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How to Make Rock Paper Scissors Costumes

Sara Eberle
Sept. 27, 2012

As part of the Care.com Halloween costume series, here is how to turn your three little ones into a classic kid's game.

Can't decide what costumes to make for your kids this Halloween? Not a problem, just play a little rock paper scissors!

Rock Materials:

  • Oversized gray sweat shirt
  • Gray or black leggings or pants
  • Pillow(s)
  • Black fabric marker.

Step 1: Write ROCK in big block letters and color it in on the sweatshirt using a fabric marker.

Step 2: Put on clothes pants and sweatshirt. Tuck in sweatshirt and stuff with pillow(s) to resemble a rock shape.

Paper Materials:

  • Large white poster board
  • Black and blue markers
  • Ruler
  • Gray shirt
  • Gray leggings or pants (to match ROCK)
  • Suspenders.
  • Duct tape or hot glue

Step 1: Turn large poster board into a sheet of paper using a ruler and blue marker to draw about 10 horizontal lines across poster board. Leave a large header space at the top. Draw three circles evenly on the left side using black marker to look like three ring binder holes. Write the word PAPER in big block letters in the middle of the board on a blue line.

Step 2: Put on clothes and attach suspenders to pants. Attach poster board to front of suspenders using duct tape or hot glue.

Scissors Materials:

  • Large silver and orange poster board
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Silver or gray duct tape
  • Glue
  • Gray or black clothing to match ROCK and PAPER.

Step 1: Sketch and cut out giant scissor blades, slightly open, from the silver poster board. Sketch and cut out giant scissor handles from the orange poster board. Glue and tape the blades to the handles to create oversized scissors. Write SCISSORS across one of the blades and color in using black marker.

Step 2: Put on clothes. Affix scissors to the front of the sweat shirt using duct tape.

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