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101 outdoor activities and games for kids

When the weather's decent, getting kids outdoors is always a good idea. This extra-long list of outdoor activities for kids is a great place to start.

101 outdoor activities and games for kids

It’s important for kids to get outside and play. First of all, it’s fun. But it’s also good for them. Len Saunders, a children’s health, fitness and wellness specialist and author of “Keeping Kids Fit,” explains that children have become sedentary because technology has overtaken physical activity. “Getting children into the habit of playing outside at a young age is important to their growth and development.”

There are actually many more health benefits to playing outside. Besides just getting kids up and moving, playing outdoors also helps them get fresh air, sunlight and much-needed Vitamin D. It can also reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes and stress, says Denise Fields, author of “Baby 411” and “Toddler 411.”

So if you’re ready to get kids outside, try these 101 outdoor activities for kids to keep them active and having fun.


1. Play a sport such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football or hockey.

2. Kayak or canoe on a lake or river.

3. Go for a run/jog together.

4. Play golf or go to the driving range.

5. Go to the batting cages.

6. Play kickball.

7. Ride your bike.

8. Play ultimate Frisbee.

9. Play volleyball.

10. Play catch.

11. Do yoga.

12. Set up circuit training.

13. Play tennis.

Backyard games

14. Play Frisbee.

15. Jump on a trampoline.

16. Set up relay races.

17. Play hacky sack.

18. Play cricket.

19. Build a fort.

20. Barbecue lunch or dinner with burgers, hot dogs and s’mores.

21. Set up lawn games like bocce ball, croquet, horseshoes, corn hole and ladder ball.

Water and beach activities

22. Swim.

23. Go white water rafting.

24. Snorkel.

25. Surf.

26. Visit a water park.

27. Have a water balloon fight.

28. Go puddle jumping.

29. Play pool games like Marco Polo and water tag.

30. Build a sandcastle.

31. Set up a slip and slide.

32. Go boogie boarding.

33. Search for seashells.

Winter activities

34. Ice skate.

35. Make snow angels.

36. Ski or snowboard.

37. Cross country ski.

38. Have a snowball fight.

39. Build a snowman.

40. Go sledding.

Playground games

41. Play tag.

42. Play jungle gym games like sandman and gravel.

43. Play hide and seek.

44. Play cops and robbers.

45. Jump rope.

46. Play hopscotch.

47. Play four square.

48. Play basketball games like horse and around the world.

49. Play wall ball.

50. Play capture the flag.

51. Play duck duck goose.

52. Play on the jungle gym like on the swings, slide and monkey bars.

53. Use a hula hoop.

54. Play marbles or jacks.

55. Race toy cars or balls.

Outdoor crafts

56. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

57. Blow bubbles (use different-shaped wands to make fun shapes).

58. Make a piñata and break it open.

59. Create and have the kids do an outdoor scavenger hunt.

60. Paint rocks.

61. Make bird feeders.

62. Tie-dye T-shirts.

63. Make your own craft using flowers, leaves, twigs, pebbles and other things found in nature.

Extreme outdoor activities and sports

64. Go rock climbing.

65. Do archery.

66. Go to a shooting range.

67. Go horseback riding.

68. Go ziplining.

69. Rollerblade or skateboard.

70. Make an obstacle course.

71. Go paintballing.

Outdoor activities with animals

72. Go to the zoo.

73. Take your dog for a walk.

74. Go to the dog park.

75. Go bird-watching.

76. Catch fireflies.

77. Hunt for bugs.

Outdoor activities with plants

78. Make a garden.

79. Pick flowers.

80. Pick fruit in an orchard or garden.

81. Go to a local nursery or botanical garden.

82. Make a compost.

Other outdoor activities

83. Have a picnic.

84. Go camping.

85. Gaze at the stars.

86. Go hiking.

87. Climb trees.

88. Play in the mud.

89. Dig a hole.

90. Make a sundial.

91. Use a slingshot.

92. Set up a lemonade stand.

93. Make bottle rockets.

94. Jump in a bouncy house.

95. Go sightseeing.

96. Go miniature golfing.

97. Dance.

98. Bob for apples.

99. Make a bonfire.

100. Sing campfire songs.

101. Make up a new game, and share it with friends.

Sara Parker is an editor and writer who is passionate about the written word. She loves to read, write, travel and try new things.