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How much does memory care cost in Naples, FL?


As of July 2024, the average starting rate for a memory care in Naples, FL is $21.50 per hour. The weekly cost for a memory care working a 40-hour week in Naples, FL is $860 while the monthly cost is approximately $2,795 for 130 hours of work.

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Data is based on rates reported by service providers listed on Last updated in July 2024.

Here's a comparison of memory care costs in Naples, FL to both state and national rates

The cost of hiring a memory care in Naples, FL is approximately 7% higher than Florida average starting rate of $20.11 per hour and 4% higher than the national average of $20.70.


Starting rate (avg)

Max rate (avg)

Naples, FL






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Naples, FL







Starting rate (avg)

Max rate (avg)

These are the most affordable cities for memory care near Naples, FL

In some cases, nearby cities may offer more affordable memory care services. When evaluating memory care pay rates in Naples, FL and its surrounding areas, it is essential to follow the minimum wage regulations and understand the proper way to pay legally. There are multiple benefits of paying legally that should be considered, such as tax deductions and fostering a professional employment relationship.


Starting rate (avg)

Max rate (avg)

These are the most expensive cities for memory care near Naples, FL

There are several factors that can contribute to higher pay rates for memory care in cities near Naples, FL. Factors such as a higher cost of living, increased demand for memory care services, and a more competitive job market can drive up the average rates. As a result, it's crucial to consider these local factors when comparing memory care rates near Naples, FL.


Starting rate (avg)

Max rate (avg)

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