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Tips for Safe Driving With Children

As a nanny, I often drive the kids to activities, preschool and the park. To ensure safety while driving with children, I follow several tips.

Use Proper Restraints

My kids usually complain about their car seats and seat belts, but the proper restraints save lives! In general, babies and toddlers must face backwards until they're two, and kids under 13 should sit in the back seat only. Be sure the car seats are properly installed, and replace them every 10 years or after an accident.

Stay Focused

Sometimes, kids get rowdy in the backseat, and it's hard to focus on the road while they kick, scream or fight. Keep them occupied with snacks, coloring pages or an entertaining audio book. You can also set ground rules about behavior before you get in the car, and follow through with any consequences. If you're on the road and the kids are too distracting for you to stay focused, pull over and take care of the need.   

Stay Off the Phone

It's never okay to talk or text and drive! Turn off your phone or put it in your purse and keep it there until you arrive at your destination.

Never Drive While Medicated or After Drinking

Certain medications like antihistamines and alcohol cause drowsiness and slow response time. Never drive while you're on these medications or after you drink.

Tune Your Car

Balding tires, worn windshield wipers and low oil affect your safety on the road. Give your car a regular tune up to ensure it stays safe.  

Watch the Weather

If possible, I try to avoid driving in ice storms or other inclement weather. It's just too unpredictable! Know the weather and your driving abilities as you keep your passengers safe.

Safety while driving children is important. I follow these tips. What other tips and precautions do you take?

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