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Nursing Case: When An Elderly Loved One Suddenly Needs Care

by freelance writer Riley Herder   As parents age, it is challenging to know how to best prepare for the changes that come later in their lives. Challenging may not be the right word. It can be uncomfortable and even unpleasant. Still, planning ahead is wise. You can pay watchful... more

Pool Safety For Kids

How to keep your kids safe at the pool this summer. >> Yearning for some relaxation? Find childcare here.   Fun summer memories are often filled with days swimming in pools, but those long, lazy days mean parents should ramp up their vigilance about pool safety for kids. In one split... more

Adding A Family Pool? 4 Things To Consider

by freelance writer Riley Herder   During these times of prolonged social distancing, and with summer right around the corner, many families are considering putting in a (new) pool. If you have been hoping to do the same, there are a few things to look at before taking that step... more

How To Set Up An Aquarium

by freelance writer Riley Herder   Keeping a tank full of beautiful fish can be a great decorative focal point, as well as a wonderful way to reduce stress in your home. And while all types of fish require at least a small bit of work to care for, they... more

10 Ways To Make Your Child’s Birthday Special During Corona Crisis

by freelance writer Riley Herder   Having the stuck-at-home blues shouldn’t have to wreck birthdays. On the contrary, in a time in which children are experiencing higher anxiety rates than normal due to the coronavirus, going the extra mile to make your child’s birthday special is one of the best... more

Mastering The Transition Into Retirement

by freelance writer Riley Herder   Basketball legend Abe Lemons once quipped: “The trouble with retirement is you never get a day off.” If you plan for retirement accordingly, and understand what to expect, this can be really good news. Retirement is a time met with all kinds of... more

Success Tips For Tutoring Online

by freelance writer Riley Herder   Like many areas of work, tutoring sessions are being shifted online temporarily due to COVID-19 and regional social distancing guidelines. For most, this is an adjustment, and it may take longer for some to adjust than others. But thanks to modern technology, it has... more

Strategies To Help Seniors Fight Loneliness During Pandemic

by freelance writer Riley Herder   John Prine was only 24 when he penned the iconic American folk song “Hello in There.” As a young man with a bright future, he could have written about anything. But his breakout single was instead a public service reminder to look after... more