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8 easy DIY dog paw print art projects

Whether you're looking for a sweet gift or want to create a memento of your own, these dog paw print art projects are perfect.

8 easy DIY dog paw print art projects

As dog parents, it seems as though our lives revolve around constantly taking pictures of every little cute thing our dogs do. Is your puppy carrying a stick twice his size? INSTAGRAM IT. Is he tracking his cute little dog paw prints all over your white carpet? SNAPCHAT IT. And while these are great ways to capture fond memories, wouldn’t you like something a little more lasting and creative?

That’s where DIY dog paw print art comes in. Using pet-safe materials, you can create beautiful crafts that help you commemorate your love for your pet in a lasting and sentimental way. You can do these at different intervals in your puppy’s life to see how she’s growing, or have a fun afternoon crafting a few as future mementos.

Plus, they make great gifts for all of the people who care for your dog throughout the year: namely, your dog walkers, sitters, trainers, doggy day care maestros, even your dog groomer!

Pro tip: Since most of these activities involve some kind of pet-safe paint or gooey substance, it’s highly recommend that you do all of them outside. That way, your pet’s prints are only on the artwork, not on your living room floor. Plus, doing these outside will allow for easy cleanup for you and your dog when the time comes to wash off the plaster, paint, sand or ink.

1. Salt dough paw print Christmas ornament

Your “Santa paws” will be the star of your holiday decorations with this easy salt dough paw print ornament from Crafty Morning. You can make one to commemorate the year, or do a series of them in different colors for an art project that will rework your Christmas decor. Best of all, you’ve probably got all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

2. DIY paw print stepping stones

Your pup probably loves roaming the great outdoors (or your backyard, at least), so this paw print stepping stone project from Craftabilities would be a great addition to your outdoor living space. Personalize each piece with your dog’s name, the year or a special quote. Then, add colorful glass mosaic pieces to coordinate with your lawn furniture.

3. Paw print wall painting

If you think your dog is the next Picasso, then this paw print wall painting from Raising Your Pets Naturally is for the two of you. The supplies are simple — paint and white paper — but the impact of the final piece is huge. The scattered paw prints become modern artwork that will fit in with any décor.

4. Owner-dog duo print

Sometimes, it’s just not enough to simply get a dog paw print painting — you need to take it further. Display your and your dog’s love for one another by making an owner-dog duo print together, like this one from Riley’s World 99 on TikTok. So stinkin’ cute!

5. Paw print wreath

Who said holiday crafts are just for kids? Get your pooch in on the fun by helping them create this clever paw print wreath from Rachel Greene. Somebody’s on the “nice” list!

6. Framed paw prints

Virtually perfect for every room in the house, these framed paw prints from Fluffyface Enzo on TikTok are too cute. The paw prints are super easy to make with air dry clay and they’re the perfect complement to a few cute photos of your pup.

7. Dog paw print flowers

dog paw print flowers
Image via Party Pinching/Facebook

If you’re looking for subtle dog paw print art, try out this great dog paw flower project from Party Pinching. All you need is pet-safe paints (check out this guide for selecting pet-safe paints, or you can make your own), a canvas or piece of paper, and your dog’s paw. (Who knew dog paws could look like flowers to begin with?!) Go the extra mile by picking out a nice frame that either matches or complements the colors of the flowers. 

This is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day, or one of those “just because” gifts for any flower-lovers in your family!

8. Actual dog painting

While this isn’t technically an actually dog paw print art piece, it’s art that’s done with a dog’s paw — and tongue. Project Soleil let her two dogs “paint” a heart by putting it in a bag, topping the bag with a treat and letting the dogs go to town. So smart!