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Tricks To Get Kids To Do Yard Work

Caring for your yard is a year-round process. Use these tips to turn your kids into willing helpers! As adults, we understand that yard work is a necessary (and frequently unpleasant) chore associated with home ownership. But to children, it can be a fun adventure. The challenge is to keep... more

5 Tips To Ensure Health And Safety In Care Homes

When we think of health and safety in care homes, many of us will think of the wellbeing of the residents. Although they are home to many lovely people, care homes are also a place of work. It’s important that care homes are pleasant places that respect the freedom and... more

Sue Atkin’s Practical Financial Tips For Growing Your Family

Five tips to free up some money for your family planning. Almost half of the British parents stated they are or were concerned about their finances when considering growing their family. Parenting expert Sue Atkins shares her tips on how to welcome another child into the family without worrying about... more

Sue Atkin's Top Tips For Parents Going From Two To Three Children

Adding a third child to the family may require some considerations in advance. Welcoming a third child will certainly require adjustment from the whole family. Leading parenting expert, Sue Atkins, shares her tips on how to harmoniously welcome a third child into the family. 1. Planning is key Having one... more

5 Diy Dog Training Tips

Expert advice on training your pooch yourself. You took one look at those big brown eyes, floppy ears and wagging tail, and it was love at first sight. Dogs are a constant source of companionship and fun, but bringing one into your home is a life-long responsibility. If they aren... more

10 Tips For Getting Kids To Pay Attention

Help your child learn to focus, follow directions, and complete tasks. An inattentive child is a frustration all parents have dealt with. Continually having to repeat directions can be exasperating and hinder a child's progress in school. According to a study conducted by Meghan McClelland, an associate professor at Oregon State... more

5 Healthy Desserts For Kids That They're Sure To Love

Serving kids dessert doesn't have to be a guilt-laden experience. These healthy desserts for kids serve up all the sweetness of other treats without all the guilt. Kids love dessert and, truth be told, most parents and caregivers do, too. But if dessert has become a regular part of your... more

How To Hire A Sitter For New Year's Eve

Heading to a New Year's Eve party? Use these tips to book a babysitter for your kids. The year is almost over and you're ready to celebrate with your partner and friends. But ...what to do with the kids? You've brought them to parties in the past... more