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Is anybody else having scammer problems?

Is anybody else having problems with scammers?

  • Wow I don’t even know what to think. I am wondering the exact same thing. Scams are surly a part of the world today. I’ve applied to 50+ jobs and not gotten any response from nobody. And I’m very qualified 10+ years of experience and have no responses . - HIDDEN from Anniston, AL

  • Yes all the time. I been applying for many jobs and not getting any response but mostly spam.How do they get my number? Really annoying !! - HIDDEN from Miami, FL

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    HIDDEN from McKinney, TX

  • Yes I am. All the time. They send me a text and want my info because they are moving out here with older parent and chose me to care for them. They pay very well and only need my references and resume. I respond by telling them I need to know what their parent needs for care what town they will move to and how often will they. Need me etc and then I will send them info on my behalf. I never hear from then again. Gail - HIDDEN from Westwood, MA

  • Yes every day it’s very annoying,I need a job not a scam. What can we do? I get no responses.

    HIDDEN from Stone Mountain, GA

  • I too have been having scam issues. It was not as concerning when it was just here and there. Now though it is far too much. Does anyone know if doing anything to support these issues? I haven’t yet seen a way to report the incidents aside from the community forum. - HIDDEN from Glastonbury, CT

  • Its really sad that there are so many dishonest individuals preying on uninformed hard working people. It’s best to read all the info presented as being educated is really the only way to discern this type of (for lack of a better word “crap”.) The more we avoid the traps they set for us the better for us until…I hate to be pessimistic…but until they realize they have to come up with something different to scam us with. My advise is to keep up to date. Care is pretty good at informing us of new scams. It’s wise to only communicate through until you know your potential customer is legit. I have been pretty lucky only 1 scam thus far and it truly stuck out like a elephant in a coffee shop. Let me reinforce some basics: Several misspelled words. Any unusual grammar not of this region or country. Always look out for accepting a check or format of payment up front & reimbursement at a later date. NEVER WESTERN UNION your money or believe other similar sob stories. These type of people are “scabs” and they will use any type of story or trickery (such as purchase a wheelchair for a sick child etc.) If it seems the least bit odd wouldn’t you want to be rather safe than sorry. I had a bad experience on Ebay. A women used the site to lure people into buying her high priced paintings. Then she only wanted to be contacted directly on the telephone. She said it was not an Ebay transaction….hmmm. I sent her money then got cold feet …tried to back out and lost hundreds of dollars. My stupidity I had that weird feeling but looked the other way. So please be smart. There really are a lot of good people looking for good people!

    HIDDEN from Orland Park, IL

  • It is really outrages the amount of spam we are all experiencing and the lack of replies on “jobs” on here. I think I will be deleting my account since literally nothing but spam has come of this account. - HIDDEN from San Angelo, TX

  • Hate it - HIDDEN from Miami, FL

  • I’ve had scammers too ! (For housekeeping /pet care jobs I applied to)have informed ——but not sure if they can do anything. (Gave them phone numbers/email addresses from scammers….but no response yet.) other than they’re looking into it. There’s other organizations (federal) that it can b reported to ——- but it just seems that scams r so prevalent , the authorities have their hands tied in keeping up w/it all.
    I’m keeping copies of all transactions/emails ….. that’s about all I can do right now. Does anyone else have any ideas ???

    HIDDEN from New Buffalo, MI


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  • I actually received a text message and email from a woman who claimed that she wanted me to babysit her two kids (one who had a physical disability and needed a wheelchair). I bought into her sob story and agreed to be her nanny and she said she would interview me in a month because she was relocating to Chicago. Just a couple days after that she sent me a check for $1,600 and asked me to send $200 to a wheelchair seller. I thought it was odd that she couldn't send the money herself and every time I asked why she couldn't she never gave a direct answer. I didn't press too hard because I was afraid she would fire me and being a college student with no money I was desperate to have a job. So I tried to withdraw the money and found out my account was on hold. My bank was on top of their game and turns out the check she had sent me was fake. Luckly I didn't end up owing the bank any money but my account is still on hold and it's been very inconvenient for me. I've had two similar types contact me since then but I'm a lot less trusting and I tell them to contact me through the site. I feel embarrassed that I got deceived but I didn't think anyone would lie about having a disabled child. I'll have to be less naive in the future.

    • wow thats weird - HIDDEN from Bronx, NY

    • The EXACT same thing happened. I haven’t deposited the check yet. Thank you for the warning!! - HIDDEN from West Lafayette, IN

    • This whole site is worthless they need to be turned into the BBB attorney general or someone!!! It’s a scam!!! - HIDDEN from Seymour, IN

    • I agree with that … Something needs to be done about this site . we shouldnt have to pay for are background or driven recorded . - HIDDEN from Aledo, IL

    • That’s early what I’m going through right now! This lady hired me to be her 2 year old daughters nanny and apparently they are coming to nyc and she wants me to buy an electric wheelchair for her daughter who had surgery on her right knee and would need to be in the chair for 45 days and I said okay and that she would be mailing me a check of 2,500 to buy the chair and 1 weeks pay would be included. I wasn’t suspicious until she gave me 3 different fedex tracking numbers and asked for my personal information name , address but never gave me any of hers new location, phone number or start date. It was weird.

      HIDDEN from New York, NY

    • Wow, I feel better that I am not alone. Not that I wish this on anyone. A woman from back east gave me a sob story about how she is deaf and has two boys and a dog named Cookie. She used lower case font for every word, even names. By the time I got her check for 2800.00, she had used 3 different cities as her place of residence. The check had no water marks so I ran it by my bank manager and she id’d it as a fake. I am sorry to those of you who got stuck with bank issues. These scammers should use their time to do something honest.

      If it seems off, it probably is. Be careful.

      HIDDEN from Sacramento, CA

    • the same thing happened to me last december on this site and ive been scared to come back on until tonight. and now seeing this i dont even want to be back on the site. they scammed me of thousands of dollars, and as an 18 year old girl at the time i did not have thousands of dollars to pay back to my bank. so im still going throigh what they did to me. i hope they dont get any other young girls just lookibg for a nice job to MAKE money and not lose thousands and their credit. oh, and the police told me they would never be able to find the people who took my money and to just figure it out.. still figuring it out..

      Are there any other sites that would be good to look at for nannying jobs??

