“Ultimate Nanny” Guide

In my new book Ultimate Nanny:  How to Find, Interview, and Manage the Most Important Person You Will Ever Hire – Your Child’s Nanny which is on Amazon now (by Kristen J. Duca) I help parents and guardians navigate the childcare search in an organized manner. 

Think about your family’s needs before starting your childcare search.  You will want to take a moment to reflect on the following:

Your child/children: What are their ages, developmental stages, and needs?

You/your partner: What are your work/social schedules?  Do you have flexibility in the hours you need childcare help?

Your family: Are you hiring solely for childcare? Do you also need assistance with housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, pet care, and errands?

Layers of help: Are there suitable, willing family members or friends nearby who can help you in a pinch?

Once you have established exactly the type of position you are hiring for you will want to conduct a thorough interview.  Arm yourself with a list of detailed questions that hit on a wide variety of childcare topics and be open to asking her follow up questions in order to gain clarification of her answers.  Always ask for references when you meet a caregiver that you are interested in potentially hiring.  Once you checked the references, you may want to offer the caregiver the opportunity to work with your family on a trial basis so she understands your family’s routine.  You can also observe her interactions with your child or children and evaluate whether or not she is a good “fit” with your family. 

It may take some time and patience to find, interview, and manage the ideal childcare provider for your household but it is worth it in the end!


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