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Pennsylvania Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania - Hospice Care

Hospice Care

With Hospice care, patients have complete control over their care program, and the type of care they receive is carried out in accordance with their personal wishes and beliefs. Hospice care can be administered in any location, including your loved one's own home, and is typically started when a life-limiting diagnosis is given. To find out if Hospice is right for you, check out Care.com's article on the pros and cons of hospice care. Our site can connect you to local hospice centers, senior caregivers, support groups and services, and organizations dedicated to end-of-life care.

New Changes in Pennsylvania End of Life Care

Pennsylvania law recently created a chain of command for determining who makes the decisions about a patient's care if an individual did not have a will and was not able to make their own medical decisions. The new law mandates that first in line for decision making is an individual's spouse, followed by an adult child, a parent, an adult brother or sister, and finally an adult grandchild.

More Resources

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