Third Grade Tutoring Jobs

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3rd Grade Tutoring

Part Time $20 – 35/hr Starts 10/14 Spring, TX
For my son reading & writing

Looking For 3rd Grade Math Tutor

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/03 Blue Springs, MO
My 3rd grade son needs help with multiplication and division a couple times a week.

3rd Grade Tutor

Part Time $10 – 21/hr Starts 10/07 Dallas, TX
In home tutor needed for my 3rd grade son. Monday's and Thursday from 4:30-5:30 in the north Dallas

3rd Grade And Preschool

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/01 Fort Lauderdale, FL
We are looking for a tutor to come to our home twice a week for 2 hours to work with our 8-year-old with her 3rd grade home schooling and our 4-year-old with his preschool. Please contact me if you are Interested in the position. Thanks

Elementary Level Tutoring (2nd & 3rd Grade)

Part Time $20 – 40/hr Starts 10/25 Redlands, CA
Must be able to guide and help our children through their homework assignments and teach strategies for both English and math.

Odenton - Looking For A Tutor For A 6th Grader And On Occasion, A 3rd Grader.

Part Time $11 – 16/hr Starts 10/09 Odenton, MD
Odenton family needs a part-time tutor for 6th grader and on occasion, a 3rd grader. 6th grade and 3rd grade school work is pretty basic and not rocket science thus I'm looking for someone flexible to help with a variety of subjects depending on the help needed at the time.

Teacher/Tutor For My 3rd Grade Daughter In Inglewood

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/15 Inglewood, CA
Home-schooled 3rd grader needs a Teacher/Tutor for the school year for 2- 3 hours per day (based on the time needed) on Tuesday through Thursday. Start time is flexible each day from 10-12 p.m. / 11-1 p.m. or 12-2 p.m. (Your choice with time). All lessons are completed online. (Language Art, English, Math, Social Studies, Science, occasional projects.)

Looking For A 3rd Grade Reading/Math Tutor!

Part Time $10 – 10/hr Starts 10/07 Shalimar, FL
Hello! We are looking for a tutor for our 3rd grader. We are hoping to help him improve his grades. Specifically, reading comprehension/retention in Reading, which will in turn help him read math questions properly in order to answer all questions and understand what is being asked of him. He suffers from ADHD with a learning disability in math. We are interested in finding someone who is experienced with ADHD. He is very very intelligent and gets concepts quickly when he is provided with a one on one environment, but when taking tests on areas he knows, he makes simple, careless mistakes that largely affect his grades. We are hoping to find outside help that will bridge the gap between his home performance and his school performance.

3rd Grade Tutor - HELP : )

Part Time $15 – 30/hr Starts 10/18 Brandywine, MD
Are you an energetic, highly skilled tutor that can help us make learning fun and exciting?! ... if so, HELP! : ) We are seeking 1-on-1, in-home tutoring support for our 3rd grader. The specific areas of need include but are not limited to: math, reading, penmanship and MAP test preparation. We are looking for a patient and experienced tutor to provide strategies/tools that will promote improved grades, organization and better overall independent work habits. Insight is welcomed however, sessions will likely include a review of HW, classwork, tests as well as HW/project assistance. Due to extra curricular commitments, ideal days are Tues, Thurs and Fri evenings as well as varying times on Sat & Sun ( but we are flexible!) Approx. 6 hours per week spread b/w available days is ideal to start.

Looking For An English, Math, Spanish Language Tutor/Caregiver For 3rd Grader In Los Angeles.

Part Time $16 – 20/hr Starts 10/15 Los Angeles, CA
Hello, We have an energetic, funny, imaginative son who attends school where he is expected to learn all subjects in English and Spanish. 3rd Grade has posed a challenge for him with greater demands on his attention span and higher expectations on understanding main ideas, supporting facts, and demonstrating work. We are looking for someone who has completed at least 2 years of college, with a minimum 2. 75 GPA, has experience working with children either at home or in work experience, is willing to pick up our son from after school care to our home, and tutor in both English and Spanish for all school subjects Monday through Thursday. Prefer for tutor to be proficient in Spanish lanuguage, but not required if tutor in all other respects and willing to help translate with Spanish/English dictionary.