the dogs… I’m glad other people said the same thing. I thought it was sketchy!! - HIDDEN from Nutley, NJ

  • Hi! >¡¤□■<|3 9 - HIDDEN from Scottsdale, AZ

  • Same - HIDDEN from Lowell, MA

  • Yes same thing happened to me. Scam checks two different occasions. One check for $2,650 and another one for $2,000. Both were bad checks and the bank charged me. - HIDDEN from Las Vegas, NV


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  • That is more than likely a scam. Usually people who tell you they are relocating to your area, won't answer any of your questions, and ask for personal information are just trying to trick you. I've had someone try and scam me and know several people who have had it happen to them.

    • But how do they scam you? What do they do? - HIDDEN from Portsmouth, VA

    • I have had a few similar experiences. One person said they were moving nearby and wanted someone to go to their house to receive deliveries, while they were at work. The pay rate sounded fair, and the hours were good. I made sure to ask who their realtor was, and said I would only move forward if we met ahead of time in a public place. They wanted to meet at a local park at 9am during the week. I didn’t respond again, because the park is huge, and I got the creeps. There aren’t any security cameras where they wanted to meet. We must be alert and aware when we are meeting prospective clients.

      HIDDEN from Wappingers Falls, NY

    • Care seems to be having a problem with these scammers. DO NOT REPLY TO THE SCAMMERS. IT IS A SCAM ! - HIDDEN from Houston, TX

  • Hi Sarah,

    Way to be vigilant! This is textbook behavior from a scammer and you should report that individual's account to 

    Good luck in the rest of your job search!

    • I am not sure if she is or not, and I don’t have her account, just her name. She said she wants to meet for an interview, but “can’t talk on the phone”. Kind of scary.. - HIDDEN from Pottsboro, TX

    • If you know her last name you should still report her.

      If she wants to meet in a public place for an interview that’s fair and not uncommon. Make sure you don’t give her any personal information. Definitely proceed with caution as her behavior is typical of scammer.

      HIDDEN from Newton Center, MA

    • Report? The sheer number of cases I’ve heard of indicates that this is system-wide. needs a better solution.

      How about we report it once… keeps happenng, so reporting it over and over is clearly not accomplishing anything.

      HIDDEN from Bethany, CT

    • If you know someone you don’t like, create a fake profile with their phone number! - HIDDEN from Bethany, CT

    • I had same thing. Always a text wanting you to send a resume and contact through email. I was fooled the first time. I sent resume as requested through email then several days later I received a text ( not a reply through email) that position was filled but they had another position as an assistant wanting me to pick up packages or have them delivered to my home, open them and then send them to location they instructed. Weird crap that was obviously someone stealing and charging on a credit card that wasn’t theirs. They then asked for my address, my age and gender,( wth would you even need that for a ‘job’) along with some other info ( especially when some of requested info is already on my profile and why would you keep texting instead of calling or replying through email where I sent the resume!) Scam! So, I sent address of local police department and requested that packages be sent there.
      Haven’t heard anything back. I ignore or block any others I get like that.

      HIDDEN from Hampton, GA

  • I would report the number and if you got her name they can trace the profile of the person and let them check out what is going on. In the meantime I would recommend you keep looking. PMathis RN BSN MSP DC

    • How do you report numbers and names this has happened to me 2x ive been on for 3 days… - HIDDEN from Waterloo, IN

    • I would immediately contact the care team ( contact us) and report the scam - someone from the team will look into it so provide them with as much information as you can - how did they contact you. Who was it that contacted you if you have the information. I was scammed yesterday but did not open the link as I don’t prescribe to text messages and this is how the message came in - so I knew better than to open in. wants to keep us safe unfortunately the people using the site get through and it is our job to report it so they can stop it. - HIDDEN from Auburn, AL

  • Hey Sarah,

    Nice catch! I got a couple of spam texts too and both mentioned they are moving to "my area". I think the spammers send out the same message to a bunch of people at the same time. I was suspicious because nothing in the message specified they knew anything about me (name and location), which is actually a comforting thing. has an article if you are worried it might be a scam.

    A link and Scams: How to Avoid Babysitting Scams
    • Thanks for sharing this article. I received a strange text yesterday & I appreciate the link! - HIDDEN from Pittsburgh, PA

    • I just found this app and accepted it to possibly find a parent group and possibly advertise for a pet sitter at times… I’m nervous now that this is not a good forum since it sounds like you all have have had scams contacting you.

      Is this app bad news?

      Thanks so much!


  • Yes, its a scam. Anytime they say "Im moving to your area" its a scam . I received many of those

  • This is a scam, do not reply with your name or address at all. There are sites that show similar stories explaining that they are scams. Popular ones include a handicap young boy along with a mother who is deaf at hearing.

    • Wow…this is so unfortunate. I received a message that is similar. Her name Brandy and her son’s name is Jason. I’m new to and I gave some information (address and DOB). The format of the email is the same as the one shown. She was hard of hearing and went to the same school in TX. - HIDDEN from Highland, CA

  • this is the e-mail she sent me.


