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Adorable Movie-Inspired Birthday Party Ideas: Star Wars, Disney and More!

A roundup of the best birthday party ideas for your little movie critic.

Your child loves movies. Why not make his party focused around one or more of his favorites? Here are some of the cutest movie-themed parties weve seen from bloggers and beyond. 

A Lorax Celebration
Its a goofy, whimsical, and Seussical party!  Since the Lorax is all about keeping things eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, these party ideas that totally speak for the trees!

  • Decorations: Make orange, blue and green your color theme. And cover your walls in these big, bright, super simple Truffula Tree decorations. You can keep it green by re-using materials you already have in your home, like empty paper towel rolls, newspaper, and paper bags.
    Courtesy of Mrs. Lodge's Library
  • DIY Cake:  A mustached orange face of the Lorax with Truffula tree cake pops (or cotton candy on sticks) around the perimeter (enough for each guest, of course!)
  • Craft: Help your guests keep the eco-friendly fun going at home by making Lorax Truffula pots.
  • Game: Pin the Mustache on the Lorax.
  • Snack: Combine oranges and Nilla wafers to make yummy Little Loraxes

A Royal Ball for All Disney Princesses
A soiree fit for the fairest in all the land! Your little princes and princesses are guaranteed to have a royally good time at this Disney princess themed party.

  • Decorations: Crowns and wands, tulle wrapped or glitter-dipped balloons.
  • DIY Cake: 22 bright blue cupcakes placed in an outline of Cindis ball gown.
  • Craft: Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the craftiest of them all? To keep a royal looking her absolute best, everyone knows she need a fabulous Enchanted Mirror to consult.
    Courtesy of Marie at Make and Takes.
  • Game: While most of Tangled was about freeing Rapunzel  from the mess on top of her head, this Tangle the Princess game calls for pairs to totally tangle up one partner in yellow crepe paper as fast as they can! The winner is the fastest pair to get utterly completely tangled. Need a tie breaker? See who can un-tangle their partner the fastest.
    Courtesy of James and Julie Paquette
  • Snack: White Chocolate Pretzel Glitter Wands will save your guests from forces of hunger-fits.

A Peanuts Party
Its a party, Charlie Brown! As everyones favorite pessimistic peanut once said, Happiness is anyone and anything thats loved by you. Get the gang together, spread some love, and enjoy happy times that the gang would be proud of.

  • Decorations: Make Chuck proud and decorate the room in yellow and black. Dont forget Lucys The Doctor is In booth. Have a winter birthday to celebrate? Find a Charlie Brown-style Christmas tree.
  • DIY Cake: Embrace Charlie Browns classic style with a simple yellow-frosted cake (any flavor) with a black zig zag design on top. Its easier than Lucy kicking a football.
  • Craft: Make these Snoopy Ears as an ode to everyones favorite beagle.
    Courtesy of Crafting by Candelight
  • Game: Everyone knows how much the Peanuts kids love to dance. Make this a freeze dance party.
  • Snack: Good grief these Charlie Brown Pudding Cups are good! 
    Courtesy of Mess for Less

Avengers Adventure Party
Save the day with this superhero party! Youll be a hero to all your little Hulks and Captain Americas.  

  • Decorations: Red, white and blue throughout the house with various printouts of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeyes shields and emblems decorating the party space.
  • DIY Cake: A shield of your honorees choice.
  • Craft: This Captain America Frisbee shield can go the distance.
    Courtesy of Petite and Quicky
  • Game: Hulk Smash! Time to smash some stuff.
  • Snack: After a long day of saving the world from the forces of evil, your little Avengers will need a Hulk Rice Krispie snack to refuel. 
    Courtesy of DIY-Sweet Treats

SpongeBob Bikini Bottom Bash
Its time to make a birthday splash with everyones favorite talking sponge. So grab your trusty spatula, hoist your square pants high, and lets dive on into some festive underwater fun. 

  • Decorations: Guests are sure to love taking a dip in the sea-themed party. Grab blue, light blue, and green streamers and hang them from a ceiling. Inflate pink and blue balloons and add ribbons to create your own floating jellyfish.
  • DIY Cake: Make a square cake yellow with big eyes and a mouth or get really crafty and make this pineapple cake!
  • Craft: Your guests can put together these simple SpongeBob bags to hold their treats.
    Courtesy of Fandango
  • Game: Bucket Toss: Its cornhole ocean style! Bring out your sand buckets and extra sponges. Set up the buckets in a line increasing in distance. Have the kids stand on a piece of tape and toss the sponges into the buckets. The farther the bucket, the more points each kid gets.
  • Snacks: SpongeBobs home always looks good enough to eat, with these Pineapple pops and Krusty Dogs
    Courtesy of Fandango

Star Wars Celebration
Use the power of The Force, it's time to throw the best Star Wars party in a galaxy far far away.