The UK Team's Activity's Autumn Kite Giveaway

*CLICK HERE TO ENTER RAFFLE* As the blustery autumn winds blow, it can be tempting to hide inside under a blanket and watch the world from our window. But don’t give in! This time of year is perfect for fun, outdoor activities such as kite flying, and will keep the... more

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Halloween

How your family can have a green Halloween this year. How your family can have a green Halloween this year. There’s no doubt about it – decorating the house and dressing up in spooky costumes are the best ways to get the kids excited and make the most out of... more

Loneliness And Older People: How To Help Your Neighbour

A watchful eye and a little time can help alleviate the effects of loneliness in older neighbours. In the UK, over 1 million older people admit to always or often feeling lonely, and almost half of those aged 65+ say that television or pets are their main source of company... more

Putting Children’s Wardrobes On Autumn Mode

How to sustainably clear out the summer wardrobe.            As autumn sets in, the summer dresses and t-shirts must make way in the children’s wardrobes for the bulky jumpers and woolly tights. To keep everything orderly and to stop the cabinets from overflowing, clear out items that are no longer... more

Developing Your Child’s Love For Music Early On

Introducing children to the wonderful work of music making. Sports, dancing and drama are some of the most popular hobbies for children in their free time. Oftentimes, music appears further down on the list. This is largely because many children don’t have the opportunity to come into regular contact with... more

Travel The World As A Granny Au Pair

Becoming a granny au pair is the perfect way for single, fun-loving seniors to stay working and travel abroad. When we think of an au pair, it is usually a young person who has just finished school that first springs to mind. Many of them want to travel abroad to... more

How Do I Find An Au Pair?

So, you have decided to hire an au pair. Here is how you go about finding one. There are many good reasons to hire an au pair: If you have a busy professional life and no relatives nearby to help out with childcare every now and then, an au pair... more

Childcare Options: Hiring An Au Pair

Are you thinking about hiring an au pair? Here is an overview for potential host families. Particularly in the summer months when schools are closed, parents again and again find themselves with childcare difficulties. One option for long-term childcare is hiring an au pair. Looking for an au pair? Connect... more