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6 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Day Care

You’ve done the painstaking work of finding a great day care and hope your child will love their caregivers and thrive in their new environment. In the majority of cases, that’s what will happen. But occasionally, parents may realize that the situation isn’t, in fact, working out and may find... more

7 Tips To Find The Best Day Care For Your Child

When searching for a day care for your child, there are so many options. A quick Google search in most cities yields hundreds of different results, including day care centers, in-home or family day cares, co-ops and preschools. The day care you choose will ultimately depend on a number of... more

The Right Way To Test Out A New Babysitter

So you’ve found a sitter who looks great on paper and aced your interview questions. Now the big question: How will they interact with your children?   One of the best ways to see how a new babysitter will handle your children — and how your children will respond to... more

The First-Day Checklist For When You Have A First-Time Babysitter

For most parents, your children’s needs are second nature. You know exactly what color cup your toddler likes to use when drinking milk and that your 8-year-old still likes to sleep with a light on. But when you invite a new caregiver into your home, they of course aren’t going... more

How To Check Babysitter References Like A Pro

When you’re hiring a new babysitter and you feel like you’ve found someone who’d be great with your kids, it’s tempting to jump right in and let them get started. But, as with any hiring process, asking for references — and actually checking those references — is vital to being... more

9 Simple Tech Hacks Real Parents Say They Can’t Live Without

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, at least that’s what the talking heads in Silicon Valley keep telling us. But, as a 31-year-old mother of two who can barely use Snapchat, I keep wondering, how? Sure, I love that I can order food in a matter of minutes... more

4 Questions To Help You Find A Babysitter You Love

When you start searching for a babysitter, the first thing you might notice is that there are so many qualified babysitters out there who could be a potential fit for your family. So, how do you begin to narrow down your options? Once you’ve crafted the perfect babysitter listing or... more

First 90 Days Of Day Care: How To Know If A New Center Is Right For Your Child

The process of getting your child started in a great day care doesn’t automatically end once they’re enrolled. Like most humans, children aren’t huge fans of change, and that means there will be an adjustment period while they’re getting used to their new routine. During the first few weeks and... more