      HIDDEN from Torrington, CT

    • Terrible! This sickens me that people are out there trying to scam others and steal from them!!! - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • What I don't like is how are these people getting my phone number. It does not appear on my profile. That would mean it is easy to hack this site or the scams are originating from employees of the site.

    • I get several a week stating,” I got your info on, I am moving to the area, email me your resume for more information.” What is the potential benefit to them? I don’t get it. - HIDDEN from Redmond, OR

    • Their benefit is some people deposit the checks and send the money off for whatever lie and fake address or by Western Union The scammer receives the money the person is left owing their bank a bunch of money plus fees. If the send out to 200 $2000 checks and only 50 send them back the $1250 they ask for they still end up with $62500 they didn’t work for. The real question is How do we unite to help stop them?

      HIDDEN from Oblong, IL

    • Never never never ever accept any money from a supposed (good deal). I just tell them I am not going to accept it, and then you probably get rid of them. It’s so easy to get hopeful. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. - HIDDEN from Fishersville, VA

  • I've been disgusted by some of the scams I've received. I had one that was supposedly from a deaf woman who was moving into my area. I had another from a marine who's wife had just died in a terrible car accident and the son was now wheelchair bound. The scammers know how to pull on our heart-strings and get hook us! Unfortunately it's gotten to the point that if they don't message me directly through a website, I refuse to even answer. Some might be real, but I'm no longer interested in investing time or emotions any more.

  • I ask them, "where is my area?" They never respond after that

  • yes I have gotten four scams in the last week, they are direct text messages to my phone and I don't think I even have my phone number on my profile. They are wanting a resume emailed to them and my personal information and they all say they are moving to my area and will pay me before. its getting annoying

    • Yes, I’m getting the same thing. 3 in one day ! two were men offering me a DUTY and a woman moving to my area from another state…… - HIDDEN from Grand Prairie, TX

    • I got the same thing. They want my resume and will pay me in advance. It is VERY annoying! - HIDDEN from Murrieta, CA

  • Yes! I think sittercity has less scams. If someone send you a long email about a child in a wheelchair and a dead husband it is a scam. They sent me a bad check. So glad I did research before I deposited it. Online there are several stories just like this about a child confined to wheelchair and a dead husband. Do not cash that check. It will bounce and ruin your bank account.

    • I had a “parent” email me using that same story. Little did I know that it was a scam. It ended up on my local news a year later on an investigative report with the news anchor and a woman who lives an hour away, that had been scammed on here as well. Now, I’m more cautious. - HIDDEN from Lompoc, CA

    • I’ve had more scams on SitterCity cuz it’s free for them. Care makes you pay so I think there is less on Care - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • I just got a check from one of them for $1,800 wanted me to cash it take out $400 and then wire him the rest of the money to Texas when supposedly he was moving here from Washington

    • Please tell me you didn’t do it. - HIDDEN from Riverview, MI

    • sounds just like the person who contacted me. - HIDDEN from Indianapolis, IN

    • Same here! I did not fall for it! If someone offers to pay you before you even talk in person it is a scam. - HIDDEN from Windsor Mill, MD

    • I have had this happen so many times in my 4 years on this site. One even sent me a personal check. When i took it to the bank I explained the situation and let them know that I honestly wasn’t sure if it was legit. Thankfully they did work with me and they called around but it didn’t clear (Not enough funds supposedly). Either way i didn’t want to chance it. It’s really sad how people lie about disabilities. - HIDDEN from Chicago, IL

    • I also had someone try to scam me, but I have always said if it’s sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true!!!! - HIDDEN from Adams, MN

  • For those who are new to,this site is legitimate. I had several customers from this site for years now. What I do realize is that somebody must be hacking the site to get victims for scams, I had several contacting me every week,on my email and my cellphone, plus the chances of getting employment through this site have gone down, in quality and in opportunities of getting a job from customers that are serious and won't flake out on you.

    • Every once in awhile I get text. I just ignore them. I got my current job on here & love the family I work for. I always let someone know where I go for a job @ & look up who iwns the property if you can for the address. I have gotten some very good clients after work to sit for too. - HIDDEN from Manassas, VA

    • Maybe you are getting customers, but alot of us are not. I had posted to ads, and heard nothing. I had paid a one time monthly fee of $20. After my 30 days, I am done.
      I seriously doubt that is legit. I had read where people needed caregivers, but when I read their profile, it states that it’s closed. I had read 10 ads, 9 of them are closed. Makes me wonder.

      HIDDEN from Cottondale, AL

  • Yes, I get a scam text almost every day.  Not sure how they got my cell number, but they have it all the same. I fell for it the first time, but figured it out before it went too far.  It's sickening that someone out there is toying with people like that.

    • I was wondering if you have got any jobs from I have been applying since May and have only had two people want to hire me. - HIDDEN from Snow Camp, NC

  • I get the text messages too. Like others, I was excited the first time I got one, but then I realized it was just a scam. I've gotten a few since and just delete them. I think they prey on us because we're out there looking for work.

  • Yes. I spotted sevel job postings that are obviously from scammers. Maybe I should apply to work at

  • yup me too am getting inquiries from people who are "moving here"  and looking for child care.  they request resumes & referencesmy approach is to say thank you be polite and ask for contact as soo as the family arrives in my area.  i even offer to help in the transition.  figure if its real they will respond ..hey moving is hard... if no response its a scam... and there are alot of scams out there...

  • Yes I'm beginning to think that is fake as well hmmmmm

    • I don’t really understand how I can apply for 50+ jobs and not land any of these jobs.

      HIDDEN from Anniston, AL

    • Greetings, Care does have a hack/scammer problem, but they are not at all fake. I have enjoyed three jobs via, two of them long term and have just applied to a new one. Other than the scam texts, which are not BY, I have had a great experience with them.

