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Oregon Transportation Resources

From trips to the grocery store to other errands, get the transportation assistance your senior needs in Oregon.

Oregon - Transportation

Our ability to drive gives us the freedom to control our own schedules; we drive ourselves to shopping malls, medical centers, movie theaters, places of worship, and to our places of employment.  Imagine how difficult it must be for senior citizens to relinquish their driver's license, and therefore their freedom, for medical reasons.  The very act of turning over one's keys marks a change in lifestyle and acknowledges the unpleasant process of aging.  But this time of transition can be much more manageable if we encourage our loved ones to take advantage of the safe and reliable transportation options across the state of Oregon.

When it isn't possible to get a ride from family, friends, or neighbors, public transportation is also an option for local, daytime trips.  For schedules and locations of buses and trains in the Portland metro area, check out the website of theHIDDEN
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