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Fun Easter Games For Kids

Creative game ideas for children over the holidays. While there is no doubt that the Sunday Easter Egg Hunt is the main event, there are plenty of other exciting games that your children can play while counting down to the big day. Here are 5 games to keep the whole... more

Want A Pet And A Clean Home? We Rate The Cleanest Pets

According to psychologist Herbert Nieburg, author of Pet Loss: A Thoughtful Guide for Adults and Children, "pet ownership is good for your health both physically and psychologically." Searching for a pet carer? Find one in your area now.  However, many people shy away from having pets because of the... more

Getting Fit In Spring

What you need to think about when exercising outdoors after the winter.  At long last, spring is here! Before you wipe the dust from your sneakers and head outdoors to shake the last of the winter off , there are just a few things to think about:     1. Getting outside ... more

Natural Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home

Sustainable tips for protecting your home and yourself from insects during warm weather.  Springtime has arrived which means it is time to open the windows and let the fresh air blow through your home, vanquishing the last vestiges of winter. But as we open our homes to the outside, what we do not want... more

Questions To Ask In An Au Pair Interview

Ask the right questions to find the best au pair for your family.  An au pair will be taking care of your children and spending a lot of time with your family so it is important that you get the best match possible. One of the most important aspects... more

The Dog Diet: How To Keep Weight Off Your Dog

Is your dog walking with a little too much waddle? Reduce your dog’s excess weight in a controlled manner. All dog owners know how it feels to have your furry companion look up at you with their big eyes and feel your resolve crumble. Usually this ends with a treat and a belly rub. Unfortunately... more

Online Scams: What Carers Need To Know

While the internet makes it easier than ever to find your ideal care job, it also leaves the door wide open for online scammers to fraud you out of money. The key to protecting yourself against online fraud is understanding the warning signs and knowing what to do when you... more

Lenny The Dementia-Friendly Barber

Lenny White is the UK’s first mobile dementia-friendly barber. With his pop-up barber shop, jukebox playing 1950s hits and old-fashioned shaves, it is no wonder that his venture has proved such a success with men with dementia in the UK. Dementia is a term that refers to a range of... more