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Florida Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice care resources you can access in Florida.

Florida - Hospice

Many families find end-of-life planning difficult at best, but preparing can ease some of the stress during this difficult time.


Hospice care neither hastens nor postpones death; rather, hospice allows for the patient to have quality final days of life. It is offered and provided to patients who have a limited life expectancy. Most hospice patients will have made a decision to spend their final months in a home setting rather than in another location. Trained staff offer palliative treatment to keep the patient comfortable and are sensitive and responsive to the special requirements of each individual and family member. Many communities have more than one hospice.

In Florida, there are many different hospice providers. Below are several hospice resources in the state of Florida.

Florida Hospices and Palliative Care
Florida Conference on Aging
Florida Health Finder, Hospice Providers

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