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Is It Ever Ok To Admit You Have A Favorite Child?

When it comes to parenting multiple kids, there’s one rule most parents try to stick to: Don’t play favorites. Despite parents’ best efforts to always be fair and to love all of their children in the exact same way, it’s actually not that uncommon for moms and dads to have... more

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Real And These Women’s Stories Prove It

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life, but it’s also a time when people start treating them completely differently. Suddenly there’s unwanted belly rubbing, unsolicited advice, and, for pregnant women in the workplace, the insidious reality of pregnancy discrimination. Senator Elizabeth Warren started a much-needed conversation about pregnancy... more

More Parents Are Saying ‘no’ To Homework And Teachers Might Agree

It’s hard to know who dreads homework more: kids or their parents. After a long day, so many families come home to a stack of worksheets and reading assignments they think are important to helping children become better students, but is that really the case? Recently, parents and teachers alike... more

Is Climate Change A Reason To Stop Having Kids?

When you’re a parent, worrying about your children is a full-time job. But in an age of political tumult and the impending threat of climate change, it seems people are feeling more worried than ever before. For parents and would-be parents, there’s genuine fear about what the future holds for... more

Parents Refuse To Reveal Baby’s Sex In Order To Avoid Gender Stereotypes

Gender-neutral parenting has become a much bigger trend in recent years. Major retailers have started emphasizing gender-neutral kids’ clothing and gender-neutral toys. Even the creator of gender reveal parties has gone public with her regrets about her invention and her wish for parents to give less attention to their baby’s... more

More Parents Are Bringing Babies To Work. Here's Why!

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day typically falls on April 23, but for some parents, it’s actually every day. A growing number of moms and dads are showing up to work with their babies in tow to push for changes in workplace policies and highlight the difficulties of... more