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Hello! My name is Michiko and I have been a nanny for 12 years now. Until last April, I had been taking care of two children on a full-time basis. But...

Hello! My name is Michiko and I have been a nanny for 12 years now. Until last April, I had been taking care of two children on a full-time basis. But after 4. 5 spectacular years together, with their extended summer vacation plans and preschool on the horizon, we very sadly had to part ways. Thus, I am now looking for a full-time nanny position starting as early as 11/01/21. Being the oldest of four, caring for my younger siblings became a lifestyle that involved responsibility from early on, but one that I enjoyed. Perhaps it is because of this, clients tell me that being a nanny is my calling. What distinguishes me from others is that I can teach both English/Japanese through daily activities. I am an energetic and happy person, because any child can bring that out in me. I am mindful of teaching children on how to be good respectful people, so I do not shy away from talking to them on their eye level if necessary. My references are waiting to talk to you! Thank You


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    Swimming supervision

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    Aaron C.

    Aug 23rd, 2015

    Michiko has cared for our son in a share care with two separate children for over two years now and I can say without reservation that she is a shining star to us and pretty much everyone she meets. She is a wonderful companion, entertainer, teacher, caregiver and protector for our son. Under Michiko's care our son and his share friends have blossomed. They were all early speakers, and Michiko seems to be able to find exactly what each child enjoys most and engages them with it. Finger painting, coloring, singing, dancing, hiking, play acting, running about, looking at construction machines, whatever it is Michiko can make a game or a song out of it. When we return home from our jobs we are greeted with stories of each day's adventures. Waving to and chatting with the garbage man. Sitting in fire trucks or construction equipment. Talking to bus drivers. Meeting with other kids at the playground. Acting as local celebrities at grocery stores and coffee houses. The days are filled with activities and punctuated by moments of calm. Michiko shines in her handling of the kids as they grow and change. Even now as our son has turned from compliant two year old into a stubborn three year old Michiko simply adapts her behavior and discipline to match, deftly avoiding most of the battles that seem to rage on our shift. The best example of this is that Michiko single-handedly identified that our son and his share partner were ready to be potty trained. She said, "I think they're ready, let's try." She trained them both almost by herself in the span of a week. Simply incredible after all of our own fits and starts. As if that were not enough, Michiko has been a real lifesaver for us is in dealing with our son's severe food allergies. In over two years we've had a single accidental exposure to a food he can't tolerate, which is just incredible. When we are in charge he's been exposed four times! Michiko takes his allergies very seriously. She always has his epi pen, she separates the children while they eat and washes their hands and hers after meals. She gives us a peace of mind that I'm sure we'll never have again as we turn to preschools and schools to take care of him in the future. We are head over heels for Michiko and always will be. We're not the only ones. We meet parents and even other nannies all the time on the playgrounds or buses of our neighborhood and even though we've never met them they always say exactly the same thing. "Oh, I know your son from X. His nanny is AMAZING! You are so lucky to have her!" I can't tell you how many times that has happened. Thanks to Michiko, our son has had the very best start in life. We are so lucky. You could be too.

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