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We Are Family: A Conversation With Just The Three Of Us

Today, when we think of family, no single image comes to mind. Nowadays, the typical family structure includes blended families, single parent families and same-sex parent families. With this in mind, we have asked parent bloggers to share their experiences raising families in today's world. Chloe, from parenting blog... more

Getting The Most Out Of Your Tutor

How to manage and evaluate the private tutors and instructors you have hired. Once you have hired a tutor, you may be relieved to step aside and let an experienced professional help your child. But don't step so far out of the way that you lose sight of whether or not the tutor... more

Which Small Animals Are Suitable For Children?

Is there nothing in the world your child wants more than a pet? Why not think about getting them one of these small animals that are suitable for children. A constant companion and a friend to always play with – no wonder so many children crave a pet of their own. Pets... more

Social Media For Kids: 9 Things To Think About Before Creating An Account For Your Child

Even if "everyone else is doing it," read this before creating a social media account for your child. It's only a matter of time until you hear the dreaded question out of your tween's mouth: "When can I get on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter?" When the question comes -- and... more

First-Aid Checklist: What To Do If Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied

How to tell if your child is being cyberbullied and what you can do to help. As the number of devices, apps and social media sites that our children use continues to grow, so do our concerns about their safety. With its many facets, cyberbullying is one of the biggest... more

6 Tips To Monitor Teens And Social Media

How to keep your children safe online. Social media has long since become a dominating feature in the lives of today’s teenagers. As parents, we may hope that our teens choose to spend their time elsewhere but in reality, we must accept that social media is here to stay.  ... more

7 Ways To Help Your Child Cope When Saying Goodbye To A Nanny

From relocation to new employment, the working relationship between nannies and the family they work for can end for many reasons. As this often happens after many years together, it can be a distressing parting for the children, nanny and parents.   When the working relationship with a nanny ends, developing... more

New Year, New Raffle! Great Prizes To Help You Live A Better 2019

After the excesses of the holidays, we are quick to turn to the fresh start of the New Year with all its hopes and resolutions. But, how long do they really last? This year, instead of compiling a list of resolutions that are all but sure to fall by the wayside, choose one... more