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Home For The Holidays: Tips For Evaluating Your Parents' Well-Being

Over Thanksgiving, Eliza Kendall visited her parents at her childhood home in Darien, Connecticut. They had both lost weight since she last saw them, her mother most noticeably. And when Kendall looked inside their oven, she found an uneaten pizza. "Reality hits you right in the face when you go... more

In-Home Care: What Are Your Options?

Joel J., of Berkeley, CA, started thinking about home care for his mother-in-law after she totaled her car five years ago. “We knew she had been declining, but that was the wake-up call that she needed more help,” he says. This is a common scenario, says Nicole Rochester, MD... more

How To Become A Home Health Nurse: Training, Pay And Job Outlook

Theresa Maja-Schultz, RN, has worked in some of the most prestigious, high-tech hospitals in New York. But her most fulfilling moments as a nurse have involved sitting by a patient’s bedside, helping them get the care that they need in the most comfortable and cozy of all settings: their own... more

Behavioral Challenges With Alzheimer’s: Tips For Caregivers

Over time, changes in the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia can lead to more and more puzzling and disturbing behaviors. As memory and cognition decline, the simplest tasks can take enormous effort, leading to frustration and emotional outbursts (what the authors of The 36-Hour Day call “catastrophic reactions”), aggressive behavior, accusations... more

What To Do If Your Senior Care Aide Isn’t The Right Fit

When you hire a caregiver for your senior relative, you always hope for the best. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Alex S. hired two caregivers to stay with his elderly father, who can’t drive anymore and was having an increasingly difficult time getting around his two-bedroom... more