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Navigating COVID-19: Additional precautions for families and caregivers

The safety of our members — both caregivers and families — is our highest concern. As we care for each other during this unprecedented time, we urge everyone to follow the best practices outlined by the CDC. Additionally, there are steps that families and caregivers can take to further protect their well-being and we encourage you to access the information below and check in here frequently as we continue to update these guidelines in accordance with new information. Together, we can and will get through this crisis.

For families:

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we encourage families to take additional precautions when hiring caregivers, and to have pro-active conversations with your existing caregivers about safety expectations. Of course, there are still the usual interview questions to ask while vetting a caregiver, but now there are additional questions we need to be asking around COVID-19, too.

We now ask caregivers on the platform to voluntarily answer the question: “Have you and your household checked your temperature today?” We can’t make any guarantees about an individual’s health, but we hope this can be the start of a conversation between you and your potential caregiver.

It’s also important to protect those who care for us. If you, your child or anyone in your household are sick, do not schedule child care and do cancel any child care (with pay if possible) that you have previously scheduled.

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For caregivers:

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we encourage caregivers to take additional precautions when interviewing for care jobs. Caregivers should not put themselves at risk by caring for a family in which someone is exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, or has recently been exposed to someone exhibiting symptoms.

Additionally, if you or someone in your household is sick or has a known, recent exposure to coronavirus, please stay home and do not care for children or adults. As always, but especially during this difficult time, we encourage families to extend paid sick leave to the caregivers they employ.

If you are healthy and available to work, we now offer caregivers a way to tell families that you and your household have checked your temperature today. While fever is not the only indication of coronavirus, and we can’t make any guarantees about any individual’s health, we hope this can be the start of a conversation between you and your potential employer.

Some state and local governments are instituting “stay-at-home” or “shelter-in-place” orders to slow the spread of the virus. These orders often limit activity by “non-essential” employees. If you have questions on whether care workers are deemed “essential” where you live, check our state-by-state guide, which we’re updating as information becomes available. Additionally, some municipalities and local governments may have adopted additional requirements, so please also check with your state and local authorities for up-to-date information.