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Top 22 Computer Games for Young Kids

Jennifer Stauffer
June 7, 2017

The best computer games for preschool and elementary school aged children involve interaction, education and entertainment. Here's a list to help you find age-appropriate computer games for your child.


Sometimes computer games get a bad rap. Computer games for kids have an interactive element without requiring a gaming system or the uncertainty of content with online games. There is a wide a variety of computer games for kids that entertain and amuse young gamers as well as teach new concepts and skills such as problem solving. If you choose the games carefully, your kids can have fun gaming while also learning some great concepts.

The Top Computer Games for Preschoolers

  1. JumpStart 3D Virtual World: My First Adventure, $11
    In My First Adventure, your child can create their own character. He will design and decorate a house, plant a garden, practice his ABCs and learn to count.
  2. ItzaBitza, $9.99
    ItzaBitza is powered by the objects your child draws as the game reveals a story in each of the available play sets.
  3. Crayon Physics, $19.95
    Your little one will get a head start in physics as she draws in Crayon Physics. Her sketches come to life and move as real physical objects would, so she can experiment with different shapes and motions.
  4. Animal Genius, Free
    Young animal lovers must populate five empty animal habitats by earning animals after completing puzzles and mazes. Animal Genius is great for introducing science concepts.
  5. Every Body Has a Brain, $19.95
    Your child discovers the different parts of the brain with music and games in Every Body Has a Brain. He'll also learn how the different parts of our brains help us to do different activities.
  6. Didi and Ditto Kindergarten, $29.99
    After being captured by a vegetarian wolf, beavers Didi and Ditto must help their new friend find food by matching, shape recognition and rhyming words activities in Didi and Ditto Kindergarten.
  7. World of Zoo, $19.95
    Although your preschooler can edit the appearance of the animals, their actions and behaviors in World of Zoo are very real. Completing various tasks to care for the animals provides the opportunity to earn more.
  8. Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park, free
    A great combination of open-ended and directed play, Bob Builds a Park allows kids to create their own gaming experience.
  9. Littlest Pet Shop, Free
    The Littlest Pet Shop is simply a fun and open experience where your child plays by collecting accessories, caring for pets and engaging in minigames.

Computer Games For Elementary-Age Children

  1. Nancy Drew Games, $2.99
    Remember the character Nancy Drew from the popular book series? Now your older gamers can experience a variety of interactive stories in these Nancy Drew games.
  2. Lego Games, price varies
    Based on the popular interlocking building blocks, there are a variety of Lego games based on many of today's most buzzworthy characters, including Marvel heroes, Jurassic World and Batman.
  3. Totally Spies: Swamp Monster Blues, $20
    With three levels of play and fun activities, players must find a missing government agent in this Totally Spies game.
  4. Bionicle, free
    Based on the Lego fantasy toys of the same name, Bionicle provides hours of entertainment as your child plays to save an island with their character's elemental powers.
  5. SpellTower, $3.99
    In SpellTower, players must spell words out of random configurations before the pile of letters reaches the top.
  6. Max and the Magic Marker, $19.99
    After Max accidentally draws a monster, your child will draw different objects through game play and learn a few lessons in Max and the Magic Marker.
  7. I Spy Mystery, $2.99
    Based on the popular series of early-reader books, your child will find objects and develop an increased vocabulary as he solves more than 50 different puzzles in I Spy Mystery.
  8. Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons, free
    Using classical music, the player must compose 12 musical puzzles to give the White Rabbit more time in Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Based on Vivaldi's composition and the beloved characters of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland."
  9. My Sims, $15.95
    Your child gets to create their own playable character, as well as the environment they interact with. Based on the popular Sims games, My Sims is family friendly and geared towards younger players.
  10. The Oregon Trail, free
    The Oregon Trail is an interactive history lesson as your child plays to journey westward and avoid obstacles like disease and food shortages.
  11. SpongeBob Diner Dash, free
    Just a fun and fast-paced game that involves matching and speedy game play. SpongeBob Diner Dash is perfect for all ages.
  12. Create, $11.99
    Your child creates her entire playing environment by solving physics puzzles in Create.
  13. Cut the Rope, $4.99
    As addictive as it is easy to learn, Cut the Rope asks players to feed a cute monster candy. With over 200 levels, this game will challenge your kids for years to come.


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Jennifer Stauffer worked on Capitol Hill in PR and legislation before becoming a mother in 2011. She now blogs about parenting and pop culture at Mom Tattles and is hopeful to publish her first novel soon.

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