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25 winter crafts for kids of all ages

From super simple ideas to projects that are the fairly involved, check out our list of winter crafts for kids of all ages.

25 winter crafts for kids of all ages

There’s never a bad time for crafting, but winter, more than any other season, lends itself to all things glitter, yarn and glue stick-related — particularly when it comes to kids. Not only is crafting during the winter a particularly cozy way to get a reprieve from snow and bitter cold, but there are so many seasonal themes to work with!

From super easy winter crafts for toddlers to fairly involved (but super gorgeous) DIY ice skating scenes for older kids, here are 25 winter crafts for kids.

Winter crafts for toddlers

1. Winter windsocks

Image via I Heart Crafty Things

With minimal supplies and an incredibly cute outcome, these winter windsocks from I Heart Crafty Things are one of the easiest winter crafts out there. 

2. Paper fan snowman

Whether you use folded up paper, coffee filters or doilies, toddlers will love whipping up cute snowmen in the coziness of the kitchen or the living room, where it’s nice and toasty. 

3. Handprint cardinal

Image via The Best Ideas for Kids

Toddlers love anything that features their handprint (as do parents since they make such sweet keepsakes!), so this simple handprint cardinal craft from The Best Ideas for Kids is a no-brainer for wintertime fun. 

4. Snowman marshmallow dispenser

Image via Meaningful Mama

Pop quiz: Would most toddlers rather make or eat a snowman? While the former is fun, we’re guessing the latter, which is why this craft-turned-snack snowman marshmallow dispenser from Meaningful Mama is the perfect winter activity. No snow gear required! 

5. Paint stick snowmen

Image via Crafts by Amanda

These simple paint stick snowmen from Crafts by Amanda are a guaranteed way to delight toddlers. Think of how cute they’d look sticking out of the snow!

Winter crafts for kids in preschool

6. Snowman family

Image via Family & Kids Crafts/Instagram

Whether you’ve got a family of two or 20, kids will love replicating their loved ones in the form of a snowman family, like this one from Family & Kids Crafts. And the best part? Totally mess-free!

7. Clay snowmen

Image via First Friends Preschool/Instagram

Do you wanna build a snowman? Of course, most kids do! How cute — and easy — are these sweet clay snowmen from First Friends Preschool? Some play dough, googly eyes, a few buttons and broken twigs, and and you’re good!

8. Bottle cap snowflake

Image via Creative Mama Che/Instagram

It’s a craft! It’s a game! It’s a bottle cap snowflake from Creative Mama Che. Little ones will love creating this fun winter craft and parents will delight in them working on their math skills. 

9. Winter homes

Got a few cardboard boxes lying around? (Who doesn’t these days?!) Help little ones create a wintry scene with a few cut-out houses. Pro-tip: Put an LED candle inside for a flickering effect. 

10. Button icicles

Image via Hands on as We Grow

Not only will these pretty winter icicles from Hands on as We Grow look cute hanging from a window, little ones will get to work on their fine motor skills as they string buttons. 

Winter crafts for kids in kindergarten

11. Pine cone winter owls

Image via Easy Peasy and Fun

You may not have real snow owls in your neck of the woods, but these pine cone winter owls from Easy Peasy and Fun are just as cute. And all you need are some googly eyes, cotton balls and felt!

12. Pine tree lanterns

Image via Make Merry and Create/Instagram

While they’ll require the help of parents (Mod Podge is involved), kindergartners (as well as older kids) will love making these simple pine tree lanterns from Make Merry and Create

13. Reindeer head

Image via Merrilee Liddiard/Instagram

Whether little ones want to give free-handing it a whirl or you download the reindeer head template from Merrilee Liddiard, the result — and process — is sure to be fun. 

14. DIY snow globe

winter crafts for kids
Image via Passion for Imaginary Play/Instagram

Could this DIY snow globe from Passion for Imaginary Play be any prettier?! These cute creations will definitely require the help of adults, but it’s definitely one of the sweetest winter craft ideas we’ve seen. 

15. Snowflake geometry

Want kids to learn a little something while enjoying their winter crafts? Try snowflake geometry! Brainly’s Parenting Expert, Patrick Quinn, is a big fan of this fun activity from The Stem Laboratory, which helps kids identify geometric shapes, in addition to making cute paper snowflakes. 

16. Winter watercolor snowflake

Image via Fun at Home With Kids

Not only will kindergartners love making these winter watercolor snowflakes from Fun at Home With Kids, you’ll love displaying them in your home!

17. Snowman luminaries

winter crafts for kids
Image via Kids Craft Room

Perfect for a cozy night in! These cute snowman luminaries from Kids Craft Room are the gift that keeps on giving — they’re fun to make and pretty to look at!

Winter crafts for older kids

18. Natural ornaments

Image via The Curious Bear/Instagram

Whether these super-stylish natural ornaments from The Curious Bear hang on the tree, in a window or anywhere else around the house, they’re guaranteed to make you smile. And older kids (and adults) are sure to love whiling away the stress-free hours making them. 

19. Walnut shell beeswax candles

Image via Debora | Sustainable Life/Instagram

The craft that keeps on giving! These simple floating walnut shell beeswax candles, like these beauties from Debora | Sustainable Life, require only a few natural ingredients and they’re yours to enjoy all season long. 

20. Paper stars

Image via Delia Creates

This paper star craft from Delia Creates calls for scissors and hot glue, so the construction part is probably best left to older kids and teens. These are almost origami (but easier!) and make fun decorations around the house or for their rooms.

21. Glittery snowflake sun catchers

Image via Happiness is Homemade

Not only will these glittery snowflake sun catchers from Happiness is Homemade look pretty in any sunny window, children — of any age, really — will love making them. 

22. Winter ice skating scene

winter crafts for kids
Image via Paradise Delights/Instagram

This lovely skating scene from Paradise Delights is definitely for advanced crafters, but there’s no doubt about it: The result is awesome. 

23. Farmhouse drawstring bag

Image via A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

While this farmhouse drawstring bag from A Spoonful of Sugar requires some sewing knowledge, it isn’t all that hard to create. And the result is so cute!

24. DIY holly hair pin 

Even after Christmas Day is over, the season of winter holly continues. Whether older kids want to make these cute holly hair pins from Avi Crafts for themselves or for a younger sibling, they’re really fun to create. 

25. Snowflake resin shaker key chains

winter crafts for kids
Image via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Cute for affixing to backpacks or car keys, these snowflake resin shaker key chains from Artsy Fartsy Mama are the perfect winter craft for older kids — and they make great gifts, too!