      HIDDEN from Redmond, OR

    • I don’t think is fake, but I also don’t think it’s the best way to go about getting jobs. Like others, I’ve applied and applied and haven’t gotten so much as an interview, yet I have good references and reviews. tells me I’m in the top 5% of local caregivers. Apparently that means precisely nada. I’m keeping my account, but will continue to pound the pavement for work outside of Care. - HIDDEN from Murrieta, CA

    • I keep getting a lady saying she has a lot of work in my area and is looking for someone else who can help and wants me to call her is the a scam - HIDDEN from Waldwick, NJ

    • I believe is scam. I see job listings, I apply, and hear nothing. - HIDDEN from Cottondale, AL

  • I just received the same scam that I got earlier this summer from the same person who said they got my info from

  • I'm was getting phone calls at least 5 times a week and a text maybe 2 times a week. I've since blocked them but I was so excited when I first got them. I assumed they were scams but I was hopeful. I replied to one and asked for more information and they never replied so then I knew it was too good to be true!

  • Last week I receive a text message saying that a lady was moving to my area and she would need my nanny services 3 hours  a week for which I was going to be paid 500 . And she said she wanted to deposit  to my bank the firs week of work just to secure my services, she said please send your complete name, adrees ,date of birth etc all my personal information.

    i just thought to myself .who pays 500 por 3 hours ?

    of curse no body .

    she never ask for references or background check.

    and by the way she told me to send her the adrees of my nearest mackdonald wich it was to suspicious to me.

    • I’ve put in dozens of applications, done background check and all that. I haven’t even gotten one response! - HIDDEN from Vidor, TX

  • I have been getting texts saying " so and so needs help with two fur babies" or sending email addresses asking for my response. I delete them and only answer people through the website. But I wonder, how are they getting my number? It never started until I joined Care, are they getting hacked?

  • Yes! I've had several scammers contact me. It's very annoying. They all send me a text, requesting that I email them my resume.

  • YES ! It's a scam turn them in!!

  • I receive e- mails and text messages all the time saying they need a nanny for very few hours and paying $500 dollars a week. The person who contacts me says is moving to my area and they ask me to provide personal information such as if  have a banking account, my address or my phone number to keep in touch via texts.  To be honest, I already gave up on finding a job from 

    • Not that per say, but I’m starting to feel like I’m getting scammed, I’ve applied for 50+ jobs and only one has even called me. On top of that, I’ve checked other options out and clearly I’m more qualified for the jobs but just doesn’t seem right to me either.

      HIDDEN from Anniston, AL

  • People do want to work, and I have been trying and instead of gettng ahead I feel I am walking backwards, I can finally say I can do whatever I want yeah now that my kids have grown, but unfortunately my old vehicles gave up on me, and now feeling worse than ever, so hopeless I have run into so many people scaming I do not even want to put my real name less my SS # have not applied for foodstamps in over 6 mo. I feel very embarrassed and I know I have been trying to find a decent job. I am very experienced in most any job site imaginable, I was even scamed by a well known recruiting agency went to work for two days with them and did not get paid the agency is one stop, I had worked with this agency before so I did not think there would be a problem. Now without a car the problem is worse, is there any one else to reach out to? I got into this site heaven knows how I found it. Cry for help. 

    • Don’t give up,i know its hard my car is down also and it can be hard to work especially if u don’t have transpotation.If you don’t mind me saying I believe God will bring us out of this rut that we are in please keep ur faith he knows our hearts and will bless you! keep your faith don’t give up. - HIDDEN from Indianapolis, IN

    • So glad to see at least one mention of God and faith in the Lord.Scams are all over. Greed will tempt you and you may end up losing. My only problem with is, as many have mentioned, so many applications and no results except for an occasional viewed and going elsewhere. I am curious as the app was free via google play.. They constantly want me to upgrade my account where I’d have to pay. Is this their way of getting people to buy a premium membership cause you don’t get an interview or job unless you pay for a membership. Oh well, my next spare $20 is to buy a one month ticket to see jobs before the starting date. Best wishes in your bids to secure employment. God bless. - HIDDEN from Vineland, NJ

  • You guys!!! So lame. Got a message from this guy - Buckner Graham - so excited because I have literally sent a 100 emails on this stupid website and only one person has answered. Well, I emailed him with my personal email since the message didn't sound too abnormal from the get go. Spent so much time perfecting the perfect email to get me the job. And that's when stuff got super strange...

    His second email was SUPER weird, asking me the same questions that I gave the answer to in the first one. Then he asked for my personal info including address, if I am married, and PHOTOS of my family and all this weird crap including sending me money with a check bla bla...

    Here is the second email:
    "Thanks for the information, we have also gone through the information you sent and it works for us. we’re very sure you will enjoy working with Kristy, She is not allergic to anything and we know She'll stay with a new sitter easily. Regarding the fee, we are okay with it as long Her Safety is assured and She will get the best care from you. We are coming to state and staying in an Hotel because of My wife Darlene who is presently in the sick bed suffering from breast cancer and need to undergo surgery, I don't wanna talk about this but I think it is important since you would be working as the nanny to my Kid.(Kristy).

    I also want to inform you that we will be forwarding money for Kristy's items plus an upfront payment for you. Once you receive the payment, You will deduct an upfront payment for yourself and you will forward the rest money for Kristy's items to the private toy seller, the toy seller will send you the stuffs before we arrive with her so that you can put everything in place prior to our arrival, The seller will be sending Kids Ben10 Car,Train Table - White, Fun Explorers Construction Set and some toys because She has special toys She loves and admires so much.
    Please get back to me with your(Your Full Name, Address, Apt No. City, State,Postal code Tele#). so I can forward it to my accountant to send you the payment as soon as possible. Hope you understand clearly, I will be waiting for this information in other for us to get you booked upon our arrival. Attached are the pics of my family and i want you to attach your's as well so that i can be rest assured and Kristy can be familiar with it.


    I responded with: "Well honestly after reading your last email, and searching on, I know that I am being scammed. And f*cking SHAME on you using a handicap and cancer to scam people that really need this job. DISGUSTING!!!!! You are being reported."

    The only thing he got was my personal email that has my last name but nothing else. I'm super vigilant about this stuff so I knew something was up when the second email came through. Then it all made sense. They use all these tactics to make you feel bad and they pry on young people that really need the money. It's really sad.

    Just a shame that I spent all morning perfecting an email for a job I really would have liked to book...

