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Alabama Home Care

Find caregivers and in-home aides to help your loved one in Alabama.

Alabama-Home Care

Home Care is the preferred choice for a growing number of Americans facing a care dilemma. Home care often refers to a range of care and health services administered in a senior's home. Many Alabama state programs make it easier for seniors to live comfortably at home. If you are struggling to assess your loved one's ability to live independently, read 10 Signs Your Parents Need Outside Help.

Home care agencies often offer skilled medical home care and non-medical home care services.

Skilled medical home care works in collaboration with the senior's physician to design a care plan which accounts for all the patient's medical needs, but still allows them to remain at home. This includes regular visits-if not constant supervision-from registered nurses to manage patient symptoms, administer medications, and provide other services such as intravenous therapy

Non-medical home care is best for seniors who require daily personal care, but are not in need of regular medical monitoring. In a typical home care scenario, a home care aid assists seniors with activities of daily living or ADLs which include, but are not limited to grooming, bathing, mobility, and toileting. Caregivers will also complete household tasks such as basic cleaning, laundry, cooking, and running errands. Medical needs, however, beyond assistance with ADLs and medication reminders extend outside the realm of home care. If your loved one has advanced health issues, consider skilled medical home care.

Alabama Home Care Resources

? Alabama Cares: Many do not understand the physical and emotional exhaustion which accompanies the role of caregiver. Alabama Cares is a state program which provides much-needed to support to family caregivers by offering assistance accessing community resources, caregiver counseling, caregiver respite, and even supplemental care services.

? Medicaid Waiver for the Elderly and Disabled Program: The E&D Waiver Program endeavors to prolong the period during which seniors may remain comfortably at home through the provision of various services. Personal case managers develop a care plan which may include personal care, homemaker services, adult day care, or meal deliveries. This assistance enables seniors to maintain their independence.

? Personal Choices: Personal Choices aims to give seniors greater control in decisions about their care by empowering them financially. Seniors use their budgets to gain access to much needed care services and save for other medical expenses. To be eligible for Personal Choices, seniors must be enrolled in the E&D or State of Alabama Independent Living Waiver.

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