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17 nature crafts for kids that are pretty much free

If you have access to the outdoors, you have access to these nature crafts for kids. From painted rocks to twig crafts, have a fun, earthy time making these simple nature art projects.

17 nature crafts for kids that are pretty much free

Good crafternoon. Whether you’re a parent, sitter, or — let’s be honest — even if you don’t have kids, there’s no denying that an immersive crafting session is just good for the soul. And when you’re a parent or child care provider, such a session is even better when it costs next to nothing, results in relatively little mess and involves spending time in nature. That’s right, we’re talking about nature crafts. 

If you’ve got access to the outdoors, you’ve got access to these sweet nature crafts for kids. From rock crafts to twig crafts — and everything in between! — you’re sure to have a fun, earthy time with these simple nature art projects. 

Nature crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

1. Nature walk picture frame

This nature walk picture frame makes a cool nature crafts for kids.
Image via Somewhat Simple

This nature walk picture frame from Somewhat Simple (via I Watch Them Grow) is double cuteness! Not only will you get a kick out of seeing what treasures little ones will choose to glue on their frame, but you get to put a snapshot of a cute kid in it afterwards!

2. DIY modeling dough with flowers

This DIY modeling dough with flowers makes a cool nature crafts for kids.
Image via Kayla Yap/Instagram

Talk about a pretty flower nature craft! Kayla Yap created this cute scene by making her own modeling dough and having her little one add flowers, sticks and leaves.  

3. Pine cone bird feeders

This pine cone bird feeder makes a cool nature crafts for kids.
Image via Kid Friendly Things to Do

There’s a reason pine cone bird feeders are a timeless toddler craft — they’re so simple to make! This pine cone bird feeder from Kid Friendly Things to Do is as straightforward as it gets. 

4. Petal cloud

This DIY petal cloud craft makes a cool nature crafts for kids.
Image via Unlocking Fun/Instagram

What to do with all those pretty flower petals on the ground? Try this pretty petal cloud from Unlocking Fun. If you’ve got a cardboard box and some twine in the house, you’ve got everything you need for this nature craft. 

5. Dried petal caterpillar

Image via Heron and the Owls/Instagram

This dried petal caterpillar from Heron and the Owls may not turn into a butterfly, but she’s pretty darn lovable nonetheless. 

6. Nature bunny ears

Image via I’m the Simon/Instagram

Somebunny’s crafting. These cute nature bunny ears from I’m the Simon are made almost completely with things found in nature. And a bonus: Kids get to work on their fine motor skills.

7. Ladybug rocks

Image via Coffee Cups and Crayons

Oh, rock crafts. How we love thee! These cute ladybug rocks from Coffee Cups and Crayons are perfect for preschoolers — easy to make with a satisfying end result. 

8. Nature wreath

Image via Fun at Home With Kids

Not only is this nature wreath from Fun at Home With Kids shockingly easy to make, but as you can see, it’s shockingly pretty, too!

9. Nature wings

Image via Not Just a Mum/Instagram

Absolutely gorgeous. These nature wings from Not Just a Mum aren’t nearly as hard to create as they may look. Perfect for any wild child!

10. Nature sun catcher wind chimes

Image via Hands on as We Grow

Made from things found in nature and a few items typically found in most homes, these nature sun catcher wind chimes from Hands On as We Grow can be whipped up pretty quickly, with a lovely result. 

Nature crafts for older kids 

11. Petal person

These flower petal person project makes a cool nature craft for kids.
Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

Inspired by Face the Foliage, last spring my kids and I created a few petal people. And mermaids, of course. 

12. Feel-good message painted rocks

Image via Plaid

These painted rocks with feel-good messages from Plaid are great for older kids. A little patience is required, but the results are beautiful. 

13. Stick heart

Image via Mariesa Herbert/Instagram

For older kids (or adults) looking to get in touch with both their crafty side and nature, this stick heart from Mariesa Herbert definitely fits the bill. Love the ombré paint job!

14. Fairy furniture

Image via First Star to the Right/Instagram

For those who are feeling seriously crafty, this little set of fairy furniture from First Star to the Right is crafted from twigs. Talk about impressive!

15. Seashell sheep

Image via Anna Chan/Instagram

Now this is a work of art! Whether you want to make this seashell sheep from Anna Chan on the sand or affix it to a piece of paper, the results are equally incredible. 

16. Daisy-painted rocks

Image via Crafts by Amanda

A little more involved than your average painted rocks, these daisy painted rocks from Crafts by Amanda (via Sustain My Craft Habit) are seriously cute and would add a nice pop of color to any garden. 

17. Leaf-imprinted clay bowls

Image via The Muse in the Mirror/Instagram

It doesn’t get much prettier than these leaf-imprinted clay bowls from The Muse in the Mirror. A fun craft that results in an incredible gift.