    • omg!!! so glad i saw this! i got contacted by buckner grahm….but totally different story for me. just about how he was hard of hearing and all that…..and even though I gave him my age (i’m a teen) he asked all these super weird personal questions….im in new york and he also said he’d be staying in a hotel and asked for my address….seemed super weird, now my suspicions are confirmed! - HIDDEN from New York, NY

    • Good for you,they are awful using these sad lies to try and trick you out of your hard earned money!! - HIDDEN from Indianapolis, IN

  • I haven't started using yet, but I can tell you that has the same problem.  I'm only fifteen (I use a Teen Caregiver account on most sites), and I was just contacted by someone who supposedly wanted to hire me.  Yesterday, we agreed to meet at a local coffee shop this Sunday, but today (Saturday) in the morning, he told me his personal assistant called in sick and he needed someone to run an "errand" consisting of transferring money from my bank account (which, mind you, contains only $200, me being an unemployed high schooler and all) to his agent's via Western Union.  Upon going to the bank with my mother, we discovered it was all a scam, and the address of residence he had given me (which was very close to mine!) was in fact owned by someone completely different and currently up for sale.  He sent me $950 (expecting me to keep 100 "for compensation") and told me to give the remaining $850 to his agent.  I'm glad I caught the scam before giving him money I didn't have for no reason!

    • I am so glad you caught this…it reads SCAM loud & so clear. Be careful…always check with your parents if you are uncertain & do NOT give any of your personal info out to anyone asking too many questions. They are very clever & calculating… beware and be wary of anyone asking you to go to banks, exchanging money, cashing checks, never wire money Western Union or other wires..these people will try to play on your kindness…I am sorry that you experienced that. Not everyone is trustworthy. - HIDDEN from Orland Park, IL

  • Yes I had run into several not only through but on other places. And is the same M.O. as you describe.

  • I got one today from a woman who's her friend is moving from Canada and needs some one to take care her friends mom. Yes another scammer. One more scamming text and I am deactivating my account in here.

    • How can we deactivate the account? I also received a scam job offer from certain Kristin G. She is a scammer. - HIDDEN from San Jose, CA

  • A few years back. I received a check for a very large amount and I was supposed to pay a ground keeper or something. If it sounds too good to be true,, it probably is. Never accept large checks in advance. I sent it back and they were very upset.

    • I received a cashiers check for $2650 in a Fed Ex envelope to pay for furniture and utility deposit. (Right) I went to Google Earth and checked out the address on the envelope. It was an empty lot off a busy road. I Googled the bank name on the check. I called the bank. They asked who was the remitter on the cashiers check. When I told then they said destroy the check do not accept it do not cash it. With the technology they have today there is no reason to be allow yourself to be deceived into cashing one of those fake checks.

      Beth Ann Arthur

      HIDDEN from Oblong, IL

  • Hello i am new here and i am here for senior care. How you gus deal with scam ? i mean what is staff is doing about that ? how to land a job here ?

    • I’ve had two scammers in the past year. It’s quite common. Ugh 😑! Not so sure if there’s anything that can b done about it.

      HIDDEN from New Buffalo, MI

    • Good luck in landing a job using Some had said they had contacts for jobs, but I am not believing them either.
      I seriously doubt that is doing anything.

      Why do I feel a class-action lawsuit is in the near future with this “company”?

      HIDDEN from Cottondale, AL

  • Just a few, but they are very obvious. The ones that state they are out of the country/state but want to hire you to work for a high rate, and say to fill out a form.

    • Yes they are obvious. I have had two. They both first contacted me by text. My phone number is not where anyone could see it unless they have access to my personal information. They have to be someone working for

      Beth Ann Arthur

      HIDDEN from Oblong, IL

  • When you receive vtge check call both banks at the top of the check and tell them the check #!! If they have no record of this it is a scam.

    I had an amazing job offer sounded legit but a week of talking I told him I only accept personal checks. He said he already sent the check to me. He started becoming quite pushy and i became angry after i started realizing it was a scam so i reported him to the fbi and other oulets. Id ask all these questions and told him to send a pic of his dog. He told me he had an aussie Shepard and the picture was of a pitbull. I wanted to give the fbi enough time to find him, so messed with him for a week. Telling him i didnt get the check yet.he had the audacity to saw he was going to report me. After another week I messaged him basically "the jig was up" i hope the fbi actually did something but like nothing was probably done about this.

    Be smart check with the banks do your research! The number they give you look up up. Ask tons of questions!

  • Yes! should do something good about the prevalence of scammers on this site. It is very discouraging.

  • I just had some guy from Los Angeles text me out of the blue, saying he's moving to Iowa in November and needs a babysitter for his boy and his wife has one on the way. I messaged the site and told them about it. Of course, they said thanks for letting us know, we are looking into it. Also, here are some tips to deal with people like that. And they gave me a whole list on how to not communicate with strangers. LOL. The next day this guy contacts me again and I said to him that I don't appreciate him contacting me by phone, and that I would rather him contact me directly through the site. He said, well how do you think I found you. He said I found you through After which, I went ahead and asked him a ton of questions and found out what he really needed for a sitter. It turned out he needed a "sitter" for 12 hours a day. (Sorry, that's unreasonable) Well, for me at least. I told him I wouldn't be able to help him. And we left it at that. So he will no longer contact me. 

        But, I only knew he was from Los Angeles in the first place because I did a reverse phone lookup since I did not recognize the phone number. When someone starts out a conversation with "Hi, my name is David. I found you on and would like to hire you to take care of my 6 year old son." I get nervous and do my homework. I take my privacy and safety very seriously. So, I took it upon myself to find out where this person came from. Hopefully, if he is sincere though, he goes through the site to find a sitter, because going about the way he did, was not okay.

  • Yes...I got an email by someone who had recently lost their husband to a car accident, their child was in a wheelchair. They were going to move to my area and needed help for their wheelchair bound child who was seven. They wanted to send their child's wheelchair to my house and pay me before even meeting me.What kind of parent would hire someone without meeting them first....very fishy. When I emailed them back to ask why the child was not in school, they said they would be in school after they got out of the wheelchair. The texts were misspelled with several grammatical errors. Don't fall for it! Something is NOT right about this offer.

  • Yes there are scams for your identity on this site. I has happened on two occasions. The first ocassion was a daughter in law needed care services for her in law. They were moving here to the area for a contract job for two years. The rate of pay was $40/hr. I was very suspicious so I sent the messages to a family member and they said it didn't sound right. The last message I sent to them was asking where what city would they be moving to? I never got a response back. I got another one again. The name is different but I want to let people to know beware. Usually you will get a message thru the website. These messages are sent by text to your phone number. BEWARE!!

