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Alita Home Care, LLC

1801 W. Evans St Suite 107 D, Florence, SC

Hello, we are a non-medical home care provider that has opened a new branch here in our local community, where we were born and raised. We are a member of a sister group that has been in business for many years. We are not a franchise, we are a locally owned business wanting to give back to our local community.

We pride ourselves in the work that we do for our clients! Our job is to provide you the assistance to help you/or family member stay at home and avoid a nursing home, assisted living, or long-term care facility as long as possible. We can carry you through those senior stages in life, as we do provide referrals if necessary and desired, when and if the client's needs change.

Our caregivers are screened with Background Checks and DMV records, no offense is allowed. We are insured and bonded and carry Workman's Comprehensive Insurance for our caregivers. Our job is to do the screening and take the risks off of you! Let us do the tedious task of advertising, screening, and filtering your potential caregivers.

We try to match you up with a caregiver based on what your preferences are. We want this relationship to be a good fit and be a healthy companionship for you and your family member. We are very friendly, professional, and we really care about our clients!

We have a special program to help Veteran's and surviving spouses of Veterans find the money to pay for this care. Please ask us about this, as we have a very high approval rate and not many people know of this benefit!! There is no charge to do this, we provide the service for free for our Veteran's!

We also offer a special package where we provide a ride home for our client from the hospital, or other facility, and stay with them for the first 72 hours at home. This is the most critical time when you are returning home from an illness and recovering. This is a special all inclusive package for a one-time fee and is very reasonable-call for the price, I just don't want to publish it for other home agencies to see!

We can drive your loved one to the doctor or where ever they need to go, whether it's groceries, medications, or just to get out of the house. We can help with dressing, bathing, oral care, medication reminders, light housework, some laundry, feeding assistance, meal preparation, mobility, and memory assistance. Staying at home is less expensive than going into a facility and we won't take your assets!! Besides, we would all want to stay home as long as possible, right?
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