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Care.com Interview Series: Making the Most of Military Childhood

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March 27, 2012

5 things you may not know about kids in the military.

We love to salute our troops and thank them for their relentless service to our country and their voluntary sacrifice that protects our freedom here at home. But we don't often realize that when a soldier serves, their whole family serves too -- this includes military children.

They make sacrifices and take on challenges that a lot of civilian children don't have to even think about. As part of the Care.com Interview Series, we talked to five of our favorite military spouse bloggers about military childhood and what sets their kids apart from others. Check out what these moms (and kids!) have to say about military life - and what things you may not know about the military families of our dedicated servicemen.

  1. We work hard as a team. "At home, they have many chores ("way more than my friends, Mom!"). I feel it has helped them understand the 'family' dynamic a bit more which helps them understand that we move because we are a family. We work together and pitch in because Daddy is not home every night at 6 for dinner or to help put out the trash." - Molly Blake, Blue Star Families

    Check out Blake's cute trick for giving her girls kisses from Daddy while he's away

  2. We talk about war."Military children these days are affected by over 10 years of war. Whether little Joey down the street whose father is an accountant understands it or not, little Scotty whose dad is a paratrooper is fully aware of war and how it affects his family and the families of his friends." -Hallee Bridgeman, Hallee the Homemaker

    Find out how the Bridgeman's use cardboard to keep Daddy present

  3. We are constantly on the move. "I think the challenge of moving and leaving friends behind made me see the importance of making friends and keeping in touch with them. You never know who will impact your life." - Kowanda McBride, Army Wife Network

    See what activities will keep Kowanda and her son busy during an upcoming deployment

  4. We are proud of our soldier. "[The kids] like to see Daddy in his uniform and hear that Daddy goes away to help people." -Julie P., Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life

    Read why patience is a virtue in military families

  5. We get to see cool stuff. "I asked my son what he loves the most about Daddy being a Marine, and living on base: I love the Cobras (helicopters) and watching them fly around our house!"-Laura Crawford, Semper Fi Momma

    Read more from Laura on how important structure is for military kids

  6. Is your family in the military? Who makes up your military family? What do your kids say is the best part about being a military child?

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