  • Yes, I receive the scams as well. Someone relocating and want me to help them out by taking care of their dogs but send me a check and then use some of the money to pay the dog products person. It is like; why don't you pay it directly? Why me? I immediately go BING..scammer.

  • Caregivers are ripe for the picking where scammers are concerned, and when you have a page online, your vulnerability is increased by about a quadrillion. The two I see most often here are 1) a deaf lady with a disabled child and 2) a family who is moving to the area and needs supplies purchased and set up before their arrival. They both offer a check--a big one--in advance with the instruction to cash it, and then blahblahblah. The check, of course, is bogus and sometimes the very act of depositing it compromises your bank account. Notify the site if you wish, but that doesn't change anything. Just remember to never deal with anyone who will not meet with you directly (at a public place, initially,) and NEVER accept a check for any amount that does not reflect the salary that you agreed upon for hours that you already worked. To be extra safe, walk the first couple of checks into the bank that issued them, and ask to have them cashed right there at the window. That way, your account will not be compromised no matter what happens with the checks. If the family really IS new to the area, insist upon cash until they can pay with a check from a local bank.

  • I have had 3 so far and that's just this month. These people need to learn how to get a real job and stop trying to take other people's hard earned money. Such cowards!

    • My answer comes in the form if two questions. Have the scammers first contacted you by text messages? They did me. How do they get our phone numbers to text us when our phone numbers aren’t public but our emails are? You have to be the customer yourself or someone working at to have access to that part of your profile.

      Beth Ann Arthur

      HIDDEN from Oblong, IL

  • Yep!

    2 scammers so far have texted me! Also been getting lots of spammy/unknown phone calls...maybe these are related.

  • I have also run into a couple of scammers. I was Same situation as discussed over and over in this Forum. I was contacted by a supposedly needy family via text message on my cell phone. The text stated they got my profile and information from After depositing a check I received via Next Day Air Letter, I was instructed to buy something very important for the inquiring family member to have it ready for them when they arrived from their previous location. I was then asked to send a portion of money to the prospective employer out of town, to make it easier on the family, which I did not do.The person was very pushy and wanted me to do this shopping and transferring of funds as soon as possible before the check even cleared in my account. This sent up a red flag to me and urged me to call my bank and speak to someone about the possibility of this check being involved in a scam. I'm glad I did because after three days the check never cleared. Luckily my bank had heads up ahead of time thus didn't charge me any fees. 

    Not every inquiry is a negative experience on but so far, 2 out of 5 were definitely scammers. I have worked with wonderful families and a long time Nanny for another.

    You just have to use your common sense and play it safe. Like any other online opportunity, technology today allows scammers to weasel there way into our lives and try to rob us of our livelihood  because of our kind and caring nature.

    We just have to persist and know we will prevail. Peace.  

  • There is a guy going by Joseph Freeman he's got an outlook email an said they were needing a housekeeper they were moving back to Blacksburg from Puerto Rico I just received the check today take it to the bank to find out it's a scam mind you that we have stayed in touch actually got a phone number I can't get him to answer his phone now. I got check thru the mail a girl named Wendy sent me an email stating that they needed help. I was think it was a miracle from God until today.

    • Be careful I was contacted by a man named Joseph lambert he was very nice at first.then whennhe realized that I was checking with the bank and they told me it was a scam he was very aggressive and he said he and his wife were both deaf and had sent the check thinking that I ws going to put it in my accnt,no.then he tried another name joseph I forgot last name he used second time I reported him again then he used another name megan something forgot the last name.I reported to police and also to this web site thankfully I have not received anymore fake names.just be careful they will try anything and will try to take advantage if ur kind. - HIDDEN from Indianapolis, IN

  • Yes, it happens all the time and it's really discouraging when you're looking for a job. At least it's easier to realize when it's a scam the more texts you get :x

  • I get texts at least twice a week from scammers wanting to pay me $400 a week  for a few hours of keeping their Golden Retriever.  They are from out of town but
    are moving to my area.  I live in a small East TX town and there is no way all of these people have Golden Retrievers and are moving to my area. 

  • So the other day I got an email stating that my services are needed for a family which is supposedly from So, I emailed the family and it was a lady saying that the care is for her mother in law who has dementia and they are moving here from Australia in November and will be staying for 14 months. Long story short she told me she is hard of hearing so texting is what she mostly do, she told me everything about the job and I said ok. She said she is going to pay me in advance for the first week to secure my services and ask for my address (and me being a dummy sent it to her). I got a check yesterday for $4800 and I am saying why would they send me so much anyways she told me that when I cash the cheque I should let her know because she had to pay some store manager and that's when I stopped emailing her.

    • Yes I am! I get these type of scammers all the time. In the beginning I told them I needed more of their info before I would give them any of my info. Now I ignore and delete. What is the company prepared to do to handle these scammers? - HIDDEN from Westwood, MA

    • I think I got scam with the Nanny Agent company in Dallas Tx., according to her she had a job for me but she’s telling me that there’s no job for me now and she got all my information social security number and driver’s license number. I was calling for a whole week and a half and she never responded back to me. - HIDDEN from Dallas, TX

  • I used to get them everyday.  The local news had a story on how to spot them.  It is really discouraging when they are on Monster.con and indeed sites.

    I fell for one.  Received a check from a business in Manhattan.  Return address Oklahoma City and mailed from Sacramento Ca.  Those  were enough red flags for me to call county Sheiffs office.  Then I got an email stating they were going to charge me with theft.  The Sheiffs office contacted them that the check was in their possession and could be picked up anytime. Neither one of us have heard another word.


    Look for all lower case and misspelling.  I replied back I am interested. BUT no money will be run thru my account.  That seems to slow them down. 

    • Good for you that’s the same thing I told them,my brother in law is really retired from police dept here, and I told the person that kept trying to contact me that I had let him see the fake check and he told me to contact police dept here.they stop texting me and sending fake e-mails also. - HIDDEN from Indianapolis, IN

  • Like I got last week. They were moving from Australia and she said she was hearing impaired. Wanted me to buy groceries for her. She said would sending a big check for my services in advance and buy groceries. When I asked the address where she was moving she stopped e-mailing me.
    You know. 😑 I am full time student working for my nursing program. The thing upsets me are those scams to trying to take money from you.
    The text I got to please contact her was not a real phone number. How they got my cell phone number. She was not even in this site. Probably a fake name.

