This is what makes a good babysitter, according to kids

Jan. 24, 2020
This is what makes a good babysitter, according to kids

If you’re looking for tips on how to be a good babysitter, they’re not too hard to find. A quick Google search will result in thousands of tips from experienced babysitters and caregivers, and most of us know a couple people personally we can go to for good caregiving advice, as well. 

Of course, the very best source for babysitting tips is often overlooked: the kids themselves! When it comes down to it, kids know what they like to do, what they like to eat and what they like to watch or read. Because of this, they also instinctively know what makes a good babysitter

So we went straight to the source and interviewed 20 kids of all ages for the inside scoop on what it takes to be a super-cool sitter, and they had the best babysitting advice. 


1. “I like when my babysitter plays video games with me.” — Charlie, 8 

2. “Don’t always be on your phone, because I don’t get to be on my phone, so it’s not fair.” — Lily, 11

3. “It’s better when [the babysitter] is on time because then my mom isn’t stressed.” — Ben, 9 

4. “Be nice!” — Elliot, 3

5. “Let me eat dessert.” — Mackenzie, 7 

6. “Read stories with me, because I like to read stories before I go to bed.” — Elise, 6 

7. “I want to go to do something, like go to the zoo or a museum.” — Sam, 8 

8. “I like trying new things with my babysitter, like I have a science experiment kit that is fun to do with a babysitter.” — Isabella, 9 

9. “When I have a babysitter, I like to go outside and play and ride bikes and go to the park.” — Beck, 8 

10. “In the summer, my babysitter takes me to the pool, and it’s so fun.” — Claire, 11

11. “Make my brother leave me alone if he is being annoying.” — Isaac, 10

12. “Make sure the door is locked after my mom and dad leave.” — Maya, 8

13. “My babysitter has to pet my dog Frankie a lot because I love him, and also we can take him for a walk around the block.” — Levi, 5 

14. “I like having a babysitter because my parents let me eat food they normally don’t let me have.” — Leo, 9 

15. “Watch ‘Frozen’ with me and sing ‘Let It Go’ with me!” — Sophia, 5 

16. “We could have a lemonade stand together.” — Maya, 7

17. “I like when my babysitter will watch basketball with me.” — Sarah, 10 

18. “Go outside and play baseball together.” — Sam, 10 

19. “Don’t yell and just be nice and be patient, and if you have a problem, just call my mom.” — Jacob, 7

20. “Actually play with me instead of just watching me.” — Riley, 7

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