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Marisa Cohen is an award-winning freelance writer in New York.

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5 Self-Care Tips For Alzheimer’s And Dementia Caregivers On The Brink Of Burnout

Caregiving for a family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a full-time commitment. Even if you’re not living with your loved one full time, you may worry constantly and be on edge every time the phone rings. You might feel guilty about time spent away or taking care of yourself, and you may feel... more

Caring For Someone With Alzheimer’s: 3 Tips For Family Caregivers

When you find yourself taking care of a parent, sibling or a spouse who has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, it can seem as if your world has turned upside down. The mom who used to drive you to dance class and give you advice on taking out your first mortgage... more

Caregiving During The Mid-To-Late Stages Of Alzheimer’s And Dementia

The middle stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia can be the most challenging time for a caregiver—your loved one is losing more and more memory and cognitive function, which can lead to some challenging behaviors, yet may still be aware enough to be depressed and angry about his or her condition. In the earlier stages... more

5 Common Issues With In-Home Caregivers And How To Tactfully Address Them

A great in-home caregiver is worth her weight in gold. She can help a senior with cognitive or physical challenges age in place in the home he or she loves, rather than moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility. She provides companionship for her client and peace of... more

6 Simple Ways To Make A Home Safe For Seniors To Age In

Enjoying post-retirement in the home you raised your children in — or in the comfy condo you bought when the kids flew the coop — is the dream for many seniors. But age brings physical and cognitive changes that can make staying at home a challenge: Eyesight falters, mobility becomes... more

Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care: 6 Options That'll Work For Any Family

Experts agree that choosing the right Alzheimer's or dementia caregiver or facility can be tricky for families, as it’s easy to get swayed by the cheerful décor of the building or promises made by a sales manager. But the less glamorous touches, such as the training level of the staff, the... more

How To Talk Through Plans With A Loved One Who's Been Diagnosed With Alzheimer's Or Dementia

There are so many decisions that need to be made as your family member progresses through the different stages of dementia. Do they want to stay at home as long as possible with live-in care, or move to assisted living or a nursing facility? Who should be in charge of finances... more

When Seniors Put Down The Car Keys: 5 Alternative Transportation Options For Elders

My mom was always a great driver — as far as I know, she never got a single traffic ticket in her six decades behind the wheel. But when she started getting lost on the familiar route to her hair salon, we knew it was time to take away the... more