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6 signs you need a cat sitter

Working overtime or heading on an overnighter away? It might be time to bring in a cat sitter. If the following scenarios apply to your kitty, it's definitely worth thinking about hiring a pet sitter.

It’s a common stereotype that cats like to be left alone. And while your cat may have their moments of aloofness, make no mistake — they do need you. While you might not be missed after a quick jaunt to the grocery store or an overnight visit at a family member’s house, leaving cats alone for an extended length of time is a different story.

It’s worth thinking about hiring a cat sitter, especially if the following scenarios apply to you:

1. Sing for your supper

Unless you have an automated feeder, chances are good that your cat needs someone to feed them at least once a day. If you leave a little extra out, some cats can ration out their meals while others just look at extra food as an opportunity to gorge themselves. Try giving your cat a little extra food and see which category they fall into. If it’s the second, hiring a cat sitter to stop by can keep your kitty from stuffing themselves and then going hungry.

2. Like a wrecking ball

Do you find your cat often scratching at things they’re not supposed to, clawing at the carpet or knocking things off tables and chairs? If so, you may need a cat sitter just to make sure your couch isn’t shredded after you get back from a day or two away. Leaving cats alone shouldn’t mean you have to buy new furniture!

3. My loneliness is killing me

While some cats are aloof, others are actually quite clingy. Do you have a feline friend who can’t stop following you around or yowls when you are in the bathroom? If you have a companion who needs constant attention, consider getting a cat sitter so they won’t feel so alone.

4. Vacation: all I ever wanted

You might be OK leaving your cat alone for 24 to 48 hours for a short excursion. But if you’re vacationing to a far off place and will be gone for three or more days, you should absolutely hire a cat sitter to check up on your feline friend and at least make sure any automatic feeders are working, the litter box is clean and, of course, that your little buddy gets some attention while you’re gone.

5. Now we’ve got bad blood

Do you have a multi-cat household? Are things a little … tense between two kitties? If so, then you’ll definitely want to hire a cat sitter. Leaving cats who don’t get along could result in cat fights and legitimate injuries, which can become serious if no one is there to treat them. Fortunately, a cat sitter can break up any fights and see that hurt kitties get vet attention if needed.

6. I won’t worry my life away

At the end of the day, the best thing a cat sitter can provide pet parents with is peace of mind. If you’ll be spending some time away from home, the last thing you want to worry about is what your cat might be up to. If you use a cat sitter, however, you’ll know your pet is taken care of, and that you can simply call or text if you really need to know exactly what Fluffy or Mr. Snowball is up to at any given moment.