    Hello (), Thanks for your response, I am glad to read from you. I am a single Mother of one lovely kid, David, he is 5. I attended Texas School for the Deaf where i achieved my highest qualification. I have my own business (Self Employed). I attend the catholic. We are in the process of relocating to your area. I am 42 and i am hard of hearing. I work based on the development and counseling of the deaf people in the community, i am moving to your area in few weeks and i really need a honest and responsible care for David.


    More importantly, David is currently placed on a wheelchair due to an accident he had some months ago. He can walk a few distance though but the specialist advised he uses the chair for a while and i am planning on getting him a powered wheelchair and have contacted a seller. You will care for him starting 4th of June. I will appreciate if you can tell me a few things about yourself and maybe attach one or two pictures of you, below are your duties:


    Cooking for David

    Caring for David

    Cleaning David


    This could be a temporary/permanent job. It depends on what your schedule looks like but i do like to be sure if you are available the first month. the last couple of months hasn't been good and i wouldn't want to get stocked with my Son on arrival so i`m willing to make a deposit to you ahead of time to ensure a secured appointment to avoid disappointment. The total cost of your pay per weekend is $420($30/hour x 7hours/day = $210/day x 2days). I want to inform  you that i have a seminar i will be attending to as soon as i arrive and will be having an interview section with you immediately i arrive with David. Also i will like to include your pay to our payroll for the period. I will be needing the following information below to issue out the check to you and i need your direct mobile number so i can text you in case i need to pass an urgent information:






    Zip Code:

    Phone #:


    I have made some arrangements with the wheelchair seller, so as soon as you get the payment, you will deduct $420 for your first week and have the rest sent to the wheelchair seller for delivery as soon as the check clears, i hope David will have the best of time while he is in your care and i hope you will treat him right just like yours. Get back to me as i have a lot of stuffs to put in place prior to my arrival. I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Thank you and God bless.

    • Yes it’s a scam… I got almost same response.. the difference was she needed someone for her mother. Im gonna say it’s the same person

      HIDDEN from Bethany, OK

    • So did i - HIDDEN from West Chester, PA

    • Got the same exact message, but with a little girl “Karen” - HIDDEN from Chicago, IL

    • I sympathize with you with your five year old child but as far as receiving a check putting it into my account and then deducting so much money would be ridiculous I would prefer that you send a check to the wheelchair company and send a check to me for the care of David thank you so much my information is on the or we - HIDDEN from Salinas, CA

    • I just got the same message her name is Kate. - HIDDEN from Tomball, TX

    • I got a similar message, I asked if their financial Clerk could send me a verified statement & the buisness information. - HIDDEN from Tampa, FL

    • Thank you for responding to my text, I currently live in ( Warrior, AL), am moving to your area 29th of AUG. I will need a Caregiver for my Dog, immediately, depending on the time and hour you’ll be available for him and also need you for errands like paying bills, shopping for my mom, son and also pay for the furniture for our new home when is convenient for you.I’ll pay you separately for both because I will need to get somethings sorted before moving down, like furniture bills, mom bill and miscellaneous. It’s all flexible and simple errands that won’t affect your present job. I really need an honest and responsible person, This could be temporary/permanent job, I’m moving to a new house and I’ll need to fix the interior and new furniture set, and I have contacted the furniture company because, you will be informed as soon as we finalize issues. Send me your complete name, address and cell phone number so I can include that to my payroll for the period, I am a DEAF single mother, 39 years old, I’m a member of the Catholic Church, you will get to know more when we meet you can work as long as you want with me but you have to be honest. I have decided to choose you for this position and I do hope for a very eventful time with you while you look after my Dog and run errands should need be. The pay rate is $15/Hour you will be paid at the end of each week (which ever you prefer) I will like for us to meet at evening on 30th of AUG and The start date is Sept 1st . We could meet at the McDonald’s closest to you,I intend to commit you by paying you for the first week of your service before our arrival to secure the date so I can be absolutely sure of having you care for my Dog,no disappointment before I move down which you will be paid for separately as noted on earlier mail, because some home interior need to paid for and pay some bills for my mom but you will do all this at the Walmart Store close to you so it won’t be a stressful for you at this stand you will be glad working for my family.. The furniture and other little house interior cost $2150. I’ll have the Payroll Department mail you a check of $2,650 to cover all the expenses including your first week payment of ($15/hr x 5hrs/day = $75 x 5days a week= $375 plus your errand fee of $125.00,So altogether you will get $500 and that will be deducted from the $2,650 once you received the check..I just want to confirm your information before I forward it to the Payroll Department so that you can start the errand before we arrive, s. The payment will be mail out probably as soon as possible . Kindly confirm that the below information for immediate processing of your check. Full Name: Full address; with zip-code & Apt Number: Age: Gender: Phone number:

      The check will come with the total amount of $2,650. as earlier said, $375 goes for your first week deposit, while $125 is mark up for errand. I hope you have a working bank account where the check will be

      HIDDEN from West Palm Beach, FL

    • I also got a similar story about the deaf woman, her name was Melissa Carter and she wanted me to take care of her dog Cookie.

