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19 Things You Need for Your House Guest

Shellie Braeuner
July 5, 2017

A checklist to get you ready for all your upcoming shindigs and house guests.

It doesn't matter whether you live in a studio apartment or a palatial manor -- you want your house guest to feel welcome. Besides having the right attitude, there are plenty of things you can have available to make sure both of you have a wonderful time filled with memories:

  1. Map
    Make sure your guest knows how to get to your home, so send directions ahead of time.
  2. Wi-Fi Password
    Providing your guest with a password ensures she can connect while visiting. Check with your Internet provider, as many companies offer the option of creating "guest hotspots" that provide access to the Web while protecting the security of your computer system.
  3. Household Instructions
    Write down instructions for how to use remotes, find dishes and deal with alarms.
  4. Key
    Not only does this make it easy for your guest to feel at home, but it lets her come and go, even while you're at work.

  5. Chargers
    Stock the room with extra chargers for a variety of electronic devices.
  6. Suitcase Stand
    Whether it's a folding stand or a trunk that serves the same purpose, a suitcase stand helps your guest stay organized.
  7. Reading Material
    If you have no idea what your guest likes to read, try leaving a book with positive thoughts or inspirational stories.
  8. Prepared Guest Room
    If it's possible, provide your guest with his or her own room. Keep that bedroom stocked with things your guest will need for rest, like extra blankets. Be careful using scent diffusers, unless you know your guest enjoys them or isn't allergic. If you have pets your guest is allergic to, tell your housekeeper to dedicate more time to pet fur removal in the guest room if you don't always keep the door shut.
  9. Fan
    In addition to keeping the room at a comfortable temperature, a fan provides white noise that can cover city sounds or the silence of the country.
  10. Iron
    It doesn't matter if the tag swears clothing is "wrinkle free" -- some things will need to be ironed upon emerging from a suitcase.
  11. Toilet Paper
    An absolute necessity! Make sure you show your guest where you keep additional rolls.
  12. Health and Beauty Aids
    After sleeping, the bathroom will be one of the most visited places in your home. Stock your bathroom with everything your guest will need to be pampered including shampoo, conditioner, make-up remover, cotton swabs and pads, a razor, toothpaste and a comb. If a guest drawer isn't an option, fill a festive basket.
  13. Towels
    Provide your guest with towels and a washcloth. Show him where additional towels can be found.
  14. Acceptable Food and Drink
    Since many people have food allergies, it's important you ask your house guest for food preferences before he arrives. Stow away items that may be problematic, such as peanuts.
  15. Caffeinated Beverages
    Even if you don't partake, many people require coffee or tea to fuel their day. Make sure you have the ability to provide them with their favorite drink. Single-serve coffee makers make it easy to get a sample pack of various flavors.
  16. Packaged Snacks
    This makes it easy for guests to grab something on the go. Offer a variety of snacks, like popcorn and granola bars, for whenever hunger hits (including late at night!).
  17. Activities
    Keep even your littlest guests happy with age-appropriate toys and games. If you're having a group of adults over, have some party games available or a festive, hands-on activity planned for a fun night in.
  18. Local Brochures
    Stop by the Chamber of Commerce to grab pamphlets to give your guests ideas of what to see and do. Let them know where the nearest drugstore, gas station and grocery store are for necessities.
  19. Coupon Books
    Help your guest save money by grabbing coupons to local attractions. Consider purchasing one of the larger coupon books for your city and reserving it for visitor use.

If you recently had guests, tell us below what this list is missing. And if you're the one traveling, look at 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids.

Shellie Braeuner is an award-winning children's author. She earned an MEd from Vanderbilt in human developmental counseling and has worked as a nanny for more than 25 years. She is currently working on her MFA in writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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