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Arizona Senior Housing

Read about the local resources that can help you find senior housing in Arizona.

Arizona - Housing Resources

There comes a time for many seniors when they can no longer live by themselves.  Bringing this conversation up is never easy, but usually completely necessary.  In order to make this conversation a bit easier, it is important to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible regarding care options.

Assisted Living

Assisted living care is a good option for seniors who do not require intensive medical care, but who can no longer live independently.  Assisted living facilities are very independent, but the staff is always around to help with medications and other health care needs.  These facilities offersocial opportunities and activities for their residents.

Assisted Living Resources

Arizona Assisted Living Federation of America: Arizona chapter of ALFA.

Arizona Assisted Living Homes Association: Information and assistance during the search for home care in Arizona.

Nursing Home

Typically,nursing homesare meant for seniors who can no longer live alone due to their need for round-the-clock medical care and monitoring.  Residents of nursing homes received skilled medical care and are less social than assisted living facilities.  If your loved one cannot make it through the day without medical treatment, a nursing home may be the best option. 

Nursing Home Resources

Arizona Health Care Association: Resources for those in their search for a health care facility.

Medicare Nursing Home Information: A great resource to help families during their search for a suitable nursing home.

Read aboutHow to Choose a Nursing Home

More Options

Villages/Intentional Communities: These villages are for retirees or seniors over a certain age.  The living in these areas is usually totally independent.

Home Care: Two forms of home care offer your loved on medical or non-medical assistance in the comfort of their own home. 

For more information on Arizona senior housing options visit theAging Services of Arizona website.

More Resources

Senior Care Guide: Care.com's comprehensive guide to senior care that helps readers understand senior care options by describing each option in detail and answering frequently asked questions.

For more information on senior healthcare, visit ourArticles and Resourcespage.

Looking for quality senior care in Arizona? Take a look at the local pages below.



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