      This is what she wrote in an email:

      Hello how is your day going? Thanks for your response, I am glad to read from you. I am a single mother of two, Richard and Scott, they are 5 and 1+ years respectively. I attended Chicago School for the Deaf where I achieved my highest qualification. I have my own business (Self Employed). I attend the catholic. We are in the process of relocating to you area. I am 38 and I am hard of hearing. I work based on the development and counseling of the deaf people in the community, I am moving to your area in a few weeks with my adorable dog and I really need a honest and responsible care for my pet. Cookie he is cute and adorable(Golden Retriever) he is very friendly and playful.he is also very much comfortable with other dogs and cat too he enjoys being indoors with us. Going for walks Cookies is very favorite activity. he plays well with other dogs too. Cookie is house trained and crate trained….. and have contacted a suppliers for the dog Cage, toys, blankets,food,bed.and other things you will care for him starting 5th of Sept. I will appreciate if you can tell me a few things about yourself and maybe attach one or two pictures of you, below are your duties: House Sitting,Mail/Newspaper Retrieval,Watering Plants,Pet Sitting/walking,Daily Feeding This could be a temporary/permanent job. It depends on what your schedule looks like but I do like to be sure if you are available the first month. I made some research on the wages for your service and I have decided to start with $25 per hour and as time goes we can negotiate on a new pay as my dog get along with you. I want to inform you that I have a seminar I will be attending to as soon as I arrive and will be having an interview section with you immediately I arrive with my Dog. Also I will like to include your pay to our payroll for the period just to have you booked down and secure for my Pet. I will be needing the following information below to issue out the check to you and I need your direct mobile number so I can text you in case I need to pass an urgent information: Name: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Phone #:

      I have made some arrangements with the dog utility suppliers, so as soon as you get the payment, you will deduct your first week pay and have the rest sent to the dog utility suppliers as soon as the check clears, I hope my Dog will have the best time while he is in your care and I hope you will treat him right just like yours. Get back to me as I have a lot of issue to put in place prior to my arrival. I look forward to hearing back from you.”

      HIDDEN from Las Vegas, NV

    • I got the same kind of email, except for dog sitting! So, just a couple of things had been changed around! I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct and did some checking around! Thank you all for sharing!!! - HIDDEN from Norman, OK

    • This was the exact same message I got.. Smh!! - HIDDEN from Las Vegas, NV

    • OMG I got the exact same email. just different names. but worked for the deaf and everything. ugh ridiculous. SCAMMERS!!! - HIDDEN from Nutley, NJ

  • It's a scam. I'm part of 3 different care sites and this is the ONLY one that I have to pay for and is the ONLY one that I get scams about. It's very frustrating. I contacted support about it and they didn't seem to care at all. 

  • I have been wondering if one of the jobs I have been looking at is a scam. The guy's name is Buckner Graham. Has a daughter named Kristy, and said his wife had breast cancer. I thought it was legitimate job until he started to ask for my address, a picture of me, wanted to pay me up front and get his daughters some toys. I thought he was a guy that my friend told me about that was looking for someone, but then I found it that was a single mother with the name Kristy and had a six year old daughter. I am afraid to contact him again.

  • I've just been scammed while applying for jobs. Financially devastated. So, I'm very wary. If you provided services and have not been paid. Most likely a scam. Do the messages have poor English? Lots of misspelled words, or words that are awkward? Or sentences that just don't make sense because English isn't first language? If you think something isn't's not. You should notify local police and file a report. Keep all your records. Notify you Attorney General when you get a police report file number.

  • i've received at least 3 of these a week since reconnecting with They're all out of state area codes and almost all have identical messages, wanting me to email an outlook email address. All saying they got my number from here. Ive looked into it and it is a scam. But does anyone know a way to have them stop texting you? i don't want to take information off of my profile for an actual potential job, however I also don't want to continue to be harassed by these texts weekly. 

  • I was almost scammed by a "relocating family". I felt like it was a little strange so I looked up "nanny scams" and I found this


    1. The Nanny Job

    Some scammers post jobs for nannies and babysitters, targeting the young and inexperienced. They claim they’re moving to the area and need someone to look after their children. They generally offer a nice salary, but not outrageous enough to ring any alarm bells. Once they “hire” someone, they’ll mail them a check along with instructions about exactly what to do with the money. These instructions might be things like buying groceries for the new house, taking out an amount for their salary, and paying the rent to the new landlord.

    And that’s the scam. The check the scammer sends the employee is not good and the “landlord” is a part of the scam. The employee will send money from her own account, relying on the employer’s check to cover it, and then everyone disappears. The employee, who thought she had landed a great job, is now out the money and on the line for all of it."

