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  • It usually is from cat to cat If she petted an outdoor cat then that might be how your friends cat got FIV

  • contrarary to the typical thought, it is not transmitted thru playing. Just as hiv, if a couple is not covered, and the possible potential, assuming host is not leathly sick, it has a 2% chance of getting into the body, even with bleeding; and a 0.1% chance of the body not fighting it off/defeating it before it starts. If they are fixed, and only EXCESSIVE mating would pose a true risk, they should be fine, truly

  • Cats get FIV from other cats who are infected mostly through biting but can be given through saliva.

  • From what i've researched, FIV can be given to the cat mostly by them getting deep bite wounds by fighting another feline. It could also be the possibility that the cat had it passed onto her by her mother. The types of cats that are mostly able to contract this are the free roaming cats(mainly male ones).

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