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Indiana - Legal Resources

One of the most important documents a senior can put in place is a legal will. In the state of Indiana, like nearly every other, the estate of the deceased is distributed based on intestacy laws when there is no will.  Intestacy laws are laws that essentially rank the perceived closeness, but not the actual closeness, of relatives and distribute the property of the deceased according to these rankings. Intestacy laws are often complicated and not ideal because, although one relative may be closer based on genealogy, the relationship between a more distant family member or even a friend may be more important.  In order to ensure that those who deserve parts of an estate receive a part, it is necessary to write a will.

Additional Resources
Indiana Intestacy: An overview of Indiana's intestacy laws.
Indiana Legal Services - Senior Law Project: Contact information and a brief overview of the Senior Law Project, an assistive service for Indiana senior 60 and older.

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