    I immediately declined the job and flagged the post!

  • I had the same thing happen to me.I was told by the team not to reply to these people because they don't have an account with company.they are scamming and they are no good and don't need any help like they said

  • Sounds like a scam. I would drop this woman immediately, and contact about this.

  • I had worked with on another issue similar to this one...but very, very odd.  If you smell a rat it probably is a my instance the people were playing on emotions...saying they had a sick child in a well-known children's hospital...turns out they were living but a mile from the hospital and hitting people up for money.  I reported them and they were arrested...

    If it doesn't feel, report them...there are some really shady people at times.  Best to really read the offering and ask questions when you reply...I've had people post that there were from one city and ask for childcare in another...only to find out (through questions) that they were not looking at all.

  • What i Say to Them is if you Find me through Contact me through Any other way is FRAUD And once I Say that i do not Hear form them Again 

    it is ruining my Chances of finding a job I am relocating to Clearwater Fl 

  • I've been getting the same scam messages on my phone too. It is getting really frustrating.

  • I get about two a week.  Always texts, always full of punctuation and spelling errors, always asking me to respond via email.  At first I was fooled for a bit, but they requested my bank information for direct deposit, and that sent off warning bells. I told about that and they just told me to use their messaging system so now I ignore all messages not going through the site itself.  

  • Probably  a scam. I had this happen to me. Sent a check and it was fake. Most of the time

  • I just read another question on here from someone else who sounded like she may have had the same person. Clearly a problem, good thing you recognized it, and I hope you reported it!!! :)

  • I recieved a request from a man to take care of his mother; he was in california burying his dad and bring his dementia ill mother back here to fl to live with him..Offered $25 an hour for 40 hour week. I advised that due to other clients I could not do 40 hours but could be  considered as a relief or fill in.. This morning Fed ex showed up with a bank check for $2500. and within 10 minutes a text asking if Id recieved it.. To please deposit it and text back-- I told him I was occupied and would do it as soon as possible. My husband and I went to find his supposed home where he was suppose to be coming to Sept 15th-- no such address, went to bank had them run the check without depositing--- sure enough BOGUS!! Police dept stated they cant do anything because no crime had been made because I did not deposit or cash the check... When he texted back tonight to see if I deposited I responded--- yes I did, thank you, sorry for your luck!!! His response was I dont understand! I need you to goto Walmart are wire $750 to an art dealer to make the down payment on a painting I ordered for my mother to make her happy... My response was-- What part of Sorry For Your Luck do you not understand? Youve been Scammed!!! His response was Im calling the law!! mine-- Please do! 

    FYI- ad on here was Benard, Check was Duan... In florida if you dont cash it--no crime, so unfortunately they will try again..

  • Scam. If you get an email asking for your info, and they send you a large check. Do not cash it. Stay away from anyone asking for info before you talk to them on the phone

  • For sure a scam...starting to think is a scam too. Pay for this, pay for that...still no responses to messages

    • I disagree. I’ve used since it began and have had little issue getting responses to messages in general. I WILL say I of course liked it better when it was parents who had to pay for access to sitters and sitters did not have fees for full access to communicating with parents, but it also isn’t unreasonable to be paying a small monthly amount to have the highest access to parents whom are more likely to be seeking out higher skilled (and therefore higher paid) caregivers than what you would find when delving into the depths of craigslist for free to find a $5/hr sitter. There of course parents with low pay expectations here too but also a significantly higher rate of those looking to pay more than on Craigslist.

      Lack of response generally is in one of a few categories:

      1) Parents who initially seek you out and message you first who after some communication back and forth rather than responding to let you know they feel you are not a good fit for an interview just don’t respond to you.

      This can be lessened by making sure you meet all of the experience, skill, and pay expectations as well as availability expectations of anyone you message and also making sure you write to them in a professional manner with as proper spelling and grammar as possible. Proofreading is key. The better you present yourself the more likely you are to get an interview or response. There are tons of sitters out there, make sure you stand out to them.

      Since joining I have never had an instance where I get no response letting me know if an interview is desired by a family after we have started communication with each other.

      2) If you are NOT paying the premium service and a parent doesn’t message you first that parent has no idea you messaged them unfortunately. Yes it stinks that they make you pay to have maximum communication abilities with parents, but it is what it is. If you are only using the free services of the site the only way a parent can know you exist and communicate with you is if they specifically search sitters in their area and like your profile. So it’s not a matter of the parent being rude and not responding, they have no clue you messaged them.


      3) Parents who legitimately aren’t interested in you from the get go or filled a job and just never took it down so they don’t answer at all after you send a message indicating interest in their job if you do have the premium access - generally few and far in between but it does happen. I have had a small handful of positions I applied to that fell into this category over the years, but not too often, and certainly not enough to matter in the long run because I have been able to obtain many high paying for my area ($15-25/hr) positions using, everything from occasional date night sitting to weekly nanny positions.

