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Today we are going to talk about baby Diaper Pails to help the entire nursing mum out there find the best one for their infants.

If there is any problem faced by nursing mum, the nasty odor from used or dirty diapers is one of the major ones. Every nursing mum wishes to have a hygienic home and environment for her babies and the entire family. 
If only the truth must be told: Diapers stink!

Nobody, not even the nursing mum likes the funky odor from smelling diaper. Dirty diapers usually smell badly. This depends on what the nursing mum is feeding her child with. 

Like any other nursing mum, I was of the opinion that throwing used diapers in a regular trash can might be okay at first, but I later discovered regular trash doesn’t quite curtail the unpleasant smells, especially as my baby gets older and starts eating solid foods. It can be downright nasty!

There has to be a better way to deal with used diapers, just thinking within myself. A solution has to be sought. After several researches I can across Baby Diaper Pails.

What is Baby Diaper Pail?

According to, “Diaper Pail is a traditional container, holder, unit, receptacle or other specifically designed to contain used diapers, until such a time when the diapers can be dealt with”
A diaper pail is a specially designed product for the disposal used diapers instead of the use of the regular trash can.

Why Diaper Pail?

The debate for the use of Diaper Pail versus none usage of Diaper Pail is always a big one for nursing mums and their families. Some people believe that diaper pails are not necessary while others believe they are non-negotiable for nursing mums.
As a nursing mum, I personally don’t know why any nursing mum will not have a diaper pail at home. Below are my reasons:

Why Every Nursing Mum Should Have Diaper Pail.

•    To eliminate odors
•    It is antibacterial

•    To give a place to put their used diapers
•    Saving the numerous trips to the outside trash bin
•    To provide a more convenient way to dispose their baby’s diapers.
•    Gives room for replacement of liner
•    It is eco-friendly {Not dangerous to health}
•    No twisting required
•    Multi-layered film with a smart seal lid
•    No special refill liner {bag} is needed
•    No special training is needed
•    Also suitable for the disposal of cotton wool and wipes 

Buyers Guide: 

As observed during my research Diaper Pails come with a number of features, below are my personal recommendations, what I think every buyer should look out for when deciding the best Diaper pail for their homes.

• Easy to use: This is the most important factor to look for when choosing or buying a new diaper pail. The diaper pail is easy to use as it does not require any formal or special usage training. I have noticed that the diaper pails function in two different ways 
1.    Some diapers are pushed through a hole and past a clamp-like device.
2.    Some diapers are placed in a hole, and then you move a handle which pushes the diaper down into the pail.

I would recommend the second {2}, as it ensures that the diapers are being compacted down into the pail. With the first 1, this isn’t always true.

• Foot Pedal Aid: This goes along with the fact recommended above; as it makes the diaper pail being clean to use. When handling messy diapers, being able to open the diaper pail with your foot is priceless and makes the job much easier.
 I would recommend spending a little extra money if it makes the difference between having a diaper pail with foot pedal and a diaper pail without foot pedal. 
• Keeps Odor Away: Most diaper pails are good at this; after all it’s one of the main purposes of having a diaper pail in the first place. 
I would recommend something that is made of either stainless steel, metal or any other high quality than hard plastic that won’t absorb odors.
• Inexpensive Liner & easy to change: A lot of diaper pail liners may come at a top class, especially those that are perfumed. Some diaper pails allow you to use regular trash bags while others will demand specialized bags or liners. While this might seem to be great economic option in the beginning, you'll find that diaper pails that allow this are usually not user-friendly.

•  Storage Capacity: This is a very important if you’re the type of nursing mum who doesn’t want to empty the diaper pail every day. Changing the bag within the diaper pail is never going to be a pleasing revel in, and opting for a diaper pail with a huge storage capacity means that it will be capable of deal with pretty some diapers, and a first-class diaper pail will ensure that it doesn’t odor in any respect! 
•  Cost of Ownership: - What is the actual total cost of owning and using the pail. The cost must include the amount to be spent while replacing the diaper bag, over the envisioned life of the product?
•  Easy Disposal of Diaper: - How easy is it to dispose of a used or dirty diaper with one hand, especially when the nursing mum is carrying baby?
• Easy Replacement of Bag: - How easy is it to change a full bag of dirty diapers {getting replacement for the bag} and does the process create nasty vomit inducing odors?
•    Eradication of Odor: - How well does the diaper pail curtail the odor of the stinky diapers?

Having convinced you as a nursing mum {or a prospective mum} why a diaper pail is important and enlighten you on what you need to watch out for when choosing a diaper pail, I think it is necessary to give you my BEST recommendations since there are a lot of diaper pails out there in the market.

The first baby diaper pail I stand to recommend is Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. I recommend Ubbi Steel Diaper pail because it is made powder-coated steel to achieve maximum odor control instead of cheap plastic, {from my personal observation it seems to be the ONLY diaper pail made from steel}. 

The second baby diaper pail is Munchkin Step Diaper Powered.  Why recommending this, you may ask. It is made of Dual-Refill Compatible, it is the only diaper pail that work with both rings and snap, seal and toss bags. Isn’t that awesome?

The last baby diaper pail I wish to recommend is Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe. This diaper pail is very spacious, can holds up to 30 diapers.

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