The Benefits of Baby Prams

Jan. 28, 2015

Her children aren't walking yet. She has two of them. Even though she planned on having a large family, she hadn't realized just how difficult it would be to raise more than one child. Caring for just one child is difficult! She needs to go grocery shopping but doesn't want to worry about getting both kids to and from the car, the store and back home.

This is the story for many mothers across the world. They love their children more than anything, but they face daily struggles that have them questioning their sanity. It is especially hard on moms whose children are both/all not walking yet. With only two arms, how are mothers supposed to get around with more than one young child?

The answer? A baby pram. With a baby pram, moms of multiples can alleviate some of the challenges they face. Here are 3 key benefits in using a baby pram:

  •  No need to carry both children at once. A baby pram allows mom to have two free hands if needed. This comes in handy when shopping or when at an activity where mom will be interacting with people.
  • No body aches or pains. Even moms who carry their children everyday can get sore from the weight that their child adds. Whether they carry on their hip, their shoulder or their back, a baby pram gives mom and her body a much needed break!
  •  If a child falls asleep, they have a better place to lie down. Sure, moms shoulder is cozy, but it's only a matter of time before mom needs to sit and rest. Put that baby in the pram and they can dream away while mom is free from added baby weight.

Baby prams are available in many different styles, from brands like Steelcraft, Mountain Buggy and Baby Jogger City at many baby shop. There are prams designed for one child and prams designed for multiple children. Some prams even adjust so that as children grow, they can still ride in them. Once children are of walking age, of course, a pram may not be necessary, unless there are still non-walking children around.

Some versions of prams, like the Steelcraft prams, offer the option to add a second seat to the back of a single rider pram. This is convenient for days when moms had intended on only taking one child out and about, but due to unforeseen circumstances, had to add room for one more. Babylove also offers tandem style prams, where the two riders are front and back of each other, instead of side by side like twin style prams. The front seat is generally intended for children who are able to sit upright.

Mothers with multiple children do not need to be stressed out as they go about their daily lives. Yes, they only have two arms, and they shouldn't have to worry about how to get their children from here to there every day. Baby prams make life so much easier for mothers with very young children.

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