      HIDDEN from Bensalem, PA

  • Ive gotten two of these text messages and they seem way to good to be true! they arent using just texting me! Its annoying cause i need a job and these people mare abusing this site

  • I got a text and an email from two ladies. One text saying she has a friend that needs a caregiver for her son and asked if I could email her. I did to see what she had to say. The lady sent me a really long detailed email saying that she will be accepting a job in my area and will be relocating here soon from Canada to my area. She explained everything she needed and it was for her daughter. But the text I got from her friend said it was for her son ?? The email was asking me for my address and phone number to be able to send me a check to secure my services. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM LIKE IVE BEEN READING FROM OTHERS ON Good luck everyone. Stay away from these crazy people !!!

  • I just got a text from a lady in New York saying they are relocating to my area and would like my to care for her  5 year old son. Says shes self employed. 

  • Its a scam! I received a similar message saying they were going to move here soon. They wanted my address, phone number, and more personal information. Be careful. I hope this helps!

  • I think a good way to avoid texting scams would be to not allow your number to be just out there.  Set up an email account just for this application, and go online to look for job opportunities. Don't give anyone your numbers until you know they are actually offering a work opportunity.

  • be smart, be vigilent.  Use common sense, of course it's a scam. has many useful articles regarding safety for both families and caretakers, it's worth your time to read them all thoroughly.

    And don't forget, check out your local day cares, nursery schools etc.  They are always looking to hire, even if it's part time.  What a great way to get a reference for future applications.

  • It's a great idea I think to ask all your customers to communicate with you through the system. Most of the real people who contact you will be happy to do this, since it's basically insurance for them just as much as it is for you. That helps eliminate texting scammers. 

    I've gotten these too. If they aren't being professional in grammar and in their business with you, you can safely assume they're a scammer. Especially when you ask them to message you on the website and they don't or they start making tons of excuses! 

    Good luck!

  • For those of you receiving text messages, has privacy settings that prevent your number from showing on your profile. It is automatically set to make your profile public (viewable to non-members, such as via Google searches), and make your number visible. If you change these settings, random passerbys of your profile will not be able to see your phone number. That way, if you talk over e-mail correspondence and have some suspicion, you can mark it as spam and be done with it. You shouldn't have to worry about them getting your number as well. Hope that helps!

    • I always refer questions like this to the team - I have seen posts from the care professionals when an active scam has filtrated into the system. I just think if something doesn’t feel right contact care team. If your settings are not set to receive texts and you get a direct - check you settings and contact the care team with as much information as possible. I don’t think this answer tells the person asking what they need to hear. - HIDDEN from Auburn, AL

  • I need input ASAP - Woman named Patricia Belcher and her husband John want me to care for two large dogs. They said they sent a check via FedEx on Monday check as of yet and today is Thursday. Just heard from her and says she is tracking the check. I then asked if she would address a list of 12 questions I emailed last week. She asked 'what questions?' PLEASE PLEASE reply. She has my name,address and phone. Both my husband and I are out of work. A scam would wipe us out. Donna MN

    • You should ask your references to give you a review here on care. Com. Get their emails and send them a link. That’s what I did. All my references were super helpful. - HIDDEN from Scottsdale, AZ

  • Me too. Is doing anything about it?  My phone number is locatable many places online but this is the only place where it gets abused like that.

    are phone numbers visible to casual visitors? They should have to register with and have their profiles reviewed before they can view user's phone numbers or cntact them.

    you encourage care providers to get background checks and ID verfication...but what about our protection?!?!

    • I agree, and what if the child has an accident (i.e. Breaks a bone)? How are we protected if an employer decides to sue even if you did everything possible to help prevent it? Because accidents happen. - HIDDEN from Virginia Beach, VA

  • I have received the same and in my opinion it's a scam trying to get information of ours!! The same thing is always said about moving to our area and wanting to hire before even meeting smdh.

  • All these sad. I'm a newcomer  on and just couple of days after establishing my profile, I got a text message from some one asking me to babysit for their son.The phone number's area code is from WA; what I found unsettling was that he/she wanted me to only reply via email!!?? well, I did and I hope it's not going to come I bite me back later.The person hasn't replied back ever since.Let's just be careful  with the creeps and crooks  out there.

    • I really think needs to prove people looking for someone I mean we do! We get security checks . I don’t feel safe

      HIDDEN from Lake Worth, FL

  • I have received a lot of those texts and I would not respond to any of them unless they message you through I have actually blocked those numbers so they can't text me again. Don't even respond back to them.

  • I just had the same thing happen. I got a response within the first hour of putting up my job description. She said her name was Kimberly vessey wanted my full name mailing address and email said I would be making $500 a week. I would just be cleaning her house and running errands for her.

  • Trust your gut and move on. There is always another job. The headaches associated with being scammed will last a lot longer.

