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Life With A Baby: 5 Tips On How To Cope With Competing Priorities

Here are 5 tips from real-life moms and dads on how to manage your work, family and personal responsibilities.     Life with a baby has its challenges, but all you need is a little coordination, communication and dedication to tackle them head-on. When you're trying to cope with... more

Military Dogs: Soldiers, Heroes And Trusted Companions

Here are the inspiring stories of two real-life canine heroes.Military dogs are unsung heroes who protect and serve alongside the brave men and women in the armed forces. From going through basic training to serving veterans who are home from combat, these amazing canines do their part without question... more

7 Pet Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow You Away

Love new uses for old things? Love a good cleaning hack? Check out these ways to clean up after your pet and prevent potential messes from darkening your doorstep in the first place.     If you're a pet owner, there's a good chance you've gone into... more

It Takes A Village: 15 Parenting Quotes To Live By

If you're a parent, you know it takes more than just a village to raise a child. Learn from the wisdom of other moms and dads and have a laugh or two along the way.We all feel like the worst parent on the playground sometimes, but good advice... more

The First Day Of Daycare: Parents Share Their Stories

Funny or sad, heartwarming or heartbreaking, read on for stories of the first time parents left their little ones at daycare. The first day of daycare is tough, but is it harder on the parents or the kids? Some teachers swear that the drama is just for the parents' benefit... more

21 Pouting Dogs Who Hate Their Outfits: Is Your Pouting Dog One Of Them?

Dog costumes can be cute, funny or clever -- but they can also be an epic fail. Check out these 21 pouting dogs who are not on the same page as their humans.It's become very trendy to put your little buddy in canine-sized versions of human clothes, but there... more

Science Experiments At Home: 14 Mythbuster Activities You Can Do With Your Kids!

Helping kids find out what makes things tick can be one of the most fun parts of parenting. So the next time your child starts a conversation with "Did you ever wonder how ... ," it could be an opportunity for you to introduce the scientific method -- and get your hands dirty... more

Teen Social Issues: How To Help Without Hovering

How to be a compass for teens as they navigate the tricky waters of friendship.If you have a teen, you know the social scene is sometimes rocky. But teen social issues are nothing new. Maybe you passed notes in chemistry while today's teens use social media to check... more