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5 Diy Dog Training Tips

Expert advice on training your pooch yourself. You took one look at those big brown eyes, floppy ears and wagging tail, and it was love at first sight. Dogs are a constant source of companionship and fun, but bringing one into your home is a life-long responsibility. If they aren... more

10 Tips For Getting Kids To Pay Attention

Help your child learn to focus, follow directions, and complete tasks. An inattentive child is a frustration all parents have dealt with. Continually having to repeat directions can be exasperating and hinder a child's progress in school. According to a study conducted by Meghan McClelland, an associate professor at Oregon State... more

5 Healthy Desserts For Kids That They're Sure To Love

Serving kids dessert doesn't have to be a guilt-laden experience. These healthy desserts for kids serve up all the sweetness of other treats without all the guilt. Kids love dessert and, truth be told, most parents and caregivers do, too. But if dessert has become a regular part of your... more

How To Hire A Sitter For New Year's Eve

Heading to a New Year's Eve party? Use these tips to book a babysitter for your kids. The year is almost over and you're ready to celebrate with your partner and friends. But ...what to do with the kids? You've brought them to parties in the past... more

My Dog Ate Chocolate But Seems Ok: What Do I Do?

Even a little chocolate can harm a dog. Find out what to do even if your dog doesn't seem sick from chocolate. Your dog just discovered (and devoured) your secret chocolate stash. You've heard time and again chocolate is harmful -- even poisonous -- to dogs. Now you're worried... more

Home Tips For A Cozy Autumn Season

From:  Vikki in Northampton, PA After the hot, lazy days of summer, I’m more than ready to experience the refreshing sights, smells, and sounds of those glorious autumn days. Getting my home ready for the season is one of my favourite things to do. Follow these home tips and... more

22 Halloween Party Themes

This year, throw your own unique Halloween party. We have a list of 22 themed parties, complete with invitations, decorations and games ideas. We've all been invited to the typical spooky costumed Halloween party where the typical bobbing-for-apples, cheap clown costumes and uninspiring magicians are always the same. Why... more

Baby Shoe Sizes: What You Need To Know

Your baby will make great strides wearing the correctly sized shoes. Here's how to make the shoe fit.   It seems a shame to hide the feet of the little ones - but, especially in the early months, you'll want to keep their toes covered and cozy. When they... more