  • Almost without fail if someone texts you offering you a job (especially one you did not apply for) or says they are researching for their friend and says they are moving to your area. It is a scam.

  • I always reply asking them to contact me though the website. Not one has done so. Do not provide any personal information. There are websites and phone numbers you can call to see if it is a current scam

  • yes you are being scammed do not reply when you get those messages. I almost fell for it as well. They will send a fake check on a piece of paper that looks like the real thing. But we caught it before I put it in the bank thankfully. we went to the police department and they said it was not real

  • This is a scam - NEVER  give out your personal information.

  • Yes this is a scam! I just had this same exact thing happen to me, same story and all. They claim they are relocating to the area and their end result is to get your information then they will send you a fake check to deposit into your account. I've had this happen twice already in a week so be aware!

  • I agree with the others with my situation; that must be frustrating for you. Be safe ..

  • Scam going to unsubscribe. should take care of this. Both my daughter and I are getting similar texts asking for money for a wheelchair etc.

  • i got a check in the mail i call the bank they said the account don't exist it was a cashier check if you get one of these it a scam. The check was for 1960 Dont cash it.

  • I'm having a similar issue. I have my phone number listed in my general information and I keep getting text messages from various different phone numbers. All of these text messages I have received look like they are from a spam account. They all generally say the same thing- they're from out of town and just recently moved here looking for a nanny who they would pay $30/hour. . Best of all, when I ask if they can contact me through, they stop responding. It definitely seems like spam.

  • If the communication is outside of, I either ignore it or reply STOP. I have received six texts since signing up a couple of months ago. Many of the texts are very similar, if not the same, as what you all have received. Be careful.

  • That has happened to me too, and yes, it is a scam. I recommend completely cutting ties with them and responses for your own financial and personal safety. 

  • Happend to me this week received the check. Thought a little fishy. Called the bank it was from FRAUDULENT. MOoving to my area needed someone to care for her mother.....

  • Has anyone gotten any messages from a husband and wife, Alexander (Alex) and Helen Frye looking for someone to babysit their 4 year old, Julia?  Our email correspondance has been eerily similar to other email scammers, but this one is using an insane amount of detail, which makes me very skeptical as to whether they are or aren't scammers.  Just wondering if anyone has gotten any messages from those people specifically, or from anyone who claims to be a "professional tourist".  Thank you!

  • It's so sad to know that people go out of their way to scam others. There's no doubt in my mind that you are being scammed but it is a great lesson to learn from and advise others that this can happen to anyone. I would block the number at that point and just be cautious from here on out. I prefer to do all communication through the site until the person hiring decided to call me (rarely text) for an interview. I never give out my personal information. If they need anything that doesn't offer then it's not worth the risk. 

  • SCAM!!! 9/13/2016

    This is the email I received after a text that was sent to me regarding a dog sitting job.

    thanks for your response concerning the Pet sitting, my name is Katelyn. I am a single Mother of two, Allen and Alex, they are 5 and 1+ years respectively...I attended California School for the Deaf where I achieved my highest qualification. I have my own business. I attend the catholic. We are in the process of relocating to your area. I am 40 and I am hard of hearing. I work based on the development and counselling of the deaf people in the community and i will need your services for my dog (Wesley) a Golden Retriever starting from 19th of September. 9am-1pm Monday- Thursday “or" 9am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays, he is friendly. Your services will be:

    1. Feeding
    2. Taking him for a walk.
    3. Wellness check
    4. Playing with him
    Like I said we are relocating and have already made arrangement for the Wesley as well, I really took my time in going through your profile and it got me rest assured that you are a very reliable pet sitter so for this reason I would love Wesley to be in your care, I've also ordered for a special Kennel for him which he would be living as his house when we arrive and I want them to be ready before our arrival so everything can be in place. This could be a temporary or permanent job since you are unemployed for now it depends on what your schedule is like but I do like to be sure if you are available the first two weeks. I made some research on the wages for your service and i have decided to start with $400 per week. You will be paid $400 for the first week pending on my arrival and as time goes we can negotiate on a new pay as Wesley gets along with you. I want to inform you that i have a seminar to attend as soon as I arrive and will be having an interview section with you immediately after the seminar. Also I will like to include your pay to our Payroll for the period just to have you booked down and secure for my dog as his sitter. I will need the following information below to issue a check out to you under the supervision of my Payroll. I need your direct mobile number so I can contact you and have immediate response whenever I contact you in case I need to pass urgent information:
    Home Address:
    Zip Code:
    Phone #:
    I have made some arrangements with the Doghouse seller about the kennel, Dog Foods, Cream and some other necessary accessories (pet utilities) as soon as you get the payment you will deduct $400 as your salary for the first week and have the remaining balance which is for the Kennel to the Sale Representative for shipping. I hope Wesley will have the best of time while he's in your care and you will treat him right just like yours. Get back to me as I have a lot of issue to put in place prior to our arrival. I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Thank you and God bless

  • My advice is to not be so gullible. Why on earth would anyone pay for something up front thinking they will get reimbursed from someone you never met. People who are so easy to hand out their personal information. Is the exact reason why these people are still around. Stop falling for it and they will go away!!!

