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25 of the Most Fun Games for Kids

Games aren't just about having fun. They teach valuable skills, too. Here are 25 of the best fun games to try out with your kids.

Looking for fun games for kids? Look no further! "Kids like games for a variety of reasons," says Nicole Brady of SAHM Reviews. "Some enjoy the social nature of games because they offer interaction and companionship. Others are competitive and like the sense of accomplishment for a win or the challenge of a more difficult opponent."

Some kids enjoy games in which they learn something new. In any case, says Brady, parents need to remember "that games help kids develop a range of skills that they will be able to utilize their whole lives. Sportsmanship and strategic thinking, as well as social skills -- to name just a few."

Games you choose for your kids don't have to be classic board and card games to be good. "Don't be fooled by video games -- they greatly improve kids' hand-eye coordination!" says Marissa DiBartolo, senior editor of The Toy Insider.

With that in mind, here are 25 of the best fun games for kids:

  1. Cup-A-Cup
    "This game is great because it provides tactile learning while challenging kids with quick-thinking and fast-paced play. It definitely challenges the brain. Even adults will have fun with this one," DiBartolo says.
  2. Pirates TacDex
    Just like in the traditional card game War, Pirates TacDex players duel to the finish while the Battle Marker determines if high or low card wins each battle.
  3. Outdoor Twister
    For an interesting "twist," try taking this popular game outdoors. Or grab some red, blue, yellow and white spray paint and a circle stencil and create your own Twister game on the grass.
  4. Land, Sea and Air
    This simple game from What We Do All Day is perfect for a rainy day. Lay down some tape on the floor separating the room into land and sea. The leader calls out one of three directions: land, sea or air. For land or sea, kids jump to the appropriate side of the tape. When the leader calls "air," they jump as high as they can!
  5. Mario Party 10 
    The first installment in the Mario Party franchise to hit the Wii U gives kids quick and easy fun with their favorite Nintendo characters.
  6. Shark Mania 
    This fun board game is a shark-chomping race where you need to reach the safety of the island at the end of the track before the shark knocks you off.
  7. Penguins on Ice
    An awesome travel game, this single-player logic game keeps kids busy in the car as they try and complete all of the included challenges and get all four magnetic penguin pieces to line up. "Single-player games are great because kids don't always have a buddy or a parent to play with," says DiBartolo."This allows for play when kids are on their own."
  8. Where's My Water? 
    In this puzzle game app, kids clear obstructions from a sewer system to deliver clean water to the shower of Swampy the Alligator.
  9. Rebound Marbles
    All you need for this simple game are marbles and a flat surface near a wall. Each player throws one marble against the wall. After the marble lands, it becomes the target for the other marble players to try to hit.
  10. Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe
    This is a simple yet fun way play Tic-Tac-Toe. Use a shower curtain and duct tape to create the tic-tac-toe grid. Have kids toss Frisbees onto the grid. The first one to get three in a row wins! You can use beanbags instead of Frisbees for younger players.
  11. Candy Land 
    You can't go wrong with a classic! Take a trip down memory lane with this sweet little game for sweet little people.
  12. Uno Attack 
    The random card shooter enhances the ever-popular classic UNO game providing fast, unpredictable fun for everyone.
  13. Qwirkle 
    In this visually attractive strategy game, kids match shapes and colors. This game also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy.
  14. Angry Birds Space
    This game features fun and challenging physics puzzles with levels that take place in outer space, where objects are affected by gravitational pull in ways that shake up the game play significantly.
  15. Suspend 
    This balancing game is as easy to understand as it is difficult to master. With each turn, a new rod is added to the transforming vertical sculpture, which causes the balance to shift and difficulty to increase.
  16. IQ Twist 
    A one-player game that challenges spatial reasoning and logic as you fit the twisted puzzle pieces on the game board to solve each creative puzzle.
  17. Cut the Rope 
    Cut dangling ropes to get the candy to Om Nom while attempting to collect as many stars as possible in this fun app.
  18. Moustache Smash 
    This spin on traditional card games adds speed and physical play. When a card matches your moustache, you'll want to smash it first! Collect the most moustache cards and win.
  19. Say the Word 
    This cooperative game asks players to each add sentences to an ongoing, evolving story based on the characters and words they draw from the stack.
  20. Indoor Bowling
    Upcycle the bottles in your recycling bin and create a bowling alley in your house. Line 10 water bottles up at the end of your hallway and place a line of duct tape as the starting line. Grab a medium-sized ball that's suitable for indoor use and get bowling.
  21. Rush Hour 
    Rush Hour is a puzzle app as well as a game. Players slide small cars around a grid, moving only forward and backward, to create a path so that the red car can emerge out of the parking lot grid.
  22. KerFlip 
    KerFlip is an award-winning word game that rewards players for being able to make a word faster than their opponents can. Beginning spellers can make small words quickly for larger point values while master wordsmiths enjoy the challenge of identifying longer words. This makes KerFlip an ideal pick for families.
  23. Tic Stac Toe 
    Tic Stac Toe takes the classic pen-and-paper game to a three-dimensional, interactive level. The object of the game is to be the first player to get four of your pieces in a row.
  24. Doodle Quest
    Kids work to crack the quest by drawing their way through the underwater scene that's on the quest cards.
  25. Capture the Flag
    Everyone remembers playing this game as a kid! Two teams each hide a flag. The teams try to get the opposing team's flag without getting tagged by their opponents. The first team to capture the flag wins!


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