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Fair care

Raising the voices of caregivers

Caregivers support our families and allow others to go to work, but they often have to battle for respect. Let’s change that. Ten years ago, I helped start the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) because my life has been so profoundly affected by caregivers, beginning when I was just a... more


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How much to charge for pet sitting

I wanted to hear from others on what they charge for their services.  What are your rates for pet sitting? Any other advice? Thank you!


256 answers

What is the meaning/difference of "hands on care" and "companion care"?


8 answers

How do I quit my baby sitting gig on good terms?

I have been sitting for this nice family for a few months now and things are going okay but I just can’t seem to bond with the baby. I’m new to sitting and the child has some serious separation anxiety that has only just now started to subside. I still... more

Nursing homes: Watch out for these 5 hidden costs

One of the biggest considerations when deciding that it’s time for a loved one to go to a nursing home is how much it will cost. Prices vary from state to state and facility to facility, but one thing is for sure: It’s not cheap. The national median cost of... more

What You Need to Know About Care.com Benefits

Here are the seven most important things you should know about our new Care.com Benefits program. Caregivers provide our families and our communities with invaluable services: they care for our children, for our pets, for our seniors and for our homes. These caregivers play integral roles in helping us... more


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I have a message from a person that has been removed from Care.com.

 I've tried to respond, but probably didn't work since she's been removed.  The problem is now it shows me unresponsive and my response percentage is going down and I can't do anything about it.  How do I get this resolved?


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How do you set wages?

At a regular job with a business, they tell the workers what their wages are. However, when you babysit someone, how do you know what to charge if a person doesn't specify what they want to pay? I know how bad it can be if you don't set... more