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Your "how To Handle Covid" Guide

>> Looking for a caregiver or housekeeper? Find help here.   Please find below COVID-related hot topics and the most important questions answered--for families, other care seekers and caregivers alike. For anyone with immediate concerns: The NHS has created an online 111 service to deliver quick answers based on individual... more

Home Tips For A Cosy Autumn Season

>> Looking for a housekeeper? Find one in your area now.   After the hot, lazy days of summer, I’m more than ready to experience the refreshing sights, smells, and sounds of those glorious autumn days. Getting my home ready for the season is one of my favourite things to... more

Insulate Your Windows Against The Cold

>> Looking for a housekeeper? Find one in your area now.   When it’s cold outside and the wind is whistling, there is nothing better than turning up the heat at home and getting cosy. However, much of this coveted heat can escape through uninsulated windows, dampening your comfort levels... more

9 Steps To Creating An Autumnal Herbarium

  >> Looking for childcare? Find a babysitter in your area now.    Children are often captivated by the falling leaves and changing colours of autumn and it is common for them to start collecting as many different coloured leaves as they can. So why not channel this interest into a... more

Putting Children’s Wardrobes On Autumn Mode

>> Looking for a housekeeper? Find one in your area now.   As autumn sets in, the summer dresses and t-shirts must make way in the children’s wardrobes for the bulky jumpers and woolly tights. To keep everything orderly and to stop the cabinets from overflowing, clear out items that... more

Beat The Weather With These 10 Autumn Gardening Tasks

Enter a caption... >> Looking for a gardener? Find one in your area now.   Take advantage of the mild autumn weather and tackle some landscaping tasks that need to be finished before winter arrives. By completing these tasks now, you will be able to jump right in when spring arrives. Get the... more

How To Prepare Your Home For A Cold Snap

>> Looking for a housekeeper? Find one in your area now.   These days, winter can change from unseasonably mild to bitterly cold in the blink of an eye. The last thing you need is to be caught off guard and end up with your home damaged by the cold... more

How To Successfully Negotiate Pay For Care Positions

by freelance writer Riley Herder   In a typical interview, potential caregivers or nannies are expected to discuss a number of topics—experience, availability, flexibility just to name a few. Perhaps the most awkward to discuss—for every party involved—is the topic of compensation. Learning how to professionally and confidently discuss your... more