  • This happened to me as well. Same thing as the 1600.00 story about the wheelchair and disabled child. I copied it to to hopefully have it traced but have not heard anything back.

  • Never ever deposit a check in your bank account for anyone. There is no reason to ever do this. No matter what they tell you. If they don't have a bank account, they can always take the check to a bank and cash it. The only reason they couldn't would be because it is a fake check.

    Do not even consider a job unless a person already lives in your area, no matter what they tell you. If they can't meet with you to talk over the job, have no more to do with it and don't give out your number.

    I do not receive as many of these as some of you. I have seen several job postings that are scams. Learn to spot them. They generally have odd wording and a salary that's to good to be true. I'll post one on here if I can.

  • The problem I am having with the whole situation is HOW exactly are these scammers getting our private information? I took my question to those who supposedly run this site and have never gotten any answers. Yes I contacted them more than once. Has anyone been able to get an answer on how our phone numbers are getting out there?

    • I contacted (email) twice. 1st time they said they’re looking into it. 2nd time (a few days ago) they said they’re looking into it but it’d take longer BC of increase in scammers lately. (I’ve had 3 scammers contact me w/in past few mths)have been keeping copies of all emails,text) there’s a govt agency that this can b reported to also.(will have to google to find out which) plan to send all copies to them. Not sure if anything can b done about it though. I’ll prob just delete my profile…& not post anything online anymore (had scammer on Craigslist too) it’s getting way to frustrating !

      HIDDEN from New Buffalo, MI

  • I am. They text me saying that they'll pay $300/ week to take care of their Australian terrier. They then want me to cash a huge check of over $3,000 dollars, take my first week's payment, and give the rest to a "friend". It's a common scam on where the check will go through, but several weeks later the bank will see it's a fake and you'll be out over $2,000. I haven't fallen for it, but others have, so please be careful out there!

  • I am tired of trying to contact clients after I pay my to up grade and it says a client has answered me and find out there is absolutely nothing at all. So I'm thinking that needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau especially when I have paid several times.

  • I was sent a message from someone that wanted a housekeeper. She wanted to interview me the following week and would get back to me asap with times. Well she took 5 days to respond back asking to meet up for the interview. Thing thing is she asked to meet in a completely different town than what was posted, so I asked where and that for safety purposes and because she didn't have a picture up either. She responded back to me stating she was an estate manager for the owners whose main residence was in Los Angeles and that she was staying at a hotel. Well that officially creeped me out. I sent a message back declining to meet for an interview. I didn't feel safe about this one and felt it was a scam, especially in a world of weirdos, kidnappings and sex traffickers.

  • Wow, all these stories sound terrible! Do scammers retrieve information from nannies who put their contact info in their profile? Just wondering how to avoid this!

    • I also just now received an email from a client claiming that they are moving out to this area soon and are looking for a pet sitter in advance even going on saying that they are willing to pay in advance just to ensure my commitment ahead of time. I almost filled out the info rite then but decided to find out if this was a scam by looking on website or asking anyone first. Now I’m glad I looked big time. - HIDDEN from Wellton, AZ

  • Yes i had a woman lie and try to get my bank account information. She wanted to deposit checks and "check to make sure that they were received" 

  • At one point, I was getting up to 40+ per day of texts that were almost identical.  They stated they found me on and had either a dog, a child, or a senior parent that needs care.  It stated that the care was for 'some few hours a day' and the pay was always $500/week.  I had to quit using my phone for about a month and borrowed my son's because I was so slammed with crap.  I have recently started seeing the same posts on Craigslist, so it isn't just having the issue.  Don't ever give personal info to anyone you haven't met face to face and even then you don't have to give them much information!  

  • Yea i actually had a caregiver contact me asking me to work an event at some very odd hours good thing i was able to see it was a scam but needs fo fix this problem!

  • Eveyone I am so glad that we have this site so that we can keep in touch and stay up on these fake ppl,Dont get mad at yourself or even say that you are dumb.there are just ppl out here who are trying to take advantage and if it sounds to good to be true it is.Be careful and don't let anyone of these scammers take your hard earned money,keep reading these posts so you do not get tricked it is a shame that these ppl are out here trying to take our kindness for granted.

  • I have twice witch made me delete my account. It was by the same person, she went by Sophia Yates and me being new had cashed in a fake check almost putting me thousands of dollars into the hole. She claimed I needed to give her 400 dollars for her sons new wheelchair because the insurance would not cover the cost, I had to talk to my bank and they had pulled me aside letting me know about the scam. I was afraid and in disbelief someone could do such a thing. The only reason I recreated my account is because I need a job.

  • Yes, I have had a few, they want to meet you at a Starbucks, I say my husband will be accompanying me, then they say we will call you back, we pay for the advertising of our availability, and work ethic, we should not have to deal with this. I'm disappointed as you apply to 30 jobs and get no feed back and if you look closer the adds are changed up with wording. After my Six months I'm done, it's a waste of money, and we are making them Care RICHER

    • I think I’ve had a few who have tried to scam me, but I’ve really been blessed with work from this site. Ur gonna have people everywhere who try to screw you. Just use ur discernment. That’s what God gave it to you for and keep pushing. My advice is to not just simply apply for the job, go back and send them messages. That’s what I always do and I’ve landed many clients from

      HIDDEN from Anniston, AL

  • I'm concerned before getting much past initial expectations hoped for but going to see what happens 

  • I have had the exact same problem some of you have. A sad story to get emotionally attached, moving from a different state, and wanted me to deposit a check. 

    ***Something to KEEP IN MIND: If someone asks you to deposit a check: 1. Ask the bank to check the routing number to find a legitimate bank account with enough money to pay the check. 2. Ask for a picture of them. The scammer I dealt with sent me a stock photo/clipart photo. 

  • I receive 2 to 5 scam texts per week. I have reported them to repeatedly.

  • What do they get by doing this scams ?

    • If you reply, for whatever reason, they get your e-mail address. They can then sell it or use it for other scams. - HIDDEN from Murrieta, CA

  • I was getting texts from these scams 2-3 times a week and I finally had to remove my phone number from being publicly displayed to other members.

  • I am .

