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Job Tips For The Summer

Make some extra cash with these jobs during the summer season. Are you thinking about delving into the world of care or housekeeping to make some extra money this summer? Well, you’re in luck as the summer season provides lots of opportunities in childcare, pet care and housekeeping. Here are... more

11 Tips For Flying With Toddlers

What’s more difficult than travelling with babies? That’s right, travelling with toddlers. Check out our top tips for making long flights with toddlers as smooth as possible. It’s a fear that all parents of toddlers experience when contemplating air travel: Their precious little one will scream, kick and cry from the moment... more’s Summer Skincare Raffle

Win a voucher from the gorgeous de Mamiel and look after your skin this summer. **CLICK HERE TO ENTER RAFFLE** After a long winter and mediocre spring, it is tempting to soak up the summer sun at every moment possible. But, as we all know, too much sun exposure is... more

How To Be A Successful Summer Tutor

Beat the summer slump and become a successful tutor with these top tips. Summer can be a tricky season for students and tutors alike. When the last bell of the school term rings, many students switch their brains off and don’t plan on turning them on again until the next... more

How To Present Yourself In Your Profile

Ease your job search by making the most out of your profile on Your profile on is like your business card. It shows what you can offer and exactly how you can help families and potential employers. To help you find the right job, we have... more

11 Day Trip Ideas For Elderly People In Summer

Great days out for you and your elderly loved one. Summer is the perfect time to venture outdoors and visit attractions with the elderly loved ones in your life. It provides a wonderful opportunity for older people to socialise and for you to make exciting trips together. Looking for elderly... more

Picnic Ideas For The Summer

Feast outdoors with family and friends. Summer is finally here! And what better way to welcome the sunshine than outdoor excursions with family and friends? Whether your haven in the sun is a park, beach, lake, forest or garden, make your time there extra special by having a picnic. Looking... more

We Are Family: A Conversation With Slummy Single Mummy

Today, when we think of family, no single image comes to mind. Nowadays, the typical family structure includes blended families, single parent families and same-sex parent families. With this in mind, we have asked parent bloggers in the UK to share their experiences raising their families in today's world... more