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Jayme Kennedy

Upland, CA

Hi, I'm Jayme! I'm a single mom to two young and mighty girls. We live in the 'burbs outside of L.A. with our three cats and one goofy dog.

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The Cost Of Continuing Care Retirement Communities: Can You Afford It?

Life in continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, can be pricey. But for some, it’s a worthy investment for a more carefree lifestyle after retirement. A person can live out their life in a CCRC—if they have the financial means. A CCRC can provide its residents with varied levels of... more

The Pros And Cons Of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

There are many factors to consider when planning where you want to spend your golden years. For many seniors, aging in place is the most practical and appealing option. But for those who want to retire somewhere that offers plenty of amenities, continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, are quickly... more

Daycare Tax Credit: What Is It And How Can It Benefit You?

Applying daycare expenses to the child care tax credit can help families save thousands. There are many tax credits and deductions available to parents and families, but one of the most overlooked and beneficial is taking a tax credit toward the money spent for daycare. These expenses qualify for the... more

How To Get Math Tutor Jobs

Take these steps to become a math tutor, develop your curriculum, find students to tutor, and start attracting paying clients. So what does it take to become a math tutor? Well, it certainly helps to be really good at math. But beyond your math skills, there are other steps you... more

How Do You Handle Communication In Your Nanny Share?

Communication between two families and a nanny can be tricky. The key is to maintain consistent, open dialogue with each other. Nanny shares have lots of advantages, but they also require a bit more attention and involvement between the parties. When you’re trying to manage the schedules and needs of two... more

How Should You Handle Time Off In Your Nanny Share?

Whether it’s a planned vacation or unexpected illness, handling your nanny’s days off will be a breeze if you have the right plan in place. By this point, you’ve done a ton of work to set up your nanny share. Let’s quickly recap everything you’ve done so far: You’ve weighed... more

Finding The Other Family In Your Nanny Share: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Finding the “perfect” family to share a nanny can be tricky. Here are 5 questions to help you decide which family is right for yours. You’ve weighed and reweighed your various options for child care and have decided to go with a nanny share. Good choice! Now that you’ve figured... more

So, You Want To Do A Nanny Share! Here's How To Get Started

You've decided to do a nanny share. Next up: You'll need to figure out what you need, want, and can afford. Once you’ve decided that a nanny share is right for your family, figuring out how to get started can be overwhelming. There are several factors you’ll want... more