  • Yes! I had several people contact me through text messages, offering employment without an interview. Most of them were "relocating to my area" and wanted to pay good amounts of money, almost too good to be true. 

    I contacted the team immediately and informed them of the potential scams. They responded and informed me that my phone number was public to any Premium member, and let me know how to opt out of this feature below. Hope this info helps! 

    We'd also like to take this opportunity to let you know that you currently have “Opted In” to having your phone number appear on your profile. This means that it is currently visible to any Premium member looking for care on, regardless of whether you have exchanged emails with a person or applied to their job.

    If you would like to “Opt Out” of your phone number being shown on your profile, please log in to your and select “Account & Settings.”  Scroll down to the "Privacy Settings & Preferences" section, and click on the word “Edit.” Simply uncheck the box next to “Make my phone number(s) visible to other members on my profile.”  Be sure to save your change by clicking "Submit," and you will be all set!

  • I have this problem all the time. I apply for jobs and never get them then scamers contact me.

  • Yes I believe I have I responded to an ad Carl stating that he needed to caregiver for his loved one well I met with this man in Homewood gave him my social and my driver's license number to do a background check and I haven't heard from him since Friday I've tried calling repeatedly to the number he called me from and can't get an answer so beware do not give out your social security number or your driver's license number to anyone he stated he was doing a background check I have contacted my bank and credit card Credit Agencies so far I'm sorry just don't know what's going

    • Hopefully this scam artist will fall into a manhole and lose your info. - HIDDEN from Orland Park, IL

    • Oh No!!! I just told my daughter when she goes to an interview or talks to them on the phone to NOT give them any personal info. If they are on care they can request a background check…so tell them to do that. - HIDDEN from Peotone, IL

  • Yes I had some lady text me and email me saying that she was looking ofr help for her mother and that they were moving to town and that she seen my profile and that I'm the one for the job and that she was going to send me a check to pay for her mothers electric wheelchair and to have it delivered to my house and the remaining of the money was a week pay up front. she would contact me from different numbers all the time. She even went as far as sendng me a check to my Po Box i called the bank on it and of course the account didn't exsit. I have this happen to me twice now. 

  • I have been having problems with scammers to. One of them got my phone number and kept sending me texts

  • What is doing about this?

  • I never had a scammer problem because their accounts get deleted before I even get in contact with them. is very serious about scammers and keeps them away thanks to the people who flags them ASAP.

    By the way I have a social study project and I need some help. This is for my sociology class and is a study about nannies and families with nannies. Here is the link to the survey it takes less than 5 minutes to answer and is very easy. 

    Ill be happy to share the results with the community 

    Thank you in advance!

  • Yes, via text. Once a week almost

  • Yes been hit x2 of these suspected scam. answered one very polite asking to meet when arrive in my area will delete all the rest. Dissappointed in web site am pulling myself off it my local facebook groups are safer and more productive

  • Yes

  • Yes I also was tried to be scamed A Lady text me saying her and her uncle from Colorado were moving to my Area in May the Reason was thst he lost his wife of 60 years she said she would pay me first before they come down so I am a honest person so I said ok gave her my info She sends me a $3500 check from an Elderly program she wanted me to deposit it take $1000 send her the rest- I saidto myself if it sounds to good to be true thats because it is. Still have the check Scary thing is she text me and said " I see you just got the package from fedex scary stuff

  • Hello. I have only had a few, but it was pretty clear they were scams. They wanted to make payment without even meeting me. One asked me to cash a check. I don't pay them any attention. Just use common sense, if it's too good to be true, it more than likely is... 


    Its sad that people make a living off of scamming others. Not sure how they sleep at night..

  • As with anything on the internet, scams are going to happen when there are people looking for jobs (usually desperately) online which is opened to whomever. I have had scam/spam reach out to me but it's pretty easy to identify these people.

    It is a scam/fake account if:

    • they ask for personal information off jump. As Care.Com policy states (something like) keeping all communication through the website. Remember, if someone wants you to watch their children, they are trying to keep themselves safe as well. Stay in the space!
    • If they ask to send you money through Western Union or any other way and you haven't worked with them yet. Common sense will tell you to never even entertain these messages. This is the type of phishing that can harm your computer.
    • They reach out to you with a whole list of needs and requests. My experience here is 80/20 legit. 80% of my jobs are from me reaching out, 20% are families reaching out to me. Get used to seeing the language and conversation used with "real people"

    Also, the spam will definitely come if you are not active in your account and reaching out to people. I don't think it's serious enough to delete the app or stop using Just get smarter, establish your reputation and profile so that true humans are always interested in ya!

  • Many of the above comments are VERY familiar to my experiences. I have yet to get a job with and I've been with them for a couple of years.

    I'm understanding better and better why care givers choose to work thru agencies where the office personnel has done all the ground work with the clients, and there really is an offered job. You may earn less per hour, but at least it's the real deal.

    Keep an eye out for these scammers who will do whatever they can to rob us. They prey on our qualities of being care givers i.e. we want to assist those who need us the most. Very sad, but don't let it jade you. There are wonderful people out there.

  • Yes every job I have applied for comes back closed. The only two that have contacted me are not jobs to which I have applied and both have been scammers. The second one I sent an email telling them if they are scammers please do not continue. I do not cash any checks until I have completely checked them out. I didn't hear anything else from Monica and Edison Edison from Puerto Rico moving to Robinson IL Right

  • I received one check for $2650. The scammers won't answer direct questions. They want you to cash the check send them money them you end up owing your Bank. The addresses they want you to send the money is them. When I received the check I found the bank on which the cashier check was drawn on Google. I called them and they verified the check was no good and advised me to destroy it. With all the technology available to us today we can check these scammers out.

  • Yes. I've gotten 2 checks from scammers. I thought the jobs were light. I brought them to my bank. I was only in contact with them through txt or email. Now I'm Leary to accept any offers. I was going to close my account on here . They had all of my info. BE AWARE

  • I already answered this question above....but after reading more responses I want to add a few things. 

    First, I am not blaming anyone that has fallen victim to these scams. People are scandalous and you guys were taken advantage of in the worse way.

