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9 Crazy Tricks For Finding A Job

Sometimes you have to think outside the box if you want to land the nanny, babysitter, housekeeper or other caregiver job of your dreams. Finding a great caregiving job -- whether you're a nanny, sitter, senior care aide, housekeeper, pet sitter, etc. -- can be tough. Many people take the same... more

4 Unusual Nanny Jobs

Want to be a nanny? Be creative and think about the different types of nanny positions available. "When many people think of nannies, they picture working in private homes," says Ingrid Kellaghan, parenting expert and founder of the Cambridge Nanny Group. But while this is usually the job description, there... more

Do You Have A Babysitter Box?

Make your sitter's life -- and yours -- a whole lot easier by putting together a babysitter box with everything she might need     When a babysitter comes over to watch your kids, you want everything to go smoothly. Do you really want to be struggling to remember all the... more

8 Fun Summer Activities For Family Child Care Programs

It's summertime, and that means kids are spending a lot of time at day care. It also means they're spending a lot of time outside. Of course, you can only let the kids run through the sprinklers so many times before they get bored. So, to get your... more

7 Tips For Being On Time

When you're a caregiver, your employers rely on you to be on time. Commit to being punctual with these helpful tips.     A common complaint we hear from families on is that nannies, babysitters and other types of caregivers are sometimes late for both interviews and... more

6 Mistakes Families Make When Hiring A Nanny

Avoid these common errors when researching and interviewing prospective nannies. Hiring a nanny isn't a simple process. You're looking for the right person to care for your child and the process requires extensive research -- it isn't something you can rush through. When you're thinking about how... more

Should You Hire A Nanny With A Child?

7 things to think about before hiring a nanny who's also a mom. Though nannies are usually portrayed as caring for other people's children, they are often mothers themselves. When this comes to light in a nanny search, it can give some people pause. Will she be as... more

Can You Ask Your Nanny To Cook?

Here are 7 things that you should keep in mind if you're looking for a nanny or babysitter who can also prepare meals. "My son loves his babysitter!" says Rebecca W. from Scottsdale, Arizona. "She only cooks his food, nothing for the family as a whole, but has also offered... more