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17 Easy Construction Paper Crafts That Any Kid Can Do

Natalie Vereen-davis
June 9, 2017

Scissors, paper, glue and markers: these are the essentials of any craft room, and your child is sure to be an expert at using them. However, these simple products can inspire creations and activities that are beyond the basics. A few supplies can lay the foundation for a rewarding afternoon for both of you -- and you'll have some exciting new construction paper crafts to display on the refrigerator, as well.

Since the instructions for these crafts are so simple, you can use the time to focus on some bonding, too.

"You can learn so much about your child from participating in craft time with them," says Marie LeBaron, the founder of "Make and Takes" and author of "Make and Takes for Kids: 50 Crafts Throughout the Year." "Not only is there opportunity for a fun conversation, you can also find out how they learn and process their learning."

"Crafting is just a great way to bond with your child," says Joel Henriques, crafter at Made By Joel and author of "Made to Play." And the same is true for babysitters and nannies. "Kids really love it when grownups take a little special time to play together."

All of the crafts listed here are simple to do, so you can get started having a good time with the crafty kids in your life.

1. DIY Pets

Animal crafts are always a hit with children, so try out this cute black cat or a sweet dog puppet for kids who love their pets.



2. Home Decor

Have fun with your paper crafts, and find unusual ways to use the medium. Let your kids help you decorate with these woven paper placemats on the kitchen table, and they'll feel proud of their artistic accomplishments every time they sit down for a snack.

3. Make a Bouquet

Complement your colorful table settings with a vase filled with swirly paper flowers for a fun look. 



4. Cheap Chalkboards

Chalkboard paint is all the rage, but you don't need to worry about using such a messy element in your kids' crafting time. Instead, use a little glue and construction paper to make these chalkboards -- they're completely functional once they're dry, so your children can continue to have a blast with their crafty creations.

5. Sand Away

For an eye-catching and unique way to use construction paper, grab a stack of your favorite colored paper and some sandpaper to create these layered paper stones. They make great paperweights or pretty additions to your child's collection of knick-knacks.

6. Think Big

These stunning life-size sunflowers make use of the outlines of your children's hands. The final product is beautiful, and it's a great way to preserve the size of those sweet, nimble fingers.

7. Go Cubic

Your budding architect or engineer will love making and stacking these paper cubes.

8. Sweet Treats

Even you'll get hungry as you make this adorable paper cupcake. Don't forget to add sprinkles and a cherry!

9. Decorate Breakfast

There's no need to hide under the bed from these fun monsters! With an empty cereal box, construction paper and lots of imagination, you'll have a whole army of playful creatures.

10. Catch the Sun

These sun catchers are beautiful and easy to make. 



11. Weave a Basket

Tuck candy or small treats into these woven heart baskets and have your kids give them to someone they love.

12. Make a Chain

Decorate your kid's room with these paper doll chains. Can the kids make them look like each other?

13. Thread a Lei

Construction paper can even make some pretty necklaces. Make leis in all different colors for a luau or just for a fun pop of color to wear around the house.

14. Marble Paper

Shaving cream is the key ingredient to making your own marbled paper. Display it on its own, or cut it up to bring color to another project.

15. Dear Diary

Have your kids use a homemade paper journal to write down their favorite quotes or draw pictures.

16. Make a Mosaic

Kids' artwork will take some perspective when they're creating a paper mosaic. Up close, it just looks like colored squares, but from far away, it's a masterpiece.

17. Paint Ice

This cool snowflake project looks as if it's made out of ice, but the secret ingredient is Epsom salt.

"Get silly and creative with your kids," encourages LeBaron. Since these construction paper crafts are so easy, keep the focus on fun with one another. It doesn't matter if your final products are museum quality if everyone's smiling in the end! Grab that construction paper, glue and scissors, and start a few of these fun and easy art projects with your favorite little artist.

Want more ideas? Try these 8 Fun Paper Crafts for Kids.

Natalie Vereen-Davis is a freelance writer and travel blogger. When she isn't traveling or playing with her toddler, you can find her sewing, embroidering or scrapbooking in her craft room.

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