    However, I don't see these scams going away in the near future. If anything they'll only become more and more clever on how to scam ppl. So, it's especially important that we all start using common sense. Why would anyone give you a check if you haven't rendered any services? Ask yourself.... would I send someone a check to watch my kid before hiring them or before they actually watch my kids? No!!! Who would? Really think about it. This would be like you applying to work at Walmart before they interview or hire you they send you a check? For what??. They never would. Why? Because they aren't stupid....they know you can disappear with their money. But it won't matter because there really isn't any money to start with and any money you give them back.... will actually be your own.

    In short...... stop and take a few minutes to think about things. If it seems more than likely is a scam. 

  • Just got the same scam. Just use your head. You wanna send me a check for 2400 and you've never even met me. I kept asking to hear them over the phone. Just a shame. I honestly felt bad for a fake little girl named Megan.

  • I have been a member for about 6 months now, I've had one scam did not buy into it either. I have applied to at least 30 jobs, not one hit from anyone wanting to hire me. I don't have the time to sit here everyday looking for work that will never come. I'm deleting me acct, working with real job sites from now on. Good luck to all!

    • I have not had any hits either. I am beginning to wonder if any of the “jobs” on the site are even real. I live in a small community and they had several people who claimed to be from my area whom I have never seen nor heard the name.

      — The spirit stands as immovable in all assaults of joy or sorrow, disgrace or shame, as a mountain of lead stands against a small wind. (Meister Eckhart: Sermons, writings and sayings)

      HIDDEN from Oblong, IL

  • I live in Long Island, New York and I have had the same woman from Florida message me the same exact story... months apart from each other about how she is a single mom and needs someone to come into her home to take care of her child for her. I answered the first time and she asked me for a lot of personal information that was not necessary. 

  • I get scams often where people text my phone with bogus offers...yet haven't gotten many actual people message me back at all

  • Hey so I'm not sure if this offer is a scam or not.Hes moving from On.Canada to Crest Hill, Ill. He talked about his pregnant wife and his dog Iggy. He never asked me to send him money back only to buy his dog $200 worth of things. I messaged him back that I only take personal checks and no advances in case of a scam. He told me that I can wait till the check clears to know that this isnt a scam. What do you all think?!

  • Sry much so!! Wtf do I do?

  • Yes! text messages for me, definitely just be careful who you respond to, if they'll meet, and I would recommend a contract to. 

  • Yup, happened to me last year. It was a russian family asking for personal info and not being very clear. So annoying.

  • Well this is scary

  • I was almost scammed this summer. Christian family coming from Puerto Rico to the little farm town I live in, how convenient I thought,thank you Jesus! Well, thank God the banks were fully aware of these kind of people

  • my case is  more  weird , since i have paid .i never  received message  to recomand jobs  to me any more . why why why ?

    • Agreed! Read my post above! N go look for ppl looking for ur services there were 10+ posts that never even showed up! - HIDDEN from Rensselaer, IN

  • Yes! Daily I get txt messages saying they got my info from "care" they are from different numbers asking me to email them etc! It's ridiculous! Starting at the beginning of this month I have paid for premium membership, applied to 30+ jobs (within 35 miles of me) the first week and then msgd the employer to check in for the past 2 weeks... no response. So tonight I look on who was looking in my area there was like 10+ families looking for me basically and never even showed up on my jobs list to apply! I'm beginning to think that this whole thing is a sham!

  • I learned a lesson, I don't reply to any message that offers high rate money, or is moving to my area or  ask me to e-mail him/her with my phone number or address... those people are 100% scammers.

  • I have been contacted by scammers on Care and Sittercity. They usually get removed pretty quickly.

  • The key is NEVER accept direct money from anyone. I they got your information from why would they want to deal with you away from the agency? it's not like they know. Rule of thumb "If it sounds to good to be true it IS a scam period".

  • no i don.t

  • Yep...same wheel chair sob story. The first time it happened to me I was like 15 or 16 years old. Thankfully I ran it past my dad and he explained that it was a scam and showed me examples online...but since then I have been getting text messages and emails too. Very frustrating!

  • I just logged into this community and saw on my account activity that I was also logged in Ashburn, Va which is days away from where I truly am. I disconnected them but am wondering how they got in my account and if so, are they using me as a type of catfishing deal for jobs?! The digital age has a sleu of worries I almost sometimes wish it were back to the ol' days of flyers and phonebooks-almost! I think also, some people feel bad for rejecting caregivers and just blow them off. Professional? No. But for the non-confrontational types I could see it being easier I suppose.

  • I've also been getting text messages from 800s and emails. I've also applied to all these families and NO reply at all. It's just odd and it sucks for use care givers looking for a job.

  • I am especially concerned being that I am from Fl. I've applied to multiple jobs and get zero responses. I figured it was because I have no photo or background, but I refuse to pay 59 bucks for a background & no pic is for my own safety. I would rather go to the police station and get my own background and present it if needed. Thanks for the warning though, you've saved me lots.

  • Honestly I have received more scam contact then potential family's, but every time I have reported it removed that person by the next day.  It's bus trading but I do feel like they are working on it. 

  • My problem is, WHENEVER I apply to pet care jobs I seem to always get a text sent to my phone... saying something like "Mr.Smith would like you to watch his kitties for the weekend, email him @" and then gives me an email. I never email them because if they want to get a hold of me they can speak to me through care. So I also had someone tell me he was moving here from some other state and he needed a nanny and his company would pay me for babysitting. It sounded too good to be true... and it sure was, he was later removed from the cite.

  • I have had to respond multiple times for it to show! Also, my site keeps saying maintenance every few times I click around!

  • I'd ignore any random texts you get about jobs if you have not initiated the contact. I have received weird text messages. I did however request that my phone number not be on my profile so I am not sure how they contacted me. 

  • I sent a text to a care client who was vacationing in Hawaii at the time. 1 minute later a scammed sent me a text asking for services in hawaii, for their cousin who told her about

  • Yes...3 x's in the past few months. Reported it to But don't think they can do anything about it. Scamming is so prevalent ..... the only recourse is to avoid it. (However; there's a govt. agency that handles these issues....) not sure if they can do anything either. (You're not alone)

  • for awhile it was every single day

  • I'm being scammed right now by a person that calls herself Natasha and Steve from Canada so if you get an email from them don't bother to answer it they asked me to name their two new fish they plan on buying told them to name them after each other lol

  • What scams!? 


  • Text the answer " stop " and they can't text you anymore! Problem solved!

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