    • I never “fell for it”. I immediately responded asking if they could contact me through and the conversation never continues after that. The only information I “gave” to these scammers was given to them through - HIDDEN from San Mateo, CA

  • I almost got scammed from lady who said is moving from Australia and wanted me to buy groceries. She said to take care her mother in law. Tiffany Darrow. Smelled like a scam when she said to send me a huge check to buy groceries. I asked her for her address in the USA when she moves but after that none response.

  • That is certainly a scam. Never give out that information and usually I would report them if they ask for that information. Sittercity has a lot of people who do it just to scam people and the website will usually pick up on it and terminate their account. 

  • Absolutely do not give her any information. It throws all kinds of red flags up for me. I am very careful to watch for people like these. Unfortunately, we have these people to deal with. Yes, I do believe it is a scam to get your personal information.

  • So after reading this I realize I am most likely in the middle of a do I proceed?? So glad I found this thread

  • I got the same text message on my 2nd day joining, only for pet sitting (same woman only with a golden, and she even emailed me fake photos of her and her dog "Wesley". This concerns me very much, and have since unchecked my phone number being visible on my profile. Apparently only those seeking jobs are screened, not those seeking to fill positions.....scary what's lurking in this system. Care needs to crack down on these people or they will lose members. I won't upgrade until such time.

  • Strange, Ive been getting the same thing. People moving into my city, email address links that wont work...its really odd. 

  • Got a long-winded scam email today. There's a lot of things to look for. If they offer large sums of money in advance (in the very first communication especially), and if it looks too good to be true - it probably is.

  • This is a scam. My new wife had the same thing happen to her. She ended up getting a fraudulent check that she was sent by her bank to let law enforcement know. She was advised to let know and even all info was given the same woman waa right back up on the sight prowling for new prey. Be careful and even if a "cashier's check" is recieved do not cash it! My girl put it in her account, bur didn't spend it or send money back. Instead went to her bank and they found it was a fraud and the trust did not exist. failed as far as pulling the womans profile off their site. Very pitiful

  • I have had a situation recently with a woman contacting me saying her name is "Ellen Ethan" and her, her husband, and baby will be relocating to my area. She asked if I can babysit her baby and help with the smooth transition of her family moving to my area. After a few more emails she asked if I can deposit a check and send it to a destination. I thought it was a weird offer and looked up the house that she said she was moving into. I found out that the home has not been on the market since 2012 and no one has bought it. Be careful of scams. 

  • Unfortunately, I have reported some of the people scamming users on to and then they turn right around and start scamming again under another ScreenName.  Same scams.


    Very disappointed - I actually deactivated my prior account last year when I kept getting messages from what started as legitimate sounding ads but then turned into scammers even trying to pose as other home care agency representatives.


    Some of the same people are also posting ads constantly for the same jobs and when you respond, they never respond back.  In the case of one who did respond, she immediately was hostile in her response and not very nice.


    I am reputable professional caregiver and an actual licensed nurse (not a self-annointed home care aid, or CNA) so there should be people willing to have a nurse with a license in good standing working for them.... but most seem to want the unskilled, might steal your medications and other things, pay them barely above minimum wage care givers.

  • I would definitely get out of the situation. It seems too sketchy.

  • I just got a text and email like this too and got so excited because it was my first response.. but ran it by my mom and she thought it was a scam. So I came her to see if she was right. How disappointing. Thanks for sharing your stories everybody! I will have to report it. I do have a question though, will you always get an message in your inbox is someone responds or can they just text or email you directly. I'm not sure if my phone number is on my profile or not but this "lady" texted me which I thought was odd. 

    • Hi Andrea, yes if someone responds to your job application you will get a message in your inbox. You should try to keep your communications within until someone asks for an interview or otherwise wants to get to know you for a job. The individuals randomly texting you are probably trying to scam you. Good luck with the rest of your job hunt! - HIDDEN from Newton Center, MA

  • It is a scam. It has happened to me once before. Don't give out any information. The way the lady contacted me was threw E-mail. Just block the number if possible. Be careful and Goodluck!

  • Ive had the same problems you can actually do a search on goggle just dont ever reply they are looking to get your personal information

  • They are fake! Ignore them! They are trying to get you to cash fake checks for them, and send them half of the money. You will be the one to take the fall when the bank calls the cops for cashing fake checks. 

  • It's a  scam... 

  • Yeah this happens to me all the time! Someone will text me a weird message and say to email someone. I never do what they say. I just text back saying my number isn't available for people to see on and that they need to stop contacting me.

