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The Au Pair Contract: Why You Need It And What It Should Say

Everything host families need to know about creating an au pair contract. One way to ensure that the au pair experience will be a success is for both the host family and the au pair to know exactly what they are letting themselves in for. An au pair contract is the best way to do this.   Before your au... more

What Do Parents Really Think About Valentine’s Day?

To stay in or go out, that is the question for parents come Valentine’s Day. While the thought of having a romantic evening just the two of you is nothing short of wonderful, sometimes the practical side of life gets in the way. As questions such as can we find a... more

How You Can Make This A Valentine’s Day To Remember With

Are you looking to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day? Look no further as is giving you the chance to win the luxurious Ritual of Dao Calming Ceremony giftset from Rituals. **CLICK HERE TO ENTER RAFFLE** Photo Source: © 2019 We all have different ideas of the... more

The Best Cities In The Uk To Celebrate Your Love

Love is in the air! has analysed which cities in the UK provide the best opportunities for a romantic date. From gazing into each other’s eyes across a checkered tablecloth to lying wistfully under sundrenched trees, each of us have our own idea of romantic bliss. But we... more

7 Ideas For Valentine’s Day With Your Elderly Loved Ones

Great ideas for the elderly loved ones in your life on Valentine’s Day. There is perhaps no more fulfilling and worthwhile way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by spending it with an elderly loved one in your life.   If you have an aging parent, grandparent or neighbour who would... more

A Parent’s Guide To Flexible Working

What is flexible working and does it really help? From working parents juggling the school runs to millennials no longer willing to adhere to a 9-5 life, there are many reasons that flexibility has become a desired component of the workplace. Here is a quick guide to the ups and... more

What You Need To Know About Retiring Abroad

Are you thinking about retiring abroad? Here is what you need to consider before you go. Retiring to sunnier shores has long since been only a dream and is instead a reality for many. It is not only the allure of sunshine that draws retirees abroad and into an exciting new phase of life: The cost of... more

8 Steps To A Clean Home In A Snap

When you think about cleaning your house, does that mean putting away dirty clothes and dishes or undertaking a deep scrub? If it is the former, then you are not alone. Most people don't give their home a deep clean nearly as often as they should. Why is that? Well... more