20 summer crafts to keep kids busy

March 6, 2020
20 summer crafts to keep kids busy
Image via redtedart/Instagram

Summer is usually a kid’s favorite time of year, but it’s also challenging for parents, nannies and babysitters looking for fun activities for them. The good news is there are a ton of easy summer crafts for kids, preschoolers and toddlers that are sure to provide hours of entertainment and learning.

Here are our 20 favorite kid-friendly craft ideas that are inexpensive, great for all age groups and perfect to do indoors or out in the summer sun!

1. Clay shell impressions

Image via therainbowtreeblog/Instagram

Turn air-dried impressions of shells in clay into a decorative wall hanging with this craft from the Rainbow Tree.

2. Construction paper octopus

Image via core4ot/Instagram

Find some googly eyes and construction paper to make Core 4 OT’s super cute octopus.

3. Ice painting

Image via imagoodmomiswear/Instagram

You don’t need much to have a good time with ice painting, according to I’m a Good Mom I Swear.

4. Summer tic-tac-toe

Image via rosesandwhiskers/Instagram

Making this craft from Roses & Whiskers is only half the fun. Your artwork becomes a summertime game to play again and again!

5. Cardboard fish

Image via nekanetta/Instagram

“Confiscate the Nintendos and turn the TV off,” says Nekane Sebastia in her easy steps to creating these colorful cardboard fish.

6. Paper plate apples

Image via craftandboogie/Instagram

Kids of any age can craft this easy-to-make paper plate apple from the Craft + Boogie Collective.

7. Ice cream cone craft

Image via piggiesteps_art_studio/Instagram

PiggieSteps Art Studio offers videos for their crafts, including this one for an ice cream cone with pull-string pompoms. 

8. Popsicle banner

Image via _wood_home_adventures_/Instagram

Get some markers, paper, popsicle sticks and string to make this refreshing popsicle banner by _wood_home_adventures.

9. Paper plate sun

Image via aleishas_family_day_care/Instagram

You can’t go wrong with paper plate crafts, like this one of a bright sunshine from aleishas_family_day_care.

10. Salt painting

Image via lilcraftergroup/Instagram

Salt painting is a classic activity for all ages and all seasons. Give it a summertime twist with bright colors and designs, like these from lilcraftergroup.

11. Tape and spray paint art

Image via kristens.korner/Instagram

This is super fun and super easy craft is definitely an outdoor activity for summertime! Kristens.korner uses some Scotch tape to outline her kids’ names, and then lets them get creative with paint in spray bottles before removing the tape and admiring their work. 

12. Marker shoe craft

Image via kellymwynns/Instagram

Get some plain, white shoes for this colorful craft. Kellymwynns uses Sharpies and rubbing alcohol to create tie-dye-like designs.

13. Rock painting

Image via rockfun503/Instagram

Rock painting is a favorite past-time and so easy to find materials; just look in your back yard! These rocks from rockfun503 include feel-good messages, but you can paint yours however you’d like for summer. 

14. Pipe cleaner flamingos

Image via artsycraftsymom/Instagram

You’ll only need a few materials to make these lovely pink pipe cleaner flamingos from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

15. Egg carton wreath

Image via kids_korner/Instagram

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Set a great example with your kids by finding a way to up-cycle empty egg cartons with this bright summertime flower wreath by kids_korner.

16. Tree bark canvas

Image via learncraftgrow/Instagram

This craft from learncraftgow uses eucalyptus bark, but many trees or even driftwood found on the beach can provide a beautiful canvas for summer artwork.

17. Butterfly paper folding

Image via redtedart/Instagram

The end result of these folded paper butterflies is really pretty and easy to hang as summery décor. Get full instructions from Red Ted Art.

18. Pompom dragonfly

Image via cratopolisng/Instagram

Who doesn’t love googly eye crafts? Make this easy dragonfly with kids of any age, by craftopolisng.

19. Construction paper turtles

Image via everydayadventuresarefun/Instagram

Construction paper crafts are a great go-to for hot, indoor summer days. Try these cute turtles by everydayadventuresarefun.

20. Tea light fireflies

Image via raisingalegacy/Instagram

Raisingalegacy uses pipe cleaners, googly eyes and plastic eggs to create these cute bug crafts. If you’re making a firefly, add a mini Solo cup to the bottom, complete with battery-operated tea lights to make them glow like the real thing!

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