52 ways to thank your nanny

In the midst of hectic schedules and a to-do list a mile long, it can be easy to forget to take a step back and appreciate the people who help raise your kids. For many of you, that includes your nanny. 

There's no reason to wait for a birthday or special occasion — although psst, Nanny Recognition Week is Sep 20-26, 2020 — to say thank you to your nanny through words or actions. Here are 52 ways — one for every week in the year, if you'd like — to say thank you to the person who plays such an important role in your child's life.

1. Give an unexpected bonus

It doesn't have to be a lot but a little extra in their pocket can go a long way.

2. Make a list of all the reasons you appreciate them

Think of as many reasons as you can that you and the kids appreciate your nanny. Type out a list, print it out on nice paper and present it to them.

3. Create a thank-you message

Use a website like DesignWizard, and then send the message to your nanny and/or post it on social media.

4. Hide secret thank-you notes around the house

Have the children make up several thank-you notes (either handwritten or printed through sites like Blue Mountain), and then place the notes strategically throughout the house in places where your nanny is likely to discover them.

5. Buy a simple bouquet of flowers

Surprise them at the end of a long work day with a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

6. Make a homemade gift that will touch your nanny's heart

Use Pinterest for inspiration, or pick up a gift on Etsy if you're not a do-it-yourselfer.

7. Create a memory book

Use photographs from time your nanny has spent with the children and create a photo book, using sites such as Shutterfly and Mixbook.

8. And if you can’t afford a full spa day…

Get them all the essentials they need for a great spa day at home!

9. Encourage your nanny to pursue their education

Pay for nanny classes and certifications, starting with one of these nanny training courses and certifications.

10. Send them off to the spa

Give your nanny a gift certificate, and let them know that since they spend so much time taking care of others, this is their day to care for themselves.

11. Let them sleep in

Let your live-in nanny sleep in or a live-out nanny come in late on a day when you can go into work late.

12. Have their favorite snacks on hand

Pick up their favorite snacks the next time you head to the store so they can indulge whenever they need a pick-me-up.

13. Ask your kiddos to come up with a song

Have them sing about what they like about their nanny and perform it for them.

14. Make them a motivating workout playlist

Thank a nanny who walks, runs or hits the gym regularly by making them a special playlist.

15. Bake a special dessert

Make something special during their birthday week — or any week of the year.

16. Find a heartfelt greeting card

Mom and the Glamorous Housewife Bethany Herwegh says she gives her child's longtime nanny a thank-you card every Mother's Day to say thanks for helping raise her children.

17. Do their least-favorite chore

Identify the daily chore you know they hate the most, and tell them to not worry about it for a few days.

18. Give them an extra paid day or night off

Your nanny can catch up on errands or their favorite shows.

19. Show that you value their professionalism

Sponsor their membership to the International Nanny Association for $55. 

20. Give a gift that grows 

Have the kids help pick out a special plant for their nanny. Remember to pick one that's perfect for their home — an air plant if they live in a small apartment or some veggies to plant if they love to garden in their backyard. 

21. Share your skills

Teach your nanny a new skill you possess that they've expressed interest in, like knitting or speaking French.

22. Just talk

Tell your nanny that you value your relationship and talk about ways it can be improved.

23. Invite your nanny to family dinner

Whether it’s out on the town or a night with the whole family at home, your nanny is sure to enjoy being included. 

24. Treat them to an evening of entertainment

Stage a short "talent show," and have each family member perform. Let them vote on the best talent!

25. Get them personalized ‘nanny wear’

Find cute ideas on Pinterest or Instagram using #nannylife or #nannypride. 

26. Pay it forward

"Nannies want to feel appreciated,” says Angela Riggs, the early childhood education associate dean at Sullivan University. “How great would it be for the nanny to have a surprise morning being pampered by her charges and family just for a couple of hours?" 

27. Spell out your appreciation

Have the children come up with something they love about their nanny for each letter in the alphabet.

28. Personalize a photo frame or collage

Take a picture of them with the children and put it in a personalized frame to commemorate the moment, or put a bunch of photos on a dream board for them. 

29. Have the kids make some super artwork

Ask the kids to draw a picture of their nanny as a superhero with special super powers that only they have.

30. Learn what their favorite candy is

Leave their favorite sweet and a nice thank-you note somewhere they’ll find it during the day.

31. Write a poem to or about them

Ask the children to write a poem, thanking the nanny for everything they do. 

32. Produce a video with heartfelt music

Make them a video where the children and different members of the family individually thank them, adding their favorite music as the backdrop.

33. Design a scavenger hunt throughout the house

Put small tokens of appreciation, such as fancy chocolates or handmade notes, throughout the house, and have the children write up clues as to where to find them.  

34. Make them a recipe book 

If your nanny loves to cook or bake, put together your favorite family recipes to show that they're a true member of your family.

35. Plan a nannies-only night out

Talk to other friends who have nannies and coordinate a nannies-only date to help your caregiver make friends in the area.

36. Get a yummy, edible bouquet

Edible Arrangements are always great substitutes if they're not into flowers — or make your own chocolate-covered fruit and present it to them.

37. Throw a party in their honor

Celebrate their birthday or the anniversary of when they started working with your family. Invite their friends and family, or just have it be an intimate affair with your family.

38. Indulge a sports fan by purchasing tickets

Get tickets for them and a guest to cheer on their team of choice — or give them free rein of your media room on sports day.

39. Give them a coupon book to use throughout the year

Gives your nanny a coupon book that might include things like a glass of wine as soon as she's off duty, bath time without a fight or a host of other special treats. 

40. Bring home a treat for them

Stop on your way home from work and get them something so they can relax at the end of the rough day. A nice bottle of wine or sparkling cider with chocolates can do the trick.

41. Help them with an overwhelming task

Addressing holiday cards, for example.

42. Give them the gift of music

Purchase tickets for a concert performed by their favorite music group.

43. Have their house cleaned

Give your regular housekeeper extra money to clean your nanny’s home.

44. Make your nanny a quilt

Have your kids design special patches representing great times they have shared with them.

45. Get them a gift card to something they love

Get something specific, based on their likes or interests, to show you really pay attention.

46. Make them some jewelry

Help the kids make a pretty beaded necklace for your nanny, which shows off their favorite colors and materials.

47. Get them a nice, new purse or bag

Pick your nanny up a new purse or bag to help them haul around all those things they need to care for your kids.

48. Flip the nanny duties around

"I have given my nanny an entire day off, where she can drop her daughter off with me and do whatever her heart desires," says Johnson. 

49. Create a family video that expresses appreciation

Do a skit, sing a song or share a thank you, then email it to them and post it on your social networking page as a token of thanks.

50. Surprise your nanny with breakfast

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Have the kids surprise your live-in nanny with breakfast in bed, or have breakfast waiting for a live-out nanny when they arrive. Don't forget their favorite coffee drink if they have one, too. 

51. Give them cozy gifts in the winter

Give your nanny a pair of warm, fuzzy slippers during the winter months, putting in a nice bottle of lotion to combat the dry weather.

52. Say thank you

A simple thank you sometimes speaks volumes and lets your nanny know just how much they're appreciated.
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