  • I got one from a guy named Jackson Johnson saying he was part of Puerto Rico's FIB and that he was coming here with his 5 year old son Desmond for a inspection course. He would pay me 350 a week for the month of August and he was going to give me a check for 2850 dollars. I was suppose to take 350 out and spend the rest on his son. What do you guys think?

  • Yes. Thats a scam.

  • SCAM!

  • i wouldn't trust it, sounds creepy!

  • It was most likely SPAM. They try to send you money, have you send it back and then a week later insufficient funds hits and the bank/western union gets you on the hook for the money. Stay away, and good luck. 

  • I get a few of those too.In fact I just got one the other day.Yes I think you are being scammed


  • i have had the same thing happen to me. It is a scam

  • scam. The whole relocating thing was a famous one.

  • yes, sadly it is a common scam. the way they work it is that they want to send you $x to secure your employment / to get a car seat / to prepay you for a month / insert reason here.

    Well, when the check arrives surprise! it isn't $x like you discussed it's a decent amount more! so you contact them and tell them, and they claim they don't want you to be out your money, so put it in your account and send them back a check for the difference.

    Well, by the time their initial fraudulent check bounces in your account they have your new real check in hand and have scammed you out of the money.

    It's been around as long as I can remember :\

  • I would say half of every response or offer I get is a definite or potential scam. Either I cannot write the person back (it says, "null") or they are very low paying jobs not even in my requested fields, which makes me think they just did a cut and paste, asking everyone. 

    I've not found one actual job after being on here for years, which is sad considering I have two decades experience.

    On that note, one thing some of you (especially young people) should watch out for is the single moms in need of childcare who tell me I'll be fielding visits from felonious ex-boyfriends high on various substances, fresh from prison. I'm trained in social work, but no job is worth my life, though I have lost a lot of sleep thinking about and praying for some of these poor little children I've met and what they must go through. Be careful and screen the families! 

  • Remember to never give personal information when you first contact a family

    Hi everyone!

    I know finding the right nanny-family match could take anywhere between weeks or months! Each particular case is different and the wait could be frustrating sometimes for both the family in need of help or the nanny looking for an extra income (or main income!)

    I’m doing a project for my sociology class. Is a social study about nannies and families with nannies. If you could please help me here is the link to the survey It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is very simple.

    I’ll be happy to share the results of my study with the community.

    Thank you in advance!

    • She didn’t answer the question and is promoting her study - if doesn’t have a rule about this - it might be time to put your heads together and decide whether or not this is what’s best for the company. I myself find this distasteful. - HIDDEN from Auburn, AL

  • Hi everyone!

    I know finding the right nanny-family match could take anywhere between weeks or months! Each particular case is different and the wait could be frustrating sometimes for both the family in need of help or the nanny looking for an extra income (or main income!)

    I’m doing a project for my sociology class. Is a social study about nannies and families with nannies. If you could please help me here is the link to the survey It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is very simple.

    Thank you in advance!

    • She did it again - my inbox is full of care messages if I see another cut & paste I would mark her comment not relevant to the topic - HIDDEN from Auburn, AL

  • Yes - it is a scam. I have received texts as well :(

  • To Stacey who is looking for child and pet care on  It is not the website that has an issue.  I had this happen to me twice selling things on offer up website and craig's list and I reported both.  They want whatever you may be selling right now and are not in your area.  They want your name and address so they can send a certified check and offer a lot more than the asking price to accommodate them.  Everyone her is right.  It is a huge scam and it's costing innocent people huge amounts of money when they cash the FRAUDULENT check.  They want you to contact them on a text app # so it cannot be traced to them.  If you ask questions before giving them any info, they seem to move on faster to get the right person to take the bait.  You can be scammed on so many websites because it's really tempting to pass up their offers--they know what they're doing.  Be Careful and ask a lot of questions before giving any information to anyone.  

  • Yes its a scam please do not give her anymore info!

  • Please, everyone, know that you can ask your bank to place a "hold" on the funds if you feel it is a scam or if you are unsure the funds will clear the issuing bank. They do not (usually) charge for this and it protects you from using monies that may not be real or available. 

  • Yes... at one point these were the only texts I were receiving from They always ask for you to email them or give them your email address. They also always have weird numbers from out of state. I would definitely pass on this. These scammers need our email addresses for some reason. Once I caught on to it , I start letting them know that I know it is a scam and that I would report them and then I would never hear anything back.

  • Scam

  • Yes, you are being scammed.

  • It happen to me as well, Its definitely a scam.

  • requires people putting jobs out there to actually pay for the ad and put a credit card on file. This usually weeds out most of the bad ad's. That being said there are alway bad people or bad situations and I have actually been emailing one or two families before and will tell me that the person's profile has been deleted and they have been kicked off the site basically. Care is very good about making sure everything is legit. I have called them on several occasions to ask various questions. If anyone ever contacts you that seems weird or suspicious never give them any info you are not comfortable giving and contact to make them aware of the situation so they can investigate it. The actual site is very legit. I have gotten many jobs using this site. 

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