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They're not human, but they're definitely family.


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How much to charge for pet sitting

I wanted to hear from others on what they charge for their services.  What are your rates for pet sitting? Any other advice? Thank you!


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Puppy starts potting in house after being potty trained?


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My dog started peeing in the floor after we got a cat, help!

My husband and I recently adopted a cat, and our 6 year old dog, who we adopted in May, has now started peeing in the house every single time we leave. Jemima, our dog, was completely house trained when we rescued her from the pound to the point where she... more


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Cat pee smell

my room was a complete mess with clothing all over the floor and too my cat I guess that looked like a new toilet so basically everything got pissed on.. that's not the problem though. its easy to get the smell out by just throwing it into the washer... more


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What do I do if I'm boarding a pet and the owner refuses to pay me?

This is a hypothetical question. Say that I have a dog boarding at my house and everything went fine, but the owner comes and can't or won't pay. What should I do? Just take the loss and document it?


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Boarding dogs when your own dog gets jealous!

Hi, I could really use some advice on boarding dogs.  We have been boarding dogs and cats all summer. Our own dog loves cats but she doesn't love every dog that boards with us. She gets jealous of the attention we give to other dogs (though has no... more


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What to Charge for Cats?

I will be pet sitting two cats for 2 weeks. I usually dog sit, so I'm not sure what I should be charging. My rates for dog sitting are usually $50 per day.


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Anyone in need of dog or cat sitters?

Message me for details